Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. Hey, um, how do people here feel about Xavor? The SD sixed one? I'm pretty new at doll-related stuff and I'm thinking of purchasing a second doll and he was who I was looking at. Does anyone have any complaints about him? Or positive stuff? :) Sorry for the newbieness.
    2. I ADORE Xavor just sayin i am 190% biased on that doll XD

      his features are strong and angular, without being to much and his lips <3 ugh i love his lips

      his ears are my only complaint i dont like the sculpting of the lobes very much but i could easily sand them a Smidge to perfection in my eyes <3
    3. I'm actually trying to stop myself from ordering a Xavor during the one year anni. event, but I'm having a losing battle with it. It's hard to stop myself with the possibility of 4month layaway on heartstring serenade. Since I can do decent enough face-ups and I can make his clothes myself I can get the nude doll. He'll be bald for a little while though cuz it'll be a little while before I can buy a wig. n.n'

      Only thing I'm a little confused about is the layaway program. Has anyone used it? It says to email them with your order and how long you want the layaway to be and they'll send you an invoice. Does that mean you don't have to use paypal? I don't have an account yet so it would be good if I decided to get him and I didn't have to hurry and create one. Also I was wondering if anyone knows how much shipping usually runs for HSS? I know HSS is US based so there shouldn't be too much of a nasty surprise with shipping but I'd rather know ahead of time before I commit to the layaway program and then find out when I get the final invoice that the shipping is way more than I expected.

      Also I should probably ask if ordering on layaway is still eligible for the event, cuz if it's not then I guess there's really no rush to order if I decide to. Thanks in advance for the help. XD

      Oh yeah, one more thing... I noticed paypal has a "use credit card as a paypal guest" option. If you do need to use paypal, i was wondering if the guest option would work if you're not paying the entire sum at once. n.n' I know I'm a pain. I'm just iffy about starting a paypal account cuz then I'll be more tempted to order things online. I'd rather pay by creditcard or check or moneyorder if at all possible. But I'm kinda guessing that if you're not paying all at once then you can't pay without having an account they can track. Might be the one thing that can stop me from ordering until I can pay all at once with the guest option. but then I'll miss the event, which isn't a HUGE deal, but I reeeally like free stuff.
    4. Hey <3 I just sent you a PM ookami
    5. Thanks so much. You were super helpful. I can tell that my experience with Doll Leaves through Heartstring Serenades is gonna be a good one. XD
    6. God love Doll Leaves. Messing around with my Jiang got me this:


      He's hanging onto Tohru (JDF Terra), and while I wouldn't want to try to make him stand, a) he's holding all of Tohru's weight, and b) Did it twice.
    7. Thanks for you're oppinions guys :) I've ordered him and everything! Now, I just have to wait....
      and wait....
      and wait....
    8. Thankfully wait time isn't too bad :D
    9. That's a crazy awesome pic, Nasa. :XD:

      I'm looking forward to finishing up the payments on my Xavor and seeing what he can do. :D
    10. Anyone have a Ben they wouldn't mind posting pics of? :D
    11. I finally got my hands on Xavor yesterday and I'm absolutely in love with him. I love how well he photographs. Even with the flash of my camera he doesn't reflect the light back at ALL. My white skin AOD tends to light up like refector tape under the flash from my cam, so I mainly take pictures of him outside, but I can take pictures of Jaden anywhere and not worry about it. I haven't done his face-up yet, but here's a pic of him in the wig I made him last night.

      He's really coming along as my little wolf boy. :XD: I'm so absolutely thrilled with everything about him! :D
    12. He is looking soooo awesome!
    13. Thanks! I fall a little more in love with him every second. I'm so glad Heartstring Serenade offers layaway so I was able to order him. Best purchase I've ever made. :D
    14. [​IMG]
      I finished his face-up. Have a bunch of pics from his first real photoshoot that I'll be posting on his gallery soonish, but right now my husband is using the good computer.

      You wouldn't believe the number of headaches I had with his face-up. It was like "Oh that looks good" *forgets to seal. starts something else* "Oh no! now I have to clean off everything cuz I messed up!" *wipe wipe wipe. Get back to the way it was. seals. continue on to next part* "Well it didn't work before so lemme try a different approach. Oh god no! Black pastel stains! ACK!" *scrubs lips with magic eraser til most of the staining comes off* "Ok you're not having a black upper lip." *shaves brownish red pastel and does lips with that and the brown used above the eyes in alternate layers. brushes away excess only to find out there was still a bit of water in his nose* "ACK! NOW YOUR NOSE IS BLEEDING! T_T WHY MEEEEE?!?!?!" *carefully uses wet paper towel to clean up the nose and around the mouth where too much red stuck. seals*

      And I'm not even gonna get into how many tries it took to get his eyebrows right. But he's done and he looks really good (this pic doesn't really do him justice, but I think the other ones that aren't on the computer yet came out much better.)
    15. He looks amazing! I cant wait to get my own!!!
      was his face difficult to blush? like does the pastel stick? Cause with my Eluts bory, it has a hard time sticking.
    16. The pastel sticks really easily. I had a little trouble getting my pastels to stick to my AOD, but Jaden was super easy to blush. Almost too easy. I'dd be brushing away the excess powder and sometimes it would stick so I'd have to wipe off where I didn't want the extra color. Mainly the darker colors, though, like the brick red I used for his lips. But yeah, the resin is really smooth to the touch but it has this nice quality to it where it picks up the pastels really well and never looks shiny when you have to use a flash.
    17. ookami-chan, your boy looks great with that faceup! :D

      But I have to say, NS Mortin is reaaaaaaaaaaaaally appealing to me... :D
      I think his face is perfect for an albino character in mind. And I LOVE the company's faceup~ Although, my friend says that Mortin's eyebrows look like the were drawn on with a cheeto by a three-year-old. :| I love the eyebrows, though~

      Too bad I'm dollie broke! BAHAHAHAHAHA...... :doh
    18. Hahah well each faceup is slightly different and dependent on the supplies at hand, so it might not be so orange-y in person
    19. Jaden finally has a complete outfit. It took forever to make, but it was so worth it. :XD: He has a gallery up with his new clothes here.

      sneak preview ;)
    20. Thanks for the compliment, Mainframe110. I was super happy with the way it came out. Now that he has proper clothes and can be taken out for pictures, I'm even more pleased with him, if you can imagine. I think he's my greatest achievement as far as any of my artwork goes. Usually nothing I do comes out this good. Though it helps having such a gorgeous base to work on. I think I'm hooked on Doll Leaves, now. If I ever get another doll it'll probably be from DS again.