Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. so i have a question regarding the dolls...what do there resin match with? what other company?
    2. Doll IN Mind Normal skin is pretty close with DS normal, Dream of Dolls tone matches NS, It also matches Dollzone's NS Pink. The white is similar to FL white and DZ white also
    3. Dose any one have a picture of the Ben head? I want to know what he looks like?
    4. ookami: i LOVE your wolf boy. <3

      silvermasques: i can't see the photo you linked to!

      i have been thinking about ordering hu for about a year now. for a long time i wanted to order mortin, but i think i've moved towards more stylized dolls, you know, less realistic. i love hu's kitsune character. i'm going to wait until christmas to see if there will be another great holiday sale. if there is i really want to get a hu. ^_^

      p.s. i wonder if, when you order hu, you get his sleeping head too?
    5. silvermasques - ooh...does that mean you can't get his sleeping head now?? =(

      i haven't seen a single hu on doa. i wonder if they sold enough to sell out of his sleeping head?

      and your boys are so cute!
    6. Yeah you can't get the sleeping head anymore, unless it is second hand. I've only seen 2 Hu on DoA
    7. Awww, Hu. Do want. Can't has until my Jiang has a faceup, or he may kill me. <__<;
    8. Hahaha oh nasa <3
    9. So this page hasn't budged in like a month!!! D: What's up with that???

      Have some spam to motivate yourselves x3 !


    10. I looove that wig.

      Not much worth spaming over here. Kaito still has no face. Fear being murdered in my sleep.
    11. :D Thank you bby! <3 His wig was a major pain in the rear to style today.. I had him sittin on the desk, I've officially Duct-taped that wig to his noggin.. held it and brushed the bajesus out of it Braided the sides tied em off, pulled the back into a pony tied it off on two spots, and then pulled the braids back and Bobby pinned it! D: that wig is a Nightmare! but i loves how it looks now xD;

      Ooh Kaito XD <3
    12. Oh believe me, I understand wig issues; Kaito's is almost butt-length and one of those really fine jpops, so it tangles if you so much as look at it funny D8
    13. Lol Oh man yep! Cid's if I hold the Cap in the middle of my palm the tips of the hair reach my shoulder!!! It's overkill long unless it's like styled XD and YES the tangles omfg >>
    14. Pretty wiiiiiig. *__*
    15. Tygati Hey stranger!!!! :D <3 Thanks!! it's the Xavor default <3.. It's such nice fiber, soft as hell but slippery!
    16. Ugh, Doll Leaves, y u do? Discontinuing the big boys, how can you toy with my heart like that D: Now I have to decide if I rrreaaally want Hu that badly (Unfortunately, I think I do. They're such nice dolls...!)
    17. Yeah I know :< I am pretty bothered with the fact they're discontinuing them... I personally think they shouldn't cycle out dolls so fast :< The sculpts aren't that old.. they removed the itty bitty ones... a bunch of the 20cm.. now the SD boys? :< I wish they'd just do newer updates of them like a special fullset and once the fullset is gone sell a basic only :< I really like Mortin but I have no funds for him... and I am kinda torn on the new SD girls
    18. I know, right? I guess they're trying to consolidate what sells well and what doesn't? I don't know. I think some people might be put off by how styalized they are (which is sad, they're such a nice difference from the usual sculpts...).

      Now to figure out if blank Hu + Hu outfit still counts as the fullset or if I can swing that 50% thing. One more blank DL boy isn't going to make much of a difference around here <__<; The wording is somewhat confusing...

      [SUB](By the way, Silver, do you have Xavor's fullset outfit on Heartstring? I looked but I can't seem to find it ~_~)

      Edit: Okay, so wait, I think I got this, the 50% is for a future purchase? Pfff, what is the point then...[/SUB]