Doll Leaves Mini [45 cm] Discussion part 3

Dec 22, 2014

    1. Jeremiah Lee ~ Jeremy sculpt. Finally has his first outfit :) [​IMG]
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    2. I'm sure that this has been answered and my HUMBLEST apologies, but, how does the new dream body compare to the old body. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. I love the small bust on the three piece body but the aesthetics of the two piece tickles my fancy more. Basically my deciding factor is how well they pose and stand. I am okay with losing a bit of torso mobility for a sturdier doll....if I am explaining it right...
    3. I’d say they’re equally as good at posing. And while the old body could have been considered “sturdier”, that really amounted to being heavier here, and the new body looks far nicer imo.
    4. Yeah, I think that the new dream body is way more pleasing to the eye in the construction of the torso. The lower half looks better detailed without the extra joint. If I were to buy the original small bust piece, do you think that I could replace the dream bust and it still fit?
    5. That's hard to say as I no longer have the version 1 body. But it would probably be unnecessary since the only bust available for the new body is about the size of the old body's small bust, just a bit rounder. So if you're going for a more "petite" bust, they've got you covered.
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    6. [​IMG]Forget-me-not by blacsylc, on Flickr

      I made Glynnis a new dress this weekend, and I gave her a little TLC, re-glueing an eyelash that had come unstuck. She is wearing her 12mm cat eyes.
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    7. @ophelia - She's so cute! I really love the fabric her dress is made from. Such a lovely, delicate print!

      In case anyone hasn't seen yet, DL released a really cute new mini named Betty.
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    8. Glynnis is a delicate girl and I really like her dress ! great job @ophelia

      Callie, my G girl, loves morning light and nature... I hope you'll like her ^_^

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    9. I'm curious. How do you know if a shoe is going to fit the doll leaves feet? My doll is barefoot still.:(
    10. Does anybody know if resinsoul jointed hands will fit a doll leaves nina on the new body?
    11. My boy had no problem wearing the standard 1/4 size shoes from Alice's Collections, so I would assume their feet are pretty standard size. If in doubt, if whatever shoes you're looking at have a size listed, the Doll Leaves wiki page has their foot sizes listed. Just keep in mind the internal measurement of shoes should be a few mm larger than the actual foot in order to fit.
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    12. I’d suggest looking up the foot measurements for the body you have, then checking that against the size of the shoe to want to buy. For example the 1/4 girl body’s foot is 5.5cm long and 2cm wide, so many MSD shoes will run big. :/
    13. Okay, thank you! I actually have the 1/4 girl body, so I’ll keep in mind to look out for that problem.
    14. @PastelCats you may want to search for Minifee girl shoes. The Doll Leaves feet are smaller and slimmer than most 1/4 dolls. I found Minifee girl shoes a perfect fit.
    15. @ophelia Thank you! I'll check some out!
    16. I just got my Doll Leaves Wish boy a few weeks ago! I was so busy with my thesis defense that I didn't have any time to post pics, but here he is.

      I really adore Doll Leaves sculpts and face ups. So good.

      And here he is with what I am referring to as the "Boy Band" haha.
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    17. @Magnus Vale what an angel he is! Congratulations on your thesis defense.
    18. :D
      I really like your boy @Magnus Vale ! Good choice for colours !
      @PastelCats, I take MNF shoes on etsy, you have some choice !

      I'm waiting for a Betty head (I already have the body^^) for a month now :celebrate I'm so excited to see her !
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    19. @Magnus Vale - Your boy is adorable! I love the Wish sculpt. :)
    20. Some Betty here ? They posted mine yesterday !!!^^
      I let you with Callie, I cut her hair off ^_^

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