Doll Leaves Mini [45 cm] Discussion part 3

Dec 22, 2014

    1. My Oscar, Brodie, refused to wear a costume for Haloween, but I at least got him in a shirt. He's just so slim and nothing fits him right!
      Right is a Luts SD65, his older brother Fynn.
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    2. He's so cute! I sympathize with the clothing frustrations. When I ordered my guy I didn't realize how tiny he was compared to my other boys. All of the clothes I had purchased for him before his arrival went to them. (Not that they're complaining) :lol:

      Where did you get the shirt, btw?
    3. I thought Kid Delfs were slim until I got my Doll Leaves boy. I'm wondering if he's slimmer than a Minifee. :horror:

      I got the shirt as part of a trade, but I'm pretty sure it's from an etsy seller. It doesn't have any tags. >.<
    4. The new girl that was just released is so gorgeous! Her faceup is exactly the kind of fantasy faceup I like. I'm glad she isn't limited as I currently have a different girl on layaway lol.
    5. so has anyone seen the new Doll Leaves Lan? She’s so pretty, I love the half elf esque ears. I’m a huge sucker for elves and the nose is sooooo cute. Did I mention how much I love elves? If I could I’d be one. :drool Anyways might have to put getting a body for a floatinb head on hold oof. I was already torn between getting a body or getting a dream valley vine ughhgghhhh. My job contract just ended but i might be getting a job at my local library so uhhhh wallet might be full soon idk idK!:vein
    6. I own a Doll Leaves Maya. I fell in love immediately with the precious face! I got him back in 2015 and have loved him ever since. I have some trouble finding clothes that fit properly on the boy body. I do dress him in female clothes as well. Where do y’all get clothes for y’all dolls, as their bodies are pretty slender?
    7. I was trying to research at the current waiting time for doll leaves when you purchase them brand new but in the "doll leaves waiting time" forum there was no update. Anybody has an idea?
    8. I think it will depend who you purchase it from, and if you do layaway (maybe). I did a layaway purchase through alice’s collections at the end of july, finished the payment in mid october, and just got my bb girl yesterday, though she was shipped right before xmas, and the holidays kinda made it take longer to get through customs. I don’t know if doll leaves will process the order and make the doll the minute you start a layawayor if they wait till the layaway is over. So it could be between 6 and 3 months. When I finished my payment alice said the current waiting time is between 3 and 4 months, but again idk how a layaway affects that.

      Tdlr: 3-4 months non layaway
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    9. How do you do layaway with alice collection? Doesn't say anything in their website.
    10. You have to email and ask for that option, then you will send a copy of your cart of what you want to purchase, but dont actually click “checkout”. Here’s a copy of what she sent me back when i asked about layaway. “Yes, layaway is available for all dolls & items in our shop, please see below the detailed layaway program :-)
      The first payment should not be less than 30% of the total payment, and should finish full payment within 3 months. Your order will be started preparing as soon as the first payment is received, we will send the items to you after full payment has been received. Before ordering, please kindly be sure that you can pay the full payment within 3 months, becuase the order can't be cancelled as soon as the layaway program is started, and neither the already-made payments will be refunded, if customers can't finish the payment in 3 months, we will charge 0.2% per day of overdue fee for the unpaid amount from the due date. Layaway orders can also take part in promotions/events, it depends on the first payment date.

      Our website doesn't have an auto-layaway option, when you are ready to order, please copy the content of your shopping cart here in email as well as your delivery address with Phone no., we'll email an invoice for you to make payment :-)” Then just make payments as needed through paypal. I emailed her when I did just to give a heads up that i sent in a payment. :)
    11. T
      Thank you very for letting me know the detailed process. I truly appreciate it.
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    12. Wanting advice.... looking at purchasing either a doll leaves Nina or doll leaves Amara. I'm unsure which one to get, any photos or advice would be appreciated :) Thanks.
    13. Hi all!!
      New to this thread and have ordered an "in stock" Ida in white skin and company face up from DDE (she should be here by Thursday) :dance I have been scrolling through the threads looking at everyone's lovely dolls and the great advice and am very excited for mine to arrive. I will share pictures as soon as I can after she's home :thumbup
    14. My Elf Ida finally arrived. She's so pretty. She came with the blue eyes which I think suits her well.

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    15. Hi Kim, She is sooo cute! How is her poseability? What size fits her best? Kind regards Grace
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    16. Hi Grace, thank you so much. I have found her pose-ability very good ( tho' in the past I have heard they can sometimes come tightly strung, but that was a while back) she can kneel really well and touch her face. The joint system seems very sturdy and easy to adjust. She sits pretty well tho' you do have to find the little spot that will keep her sitting up straight, otherwise I am very happy with her body workings. I have found that Minifee clothes and like size fit her best. I think the Minifee shoes are a tad too big but I have jammed paper in the toes and that works well. I hope this helps and of course if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask ;)
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    17. Hi everyone! I hope it is okay if I pop in with a quick request. I'm wondering if anyone has both a minifee girl and a doll leaves boy that can photograph them together for me? Or honestly a minifee girl and a doll leaves girl would work too! Standing next to each other would be ideal but anything you've got I'll take! Thanks in advance!
    18. So my doll leaves Amara came today and she is perfect! Her face up is beautiful and her pose-ability straight away is amazing. P.S. if someone knows how to attach photos let me know thanks.
    19. Hi malvinas I have a Minifee girl and DS Ida. I'm at work right now but when I get home I can snap a photo of them standing together. It will be tomorrow about this time when I can get the pic posted, if you like. Unless some beats me to it, lol!!!
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    20. @KimC that would be wonderful! Thank you!
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