Doll Leaves Mini [45 cm] Discussion part 3

Dec 22, 2014

    1. Sure no problem, I'll get back with you as soon as I can.
    2. Hi malvinas!! Here is the pic of my Minifee Eliya on and active line body and my Doll Leaves Msd Ida. Hope this helps.

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    3. @KimC This does help thank you so much! Do you find the Doll Leaves head seems overly large compared to the minifee head? I'm thinking about getting a doll leaves boy to be the partner of one of my minifee girls. And potentially a doll leaves girl just because I think they are beautiful. I need them to be able to interact with the dolls I already have though.
    4. Your welcome :) I personally dont think the head looks overly large, it fits the body size that I can see. Ida is my first Doll Leaves doll and I can't be more pleased with her aesthetics and posing. Her resin is smooth but not shiny and I also like the company faceup. So all around I'm very happy with her.
    5. This is great news! Thank you so much!
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    6. The Doll Leaves girl looks surprisingly tall... I don’t know why, but somehow I always pictured them smaller than a Minifee in my mind as silly as it sounds... Maybe because they look so dainty and unearthly in the company pictures. Congrats on getting such a lovely girl to join your crew. <3
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    7. Thank you so much Mimosa10. I actually thought they would be closer in size but was shocked when I stood them together. Tho' Minifee clothes still fit the Doll Leaves MSD really well. :)
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    8. Ida May in Purple Today :)

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    9. Do you still need a comparison? Here's a Kira vs. a WooSoo, if it helps. :)


      Sorry about the potato phone quality, but it'll give you an idea.
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    10. I appreciate all photos! Thank you so much!
    11. I'm so stoked about the new boy body!!! :D I've been waiting for them to release him for a while now! It's so sleek and pretty, I'm really impressed~

      The only thing I'm worried about is that the Doll Leaves head looks a tad bobbly on it... And Berg seems like a relatively small Doll Leaves head! :huh?: Maybe it's just because he's so lean? I'll have to keep an eye out for owner pics.
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    12. @0bsequi0us
      I love the new body too! <3 It looks more mature than the old body and that's what I'm usually looking for in MSDs, I think I've decided on what to buy for my floating head :XD:
      But I totally agree that the original head seems a little bit too big, guess we'll have to wait and see
    13. So I may have gone overboard a bit. Yesterday I put on layaway (a long layaway) Oscar, Berg, Jeremy & getting event gift Laura. I really love the Oscar mold, happy I ordered him.
      Could you guys share pictures of your Oscar & Jeremy dolls, please & thank you
    14. Sooo looking for advice doll leaves Amara is strung quite perfectly more on the loose side of things but her head keeps jerking to the right and I'm not sure why. I checked internally to see if the elastic was twisted but it doesn't appear to be. Any advice on why this is happening is greatly appreciated :)
    15. Omg my newer Amara does the same thing. I wonder if it could be a sculpt issue. I also had one from 2013 that didn’t do that?
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    16. It's so strange its like she is trying to scare me just for fun haha. I'll just be doing something casual with her like posing her arms and then all of a sudden head jerk haha. On a complete opposite you have shoes for your girl yet I'm just stuck about size since her feet are so small I know minifee shoes would fit but the only problem is I'm wanting some boots and most of minifee shoes I can find are ballet flats plus really expensive. Sorry to spring a question on you.
    17. ^_^ It’s no problem. She mostly wears some boots from rrabit, but the Doll Heart MSD shoes (might be discontinued) run small and should also fit. Doll Chateau and Dollzone shoes should also fit. Also I can pm you the link to an Etsy store I got another pair?
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    18. That would be great thanks so much :)
    19. Actually, gonna post here in case anyone wants to take a look. ;) Etsy shop summomo82
      I’m pretty picky about shoes but these are really well made.
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