Doll Legend

Dec 6, 2014

    1. Congrats on getting the new body!
    2. I'm pretty sure I ordered my doll legend seth in pink skin.
      What matches DL pink the best as far as other companies? I'm considering selling his head.
    3. Hey, just wondering if anyone here has had to restring their 1/3 jointed hands? I can't find any tutorials anywhere. :(
    4. Roger, my Weixi, bartender extraordinaire.
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    5. He’s so cute!!
    6. Thank you!
    7. Hi I was just wondering if anyone here happens to have a Doll Legend 70cm body and a Switch head? I want to know what the proportions are like for a Damhyeon/Sohwa/Soseo sized Switch head. Thank you!!
    8. After less then a year of ownership I have to yeet by DL 60cm boy over pet bills, uuugh, still trying to get approved here lol. Anyone know what matches their pink skin? I don't have anything like it.

      Looking for help, not trying to sell to anyone rn mods~
    9. Just ordered a 44cm boy body... any idea what wait times are like for doll legend?
    10. Wanted to see if anyone has advice on Doll Legend's jointed hands. Been looking at getting a pair since I love the aesthetics of them more than any other style I've seen, but I'm not sure whether I should go with the 1/3 or 70cm ones. I got the 68cm Loongsoul boy and the 1/3 hand size seems to match his hand measurements more minus the part that fits in the socket which looks like it will be a bit on the small side. Not sure if the 70cm ones though will be too bulky.
    11. @SteamWitch
      Thank you so much for the photos! Yeah according to the measurements from DL, the ball is only a .2 difference on the two. It is just Loongsoul has such huge balls at the end of their hands so they sit so high. The 68cm body is such an in between size so I keep going back and forth. Personally I find the standard hands on the body a bit too feminine for my tastes, but usually jointed hands look a bit bulkier to me to begin with so the 1/3 ones seem like they might be the safest bet since they are about the same size. Worse case there will just be a bit of gaping, which is easier to deal with than hands that just flat out look to big.