Doll Legend

Dec 6, 2014

    1. OMG! :o

      :lol: I am sorry, but I burst out laughing when I saw the picture. I'm glad that he's getting a matching foot. I wounder what they where thinking when they put the doll together for shipping? Did they somehow miss how...odd... it looked like?
    2. I have put my Vampire Hunter D head (Modded CP Dreaming Vampire Moon) on my 61cm male body..... :drool
      ngh, I really need to get another one in whiteskin. :XD:

    3. I can't believe who ever put him together thought that foot was right and where did it come from anyway? They don't have dolls with strange feet like that. Maybe they are cast by a different company and the foot got dropped into the wrong box? Anyway the afore mentioned foot has been preparing to ship since April 12th and still no movement. AC said if it doesn't show up in 3 months they will try to get me another one or give me a refund. That part I didn't understand, a refund for what?
      He has a foot it just looks weird. He can't go barefooted without being self-conscious lol.
      So that's my update.
      I agree Vampire Hunter D does need a closer resin match.
    4. Very strange indeed. They really said that they'd give you a refund? but you;d still have an odd looking foot. and as far as I can see, DL doesn't sell feet parts separately.

      I have been hee-hawwing on what body to get D for a long while now, pining over what resin would be a match, then I remembered that I can always airbrush the head the head to match. so I have that problem solved.
      Yet, I have other Doll projects that I need to finish first, such as paying off a layaway and getting my first doll-head professionally casted.
    5. D~! <3 Oh wow, yes, he does need to be all together.

      Whoops, I feel bad because I've had my Chimera hybrid home for months and only recently got some proper pictures of him. ^^; He's kind of in the bobble-head brigade, but I didn't really want him on a 70cm body either. (I also want to get him some different eyes, but small-iris glass eyes are a bit hard to find.)


      (Sorry for the flyaway hair, but it was a windy day!)
    6. Huzzah, his foot is in Chicago! 6 weeks MIA and it's finally scanned in the US. Yay!
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    7. Does anyone have a Weixi or a Beliel besides me? I've looked on Flickr, Instragram and Tumblr and found nothing.
    8. I would love to see pictures of your Beliel! I think he is absolutely stunning and he is my favourite boy sculpt from Doll Legend. Potentially looking to getting a Beliel sometime in the future....
    9. I keep forgetting to post my DL boys here.
      Rog is still the bartender when he isn't doing research on the company computer.
      [​IMG]Pub stock and Rog by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    10. Dakota (Beliel) looks so short standing next to Nox.
      [​IMG]pub427b by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    11. would anyone be so kind to help me see a resin match between Doll Legend Resin and LUTS NS please?
      i'm planning to get the Doll legend jointed hands and i have a LUTS SSDF NS (2016 with no yellowing as of the moment) so i was wondering what specific Doll legend resin color would match LUTS NS resin.

      Thank You so much i appreciate the help.
    12. I don't have normal pink to compare with, but normal yellow is going to be too yellow for Luts NS. ^^;
    13. @Osaka oh thanks for the reply dear. i saw one comparison of doll legend and luts. but the lighting was not that well. So i can't distinguish the difference that much. but thank you so much for letting me know. maybe i can go for the pinkish tone? it might be closer to luts.. i also have another one in mind which is the Dika doll. the pink tone is closest to luts NS.. by chance do you have a resin match of those two? :) thank you dear <3
    14. I don't, sadly. ;n; Perhaps someone else will be able to help with that one.
    15. Did you check the photo reference forum? There may be something in there about resin matching for luts.
    16. Hi, guys.

      Sorry to bump into your thread.
      I have noticed that you are talking about Islandoll skintone comparison which I do need advices from you.

      Recently, I bought Kana Eden head (hooray!)
      And I thought of making my ver own hybrid doll whereby I will match the head with either Island Doll's body and jointed hands OR Ringdoll's body and jointed hands. Unfortunately, Ringdoll hasn't reply my enquiry on when will they be bringing back their jointed hands.

      So, my question to you guys is that could Ringdoll skintone matched with Island Doll hands?

      Thank you.
    17. I bought the MSD size head named Nuoyi and it is the spitting image of Rog (Weixi) so I'm either making him a younger brother or his son, sans wife.
      Either way he will get a similar freckled ginger faceup.
      [​IMG]rog and mini-me by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      I only have a snow white island doll so I can't help with your resin comparison, sorry.
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    18. No worries. Thank you
    19. Hello together!
      I just ordered a Doll Legend Rong Che boy fullset!
      Has anyone a Rong Che beside me then? I would love to see pictures of him. He looks so soft and gently :-)