Doll Legend

Dec 6, 2014

    1. Just got the email that my Chimera head and jointed hands were shipped today! So exicted and I was starting to get a little concerned over how long it had been. No joke I logged into Alice's collections last night to check and woke up to the email this morning.:lol::dance
    2. Any comparisons of Doll Legend WS and SOOM CW (2011)? Alice's Collections told me that DL has a creamy white resin and it seems that way looking at the pics you've posted. But I'll feel better if I see then together :) I'm willing to get new DF-H girl body which has same resin color as DL (and their body are quite similar now too).

      Hope someone can help me!
    3. Hello! I don't suppose anyone in this thread could tell me which Doll Legend resin they think would match RSDoll normal skin?

      i want to get some of the jointed hands for my new boy. qq
    4. I have all the DL resin colors unfortuantely I have no RSDolls. If you know other resins that match RSDoll that I may have maybe I can make a recommendation that way.
    5. He's here!
      Orsino, my Chimera on his Spirit Doll body and with jointed hands from Doll Legend as well. I honestly love the design of those hands. Here's the blank sculpt.
      I also got a free pair of eyes, wasn't expecting that. They look pretty good on him.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Also fancy certificate
      Took this as a resin comparison if anyone's interested. Doll Legend jointed hand is in normal yellow resin and Spirit Doll beneath it is in normal yellow as well. The Doll Legend is slightly, ever so slightly pinker but they mesh very well I think.
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    6. Congrats! He looks great.
    7. Hi,
      Can anyone tell me if either Doll Legend's Normal Yellow or Normal Pink is a close match for Granado new normal skin?
      Thank you :)
    8. They are a pretty close match. My chimera head is in Doll Legend normal yellow. Here it is next to the head cap of my Granado.
    9. You are best! Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

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    10. Hey guys! I'm considering ordering a DL 61cm boy body for a hybrid but I'm a bit on the fence about. The photos make the hands look really small and I don't want my boy looking disproportioned.

      Could anyone take a few photos of them, preferably either next to the dolls head or a general full body shot? I'd really appreciate it :)
    11. My DL Weixi has a secondhand Doll Leaves body now, the color match is pretty good. Here he is with his little brother Doll Legend Nuoyi, who is on a Mystic Kids NSbody, resin match real good too.
      [​IMG]Rog and Blake by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    12. Does anyone have a RaMCube to compare with Doll Legends? I wanted to get my head a body, but I'm unsure if I should get NS-Y or NS-P??
    13. My Moci arrived yesterday! I'll get to posting a box opening on DoA, but here's the link to my flickr gallery!
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    14. Dakota has a boyfriend, Robin. They are both shifters, Robin is a young fox (but his ears and tail pop out when he gets excited) and Dakota (the elder) shifts into a anthro-hart or stag and sometimes into a very mean rabbit.
      [​IMG]lost in your eyes by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      I was surprised how well the heads looked together considering DL Beliel is on a 60cm body and DS Arsene comes on a 70ish, though he is on a 60cm in the photo.
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    15. Thank you so much for posting these! I wasn't sure about buying him from the company photos alone and was really hoping for some owner's pictures to make a decision about him. He looks very nice! I'm very tempted to purchase one of my own - hopefully during the next sale period.
    16. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has owner pictures of DL Austin? I'd love to see some as I have plans for him and can't find much info on him. Also, does anyone here know if there's a match between DL Normal Pink (not the environmental resin) and any of the Impldoll resin colors? I'd love to put him on their Impl Idol SGB body :)
    17. Hi does any one know if dika white and doll legend white match well?
    18. Hey, still have yet to receive my DL Moci, as Alice's collections is running two months behind on orders. But I was wondering where might be good places to find him clothing... I want both regular and punk/visual kei clothing for him. I'm just unsure what size to look for with him as he seems to be slightly larger than some sizes in the shoulders and chest and then have an extremely skinny waist, but then have huge hips and legs. So, any suggestions with where to look/what size of other dolls might be a good fit for him clothing wise?
    19. After a very long Layaway, I finally received my WS boy body.


      The body is supposed to be for my Dreaming Vampire Moon head.
      But as you can see, while I love the fit and appearance. The resin color does not match!
      The body has a very slight pinkish tint while the head is older and yellow-tinted.

      Nothing that some airbrushing and pastels won't fix.
      He will also be given different hands in the future.

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