Doll meets and bringing the same (favourite) doll again and again

Jul 2, 2017

  1. Nobody wants to see the same boring doll all the time. Bring something different next time.

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  2. If you have to bring the same doll every time, could you at least bother to dress it differently?

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  3. Bring whatever doll you want dressed however you want it dressed. We're just there to have fun!

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  4. I could vote either way, really. I'm not sure.

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    1. I like seeing different dolls at meetups, but some are like old friends--in particular, I'm always excited to see @Kate 's Rumiko when we go to Long Island meets! I usually offer to bring specific dolls if anyone planning to come wants to check them out in person, and have been lucky enough to have kind locals bring dolls that I specifically wanted to see, but otherwise I don't worry too much about whether or not I'm bring the same ones. I do try to change something each time, but that's really just because I like to show off--if I've painted a faceup or tattoos recently, or just finished a mod, I want other people to see it!
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    2. To be honest, I find it incredibly rude that anyone would be annoyed if someone always brought the same doll with the same outfit. Some people only want or can only afford one doll. Perhaps they like having a very specific look for their doll and don't want numerous outfits. Or again, perhaps they simply can't afford it. Meet-ups aren't only for the wealthy or those with enormous collections. They're for anyone who enjoys or collects these types of dolls, whether they have 1 doll or 100+ dolls. While it's fun to see new dolls and new things, I would think most people attend meet-ups for the actual people who are there too, not just to see whose bought what.
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    3. I think it's definitely whatever the owners are comfortable with. If you bring along your only tiny every time because they're so easy to carry, all power to you. If you want to showcase a different character each time, or bring along your favorite, also cool.

      I've never attended a doll meet or convention sadly (I've only been in the hobby a year so far though), and I reckon I would be too terrified to bring along any of my dolls with magnetic hands because I'd be paranoid of losing them. Which is silly, they pretty tanky magnets and I'm always careful with them. But I'd probably bring along a less favorite doll just because of that paranoia which limits my options.
    4. I've never felt pressured to bring different dolls to meets. I bring which ever doll I feel like taking with me. On occasion someone might ask me to bring one of my dolls from my collection, which I'm happy to do. Personally I like seeing the same dolls at a meet.
    5. I think taking the same doll to meets would be awesome. It would be sort of like the doll's meet-up too. Plus, for meets I'd be interested in talking to the people and finding out about what people have done with their dolls or what they are interested in buying next that I wouldn't worry over if the doll in their hands is the same one. For me I get attached to the same doll. Though I love my other ones I have one I really adore and want to take her out more then the others. But really it's your choice and preference but I doubt anyone is judging you for enjoying taking your doll out. :]
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    6. I don't mind ppl bring same doll everytime with same dress. But if I do bring the same doll, I would dress the doll differently.
    7. I do not bring the same doll to events or outings because I don't want any one particular doll to be "over worked". He might yellow quicker, get damaged, accessories might get lost etc.
    8. In my own experience, I love to bring certain dolls to a meet up, cause they're handy and easy to be packed. In this case, the tinies. But, once in a while, we will have a theme and a certain requirements, so I'll try to fulfill it, by bringing the right doll with expected outfit or hair color or eyes, you name it.

      My friends know how lazy I am in bringing out the hunks. Too heavy + I can get muscle pain, hahaha... But they also realize that I'm more than willing to have the hunks if they request them.

      And I don't care if other people bring the same doll with the same style again and again and again. The point of a doll meet is to have fun with fellow doll owners, not to burden them. Imagine if they only have 1 doll at the moment and can't afford different kind of outfits and shoes and hair etc... it will make them feel pressured.

      This hobby is supposed to make the doll owners happy, not suffering. :)
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    9. Beautifully said. :)
    10. Do whatever makes you feel happy. I own several dolls, and I feel I cold bring my dollshe saint over and over. Who cares? Just have fun, that's what meet ups are made for.
    11. I personally wouldn't want to be in an environment that thinks these things because it can be harmful to the younger people at the meet ups. It's an expensive hobby and if I was a 17 year old that saved up every dime they could for their doll, I wouldn't want to feel bad because I couldn't give more when I already gave everything I could.
    12. I haven't been in a doll meet for years, but I can't agree more with this statement. I think it's rude if you expect others to bring different doll every time. People have different personal circumstances, whether it's because they like a specific look or if they can't afford different items for their dolls. If I were to go to a doll meet now, I want to meet other people of similar interests. If I were to meet up with snooty jerks then I'm fine enjoying this hobby all by myself away from the toxicity. It just seems really childish.
      Back when I used to go to doll meets, there were some really snooty people who'd judge others for the dumbest thing such as talking bad about somebody for owning a certain brand that they consider "cheap". Most people will be supportive and kind, but there will always be haters. And haters gonna hate.
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    13. I LOVE seeing the same dolls over and over. They kind of become like friends and I even miss them if they don't show up later. <3
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    14. I don't mind seeing the same doll more than once. It helps me become familiar with that doll as a character (person? is that weird?) and honestly, I go to doll meets just to see other dolls that aren't mine, so why should I be picky?
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