Doll Plans 2018!

Dec 2, 2017

    1. Ahh :D would love to see your 1st doll and good luck :wiggle
    2. My goal this 2018! Oh god im just so excited!

      • Pay off my layaway for venitu which would take about 4 more mos in 2018
      • Pay off my layaway for souldoll onulharu and ye-gun prolly on january!
      • Prolly try to finish my doll wish list then thats it for my doll collection (depends xD)
      • Ringdoll K is on the list
      • Little monica haazel and Luke
      • Illusion Garden heads (planning to collect all of em ;) )
      • Get bodies for my floaters.
      • And a little bit on the switch side, waiting for some sculpts to be released
    3. Cute sculpts! <3 and so nice of your bf~ very supportive ❤
    4. 2017 has been my first year with dolls. my plan for this year was to make pajamas for everyone which I didn't accomplish. I do think a nice way to make a new doll feel welcome is to give them a comfy pair of pjs! for 2018 I'd like to paint everybody's nails, not fancy but just natural looking. Another goal would be to put up a doll profile each month and maybe to make enough posts to be allowed into the marketplace, although that could be a dangerous thing for my pocketbook.

      attempting a link to my pajama pictures...
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    5. I don't have any as I don't think I'll have any money for dolls in the new year! My last doll will be finishing a MNF this year by Dec. and then that's it. I'm pretty much done unless something financial shifts. BUT I will be enjoying the dolls I have! I might be able to get some things like shoes and socks that they need. I'm always looking for clothes to fit the odd size dolls too.
    6. Man, this year really flew by! I don't feel like I accomplished much with my dolls this year. I did get some crafting done and a few faceups , but I spent most of my time waiting for heads and body part. Oh well!
      • Give Angelo a faceup. After an 8 month wait, he showed up and the weather got cold! So he's been sitting around blank.
      • Decide what to do with Warren. I'm considering buying him a Dollshe body. Still uncertain. Sales are tempting me.
      • Body blushing and general maintenance (sueding, restringing) for dolls that need it.
      • Take some darn photos. I really dropped the ball there.
      • Buy a Switch body for my Soseo or figure out how to make the one he has work.
      • Finish M. I finally bought her a body so next year she'll hopefully be a complete doll.
      • Get Shouta some red eyes that actually fit his eyewells.
      • I've been considering buying all the Generation X kids school uniforms? I feel like this is a pipe dream though. It would cost me a small fortune. Still. It would look fantastic.
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    7. My primary doll resolution for 2018 is to get my first doll! It'll probably be IslandDoll Ivy or Aggie. I'm having trouble deciding which character I want to shell first. XD I also need face-up materials; hopefully that'll go okay.
    8. I accomplished a healthy chunk of my 2017 list :) and I hope I'll be as lucky in 2018. I'm keeping it simpler, so that should help.

      To do:
      • faceups for all my blank dolls
      • make clothes for Prairie that will fit over her freakishly huge Mickey Mouse hands but still fit her tiny, twig-like body. Or, alternatively, make a little whatchamajigger that will allow me to remove those giant man-hands whenever I dress her, but will keep her elastic from snapping up into her body by blocking the end of her arm
      • mod floating MNF event head to make it cuter to me
      • improve my wardrobe, wig, and eye storage
      • buy or make some new outfits, as needed
      • make some wigs with new-to-me fibers
      • write down some of my doll stories

      To buy:
      • Loongsoul BB body for Kassia experiment
      • body for Gretl head (maybe the spidery 60 cm Resinsoul?)
      • body for aforementioned MNF head. Maybe...if I can cheap out with a hybrid & a neck donut.
      • shoes
      • I might by a doll from my wishlist for my birthday in May. I'll have to see.
    9. I don't want another doll, I'm saving for my first doll actually! However, I want a bigger clothes collection for her, so I'm saving for that...

      Unless a Hwayoung head (Distant Memory), TF Rachel (Bluefairy) or TF Sarang (Bluefairy) become available, I won't buy another doll.
    10. My main goal for the year will be to finish dolls!! So it looks a little something like this:

      • Dagny: redo face-up, clothing (dress, apron, shoes), small number of props (this will probably be a DoA project, too, because that's a lot of work right there)
      • Otakar: redo face-up, clothing (robe, under-robe, boots, stockings, hood?), maybe buy a new wig
      • Hideyasu: reattach eyelashes, blush hands and feet
      • Soujoubou: do face-up, buy eyes?
      • Vissarion: finish face-up, taken eight million photos, give cuddles (Listen, I love him.)
      • Nadya: finish face-up, clothing (dress, stockings, boots), mod if needed
      • Boris: pay him off, face-up (mod?), clothing (tank-top, sweatpants, coat)
      And, most importantly: Mayhem don't you bleedin' dare by another doll. Unless I get enough money for the ResinSoul boy... or I have some spare change for a 50% DF-A pet doll... So uh try utterly to not buy another doll, Me.
    11. Oh gosh, considering that I don't have *any* dolls yet, 2018 is going to be my year!

      For some of the dolls I want, the wait may even take that long or longer.... in the meantime, I will be thinking of how I'll style my dolls and looking for wigs, eyes, clothes, etc. I've also resolved to try my hand at making clothes, which will be a fun way to stay focused while I wait.

      Tbh, chances are I'll cave and buy a MNF unless a preorder from an artist I :celebratelike goes up before half the year is out... one way or another, I'm resolved to have a doll or have one on preorder by the time my birthday rolls around in June.
    12. Never done this before! Hope it works out...2017 turned out to be a busy year for dolls for me--I went from one to four! :o And I still want more :XD: But I'm not made of money...

      To Do:
      -sell the extra wigs, eyes, and floating head
      -take more pictures
      -check Marketplace religiously for grail
      -find a faceup artist for Grace
      -go to more doll meets
      -bring dolls on vacations :)
      -browse doll sites for a shell for Eric

      To Buy:
      -Grace's head and body (technically sometime this month--gotta take advantage of dolly promotions now!)
      -Grace's wig and eyes
      -At least one outfit for Grace :whee:
      -New wig for Kyle

      To NOT Do:
      -go into debt buying dolls and doll stuff :lol:
    13. My goals for next year are pretty simple since I won’t have a lot of spare cash to fill out the dolly wishlist :p
      - Xagadoll May or Doll Legend Huo He to be my punk angel, as well as sending her wings I kept for her out to be blushed(and fixing the broken one)
      - Bodies for Dimitri and my off topic girl.
      - Learn to make better wigs and use my sewing machine and serger more.
      - And positively no buying dolls not on the wishlist, or when I haven’t first sold other to have the spare cash. No more irresponsible buying for me no sirree :p

      EDIT - Actually scrap all that lol, I’m gonna try and find a DOD Pitts head since she’s a sculpt I wanted for ages but always put off since DOD was always a constant in the hobby. Once she’s found and in my arms, any spare money is going to stuff for her and Kyte, who badly needs a better wig and a new faceup lol.
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    14. I don’t have too many goals. The only ones I have are

      • Find a new body for my mystic kids QingChen Fox head that matches better
      • Finish up the overall look for both my SDs
      • Buy a new doll on my list of bjds I absolutely want
    15. I feel like I should write down a physical list for the satisfaction of ticking things off. Or the depression of seeing how little I've done! And I feel like I should try to concentrate on the dolls I have...but deciding whether or not I want a new body for one of them counts, right? But maybe this year I will finally order the Resinsoul Ai who has been on my wish list since I started this hobby. At the very least I should order the centaur I figured could be my treat for getting my karate black belt.

      So non purchase related; finish the outfit I started for the sewing challenge here. Redo a few faceups. Body blushing for everyone. More tattoos for Sabine.

      Oh and practise with the Dremel that I'm currently rather terrified of!
    16. I can't believe that 2017 is already coming to an end- time flies by so quickly!!! :aeyepop::aeyepop::aeyepop:

      My plans for 2018 are not many...
      • Buy a MSD body for my Bimong Dandelion
      • Buy 2x SD bodies for my poor floaters

      I don't plan on buying any new dolls in 2018, I rather want to focus on the dolls I already have. Some of them are in need of new face ups, so I hope to get around to re-paint them and I would like to become better at sewing so that I can make them some outfits rather then spend money on buying clothes for them to wear.... and that's about it really :3
    17. My New Year's resolution is to stick to my plans.

      Plans for 2018...
      • Make wigs for all the girls who are missing one
      • Get face ups for everyone
      • Find a BW Minifee Moe body from the second-hand market
      • Put the SD girls and Lana(s) up for adoption
      • Place an order with ED to get eyes for the new arrivals
      • Get an MSD dollhouse or find a better way to store my minis
    18. my dolly plans for 2018 are:

      1. well since I have a doll head on pre-order that will definitely show up in 2018 I suppose bringing it home is the first point on my list. :3nodding:
      2. DollShe Mystic body for head of which above :drool
      3. eye upgrades for most of my crew members :love
      4. work seriously on finishing they're stories, cos no one wants to read my messy notebooks :sweat
      5. getting to do even more faceups :kitty1
      6. stop the impulse buying :doh
      • Buy wigs for all my dolls. No brown wigs.
      • Buy a white skin Lati Yellow head for my Asleep Eidolon body
      • Buy a normal skin Lati Yellow body for my Sophie head
      • More shoes and wigs for Lati Yellow/Pukifee crew
    19. - Welcome home my first (and hopefully only) girl. Her head is on-order from Impldoll, and her body will be next year's big purchase.
      - Expand Ethan's wardrobe just a little, while putting together my girl's.
      - Find Alex a new home. His time with me is coming to an end.