Doll plans 2021

Dec 2, 2020

    1. I’m just getting into the hobby so I’m rather uncertain on my exact plans but I do have a general idea:
      -complete 2 outfits for Dot (ALM Lilith)
      -sew at least one outfit for each doll
      -make sure everyone has fitting wigs, silicone caps, and eyes
      -obtain at least one more doll (I’m currently saving up for the ongoing luts event which would garner 2 dolls and a head but that’s only IF I manage to save up enough before it ends)
      - research faceup artists
      - attend a doll meetup (god willing)

      edit/update: the Luts event... did not happen... for me...but Lilith DOES have a big brother now!
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    2. the goal is... there is no goal! I kid, of course...

      -I want to complete Celeste (minifee Rendia on Dream Valley body) when her body finally comes here; this will require dyeing her head to match and getting her custom eyes and her wig done. Thankfully I already have her clothes home and with her my entire MSD crew will be assembled and I can forget about buying any more dolls in that size ever again! (that's... what she said.)
      -Then I want to get some clothes that fit my giants, Durga (EID Leonard) and Yasuo (Soom ID75 York) as they are the most challenging to dress.
      -And I'd also want to maybe get some more clothes for Mutsuki, Naoya and Yoshiaki, basically my teenager/young adult SDs, as clothing my old men to be exquisite is satisfying af but not AS much fun sometimes.
    3. Every year I make plans, and every year I completely ignore them!

      So I think for 2021, I will just make one plan: have fun and enjoy the hobby. That way, guaranteed success!
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    4. That sounds like the perfect plan :).
    5. I want to work on my incoming dolls Mr. Bunny from Arkdoll and rends River.

      Maybe I can finish my Untamed project at the end of 2020.

      But the main focus for early 2021 will be to create my new character doll Mo Ran from 2ha / Immortality / Chen Feiyu according to the upcoming Drama live action series.

      I also plan to sell some unused heads and dolls I rather rarely play with, to establish a doll family only consisting of dolls that I really really feel close to
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    6. My 2021 plans are:
      - Give a face-up to my blank dolls
      - Make a wig for each one of my dolls
      - Get clothes for my nude dolls
      - Make more wig commissions

      And the dolls I wish I can get next year (if I manage to save up enough):
      - Olwen from Magic Mirror (already ordered, on layaway)
      - Fae from Clockworkfaery
      - Narae402 from Bimong
      - Orc from Misterminou Doll
      - Lillycat Newt or Ombre or Charly or Gabriel (depending on the next preorder)
    7. I need to get to know my Namu, Shiwoo, Byron, and Saint. I love all the sculpts but I have never named or given them any style or substance. They have been chilling on my vanity for years -_-'' starting a teaching career and real life stuff has taken me away from the hobby for a while.

      I don't really have any buys to make this year other than to try to get my current boys outfits and items that are just for them.
    8. I’m planning to finish full customization on my existing dolls. I just received them and they’re pretty naked rn:sweat Also have a bunch of clothes I plan to sew.

      As for new purchases I have a 1/3 Loong soul girl on the way! Probably will receive her May 2021. I’m also looking to purchase a 1/6 or smaller doll because I don’t have anything smaller than a minifee yet. Small dolls seem like a good way to use up small leftover fabric and hair wefts too! Deciding which doll to order is very hard though. I’m laying my eyes on Charm Doll Cherry but there’re so many cute options out there!
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    9. I’m shying away from the fact that I’ve ordered, and paid for, 4 dolls arriving next year! Two are SD size and two are small, 10cm and 27cm. I’ve also bought one secondhand head which is on its way. As I already have 15 BJDs, space is becoming an issue! I can only have a few dolls out of their boxes and on display at any one time. In 2021, I’m planning a long overdue house renovation which is to include a dedicated space for my dolls. :dance
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    10. For 2021, I want to get back into the hobby and collect 30-45cm dolls, rather than the 1/3 dolls I had been collecting in the past, which didn't work out for me.
      Still getting around familiarizing myself with all the new models I missed during my hiatus, but I want to focus on supporting small, independent artists and dollmakers. I'm looking at iMda and Miadoll specifically :3nodding: I really fell hard for 3.0 Modigli and have my eye on Mia's Koi. That will be my #1 project for the year as well as getting my hands on 1-off tailor-made outfits.
    11. My plans for 2021 is to get several full outfits done for my current doll and to finish my sculpt of an original doll that I'm slowly making done and ready to be cast! I hope that I can have a full custom doll made and dressed up by the end of the year!
    12. I would like to get a hold of the snow Miku DD from Volks. I am also a huge disney nerd, so I am hoping they release a mold that I really like.
    13. I'd like to buy my boy a new body, since his current one is just so-so at posing.
    14. I think that is my plan as well.

      I finished a layaway on my first doll who should be arriving early in 2021 and started a layaway for my second doll which should be arriving nearer the middle of the year. so two dolls ordered and coming in 2021 :) I seem to be starting the hobby quickly lol (well i waited like 8 months before i was brave enough to order a doll)

      I will probably research and buy wigs, eyes, clothes or clothes patterns if I decide to sew outfits.
      Teach myself to sew.
      Build and paint a theatre diorama or a dollhouse.
      Write stories/backstories of the doll characters.
      Arrange a faceup with a faceup artist for one or for both.

      Looking at it it seems a busy year and who knows what i will get done but I know that it will be fun getting to dip my toe further into the hobby and learn new skills.
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    15. Teaching myself to make varied sizes and doll clothes that don't look like sacks.
      Completing the people who are either just heads or blanks entirely. I have 7 or more? Of those.
      ......maybe get lucky after all that on the second hand bazaar?
    16. I want to get better at wig making/styling and photos. And start using acrylics for faceups.
      And generally make my dolls look more polished sitting on the shelf, instead of looking like works in progress. But that is kind of a neverending project :lol:
    17. My main resolution is to get access to the marketplace on here, though it might happen sooner *Fingers crossed*

      Other then that my main ones are as follows:
      Get my three floating heads eyes
      Get my SD a body, poor boy has been bodyless for over a year now
      And start trying to make wigs!
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    18. ~Projects~
      I am working on sculpting a BJD. So, that counts as a plan I think. I have my blueprint printed out already! I will be starting on her next month as I will be away next week for holidays, and because I am getting a new desk in January--I will finally have working space that my dolls don't have to fight for! :blush
      I am also working on converting patterns from human size to SD. I've done one so far and it went well, but I haven't had time to continue due to finals.
      Another project I started was making a to-scale couch in 1/3 size. It's been...something. We will see how that goes later this week. :frownyblush:

      ~Awaiting Impatiently!~
      I'm still waiting on an SDF Niya and clothes and wigs and eyes from Luts from September. I am sadder each day that passes without her. She was definitely the doll I was looking forward to the most. Alas, she should be here in January I hope. :(

      For doll ordering, I have a Luts Delf body on layaway as well as a Luna head on preorder.

      I would like to find bodies for my Luts Mia and my Feeple60 Juri heads. It has been a ride trying to get a good body for the latter. I have another Feeple Nanuri 17 head that needs a body but that's low on the list since I don't really have any plans for her nor have I started a faceup or anything.

      ~New Year, New Dolls~
      An impulse decision really--I finally found a head for a Loongsoul Grace body and despite it taking me nearly 5 months to find something suitable, I might have accidentally gotten another one, this time in WS instead of NS. Oh boy. Even more difficult to find a head. BUT I JUST LOVE THAT BODY SO MUCH :D As I have one and now a second one coming, I will spend the new year working on sewing for these dolls. They fit nothing of my doll closets. NOTHING. Oh well :chibi

      I am supposed to be ordering a Maskcat Bruna (or Lisette, I can't decide!) and a Xagadoll Elsie. This should be my Christmas gift if all goes correct :D

      Along with this, I am hoping to see a fullset (or a full doll at least with the faceup) of Luha from the October Fairyland release. I can't stop thinking about her, and even though I really prefer SD, I want her very much. I've seen one so far pop up on Instagram sales, but they were asking for $60 more than me just preordering her from DDE. I'm hoping I'll find one on the marketplace in ~2 months so I can get it more immediately than waiting for 4 months on Fairyland, but worst case scenario I'll order her later in the year.

      And, that about wraps that up! Whew, what a lengthy response lol.
    19. I am still waiting for my dolls to come - two in February, the other maybe April.

      - I need to get their characters right. I have no real idea yet who they are. I have some vage idea how to string them together, but I think I'll have to wait for the first pair to arrive and start from there

      - I need clothes! so many clothes!

      - I'll probably get another friend for my third doll (man, none are here yet and I'm already planning for my 4th haha) - but I haven't decided on any sculpt yet. maybe there'll be something new released until I can afford to order :lol:
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    20. my plans this year are pretty simple! i'm on a strict no doll purchases ban until my birthday in march (unless something i've been really looking for comes up). after that, i'd love to spend 2021 finishing the dolls i own. i went from owning two dolls in december 2019 to owning eight dolls in december 2020, and none of my bigger project dolls are even close to finished! i want to get at least half of their faceups finished, and i want them all to have at least one full outfit. if i do buy any dolls in 2021, im limiting myself to a maximum of three (depending on the size!)
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