Doll plans 2021

Dec 2, 2020

    1. I feel the exact same way. Although I love making lists, I enjoy even better to completely ignore them, so improvising seems like a good choice! Plus one can make sure to take it easy and work on projects when inspiration/time hits without feeling too frustrated.

      However, I feel I am really enjoying adding blushing, scars and tattoos to my ones, so I might just try to improve my custom skills this 2021, finish the 3 dolls and diorama in progress, and focus on photography~
    2. This year is the year of purging, dolls, wigs, props and clothing.
      I have two new mature tiny boys coming in and one large guy but his body is for someone already here. I am also removing dye from some project dolls. I want to complete more hand and body blushing on dolls that don't have it yet. I started last year and didn't finish everyone.
      I've sworn off the action figures and need to finish the two new rooms in the diorama.
      Selling my 2 vampires is going to be as difficult as pulling teeth, but necessary.
      I need to finish Kusuriuri, my anime character doll, with his costume.
      I have a hunger for some of the new dolls coming out but I don't have the patience (or age) to wait a year or more for delivery.
      Good luck to you all and have a great 2021.:clover
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    3. Hmm... As usual, a few of my gang could use new faceups.
      Chanter seriously needs a new bod. I've never been happy with the one he's on...
      Maybe I'll actually buy an Andre to go with my Oscar...
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    4. My big goal for 2021 is to keep working on getting everyone I already have finished while I wait for the Dollshe Arsene I ordered in summer 2019, who may or may not show up in 2021 at all, because Dollshe. I have 10 full dolls at home, and out of those, 4 are currently 100% complete. I have 4 wigs to finish, 4 dolls need outfits, and 1 needs a new faceup after I finish her face mods.

      I also have an Impldoll body on layaway for one of my last 2 floating heads, so I should be getting that in which case, I'll also be trying to get that doll faceupped/wigged/eyed/dressed once her body is here.

      In terms of buying resin, I would love to find a body for my last floating head, and then I have 3 dolls whose hands I'd like to replace and 2 who need different feet. I am very against buying any new whole dolls/new heads, though.

      I also have, as always, a million and one ideas for crafts and props and sewing projects I want to make for the dolls I have, and I hope I'm able to get lots of them realized in the coming year as well.

      My biggest, most farfetched thing that may or may not happen this year (besides having a box opening for a Dollshe Arsene!) is taking out the old Impldoll Idol body I've had laying around for years, getting the old remnants of spray paint and dye off of it, modding it, and putting it back together....and having another go at sculpting my own original head to go on it.
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    5. 2021's Goal is to buy a new Volks-F60 mas baby.
      The female body of Taerin will be coming home in Feb.
      Really need a new body for the daydream boy. :x:x
      Most important thing: save money:shudder
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      1. Stop browsing Mandarake. The secondhand doll section is a trap! Stop feeling pathos for inanimate objects!
      2. Dedicated space for doll hobby. I made a hard turn from cosplay-crafting into doll-crafting over the summer, but my work area and hobby-closet are still set up for the former and not the latter. There's wigs and clothes and shoes and eyes and hands in various containers all over my apartment. I'm a Virgo, I can't keep living like this.
      3. Shoes and socks for everyone. I'm making progress! At the start of 2020, only my first Dollfie Dream had any shoes ;u;
      4. Nice photoshoots for all my dolls so I can make profiles for them. I don't know why it is such a Struggle to put photos on my computer to resize them for thumbnail upload but there you have it.
      A small list, but hopefully a realistic one...
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    6. Finish paying off three layaways and hopefully not ordering any more dolls. *_*
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    7. I’m planning on putting a doll on layaway! Just waiting for the release. I finished off paying my other layaway early so I’m a clean slate~

      I also want to learn more about how to do faceups and maybe attempt one? I’ve always been too scared to try but truthfully I don’t really like the face up of the first doll I purchased so I think I’d like to try and redo it.
    8. I really have high hopes for next year to be better than this one, also regarding my doll plans:
      • I'm not going to delude myself thinking I can stop myself from ordering any dolls for a year, so I'm going to be realistic by trying to limit it to my wishlist, especially body for Mr Rabbit (AS) and any sold out doll from my wishlist that would show up in the Marketplace (or be re-released)
      • I hope to order any wigs or clothing that might be sold out soon or need a loooong time to be made
      For working on dolls, I want to prioritize the projects already started:
      • Soom Galena - do faceup once her new wig & dress comes
      • Souldoll Madalyn - do faceup when her wig arrives
      • Souldoll Swinte try to finish concept and the clothing just in time for April flowers blooming photoshoot
      • Raccoondoll Kate - make the face mod, armour, weapon and clothing
      • April Story Rebecca - finish the project for late summer/early autumn photoshoot
    9. I've currently been considering what I'm doing in the hobby for the next year;

      1. Sell the dolls I no longer have the motivation for.
      2. Work harder with the one(s) I decide to keep.
      3. Purchase 1-3 new dolls, if the money is available (currently deciding which the first one is going to be), for the family unit I would like to shell.
      But... I didn't really accomplish any of my 2020 plans. I can't even recall them. Then again, this year was strange, so I should get a pass on my inactivity.
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    10. Unfortunately my 2021 plan is the same from 2020: Bodies, bodies, bodies!
      I really want to have all my floating heads taken care of. Then I can start working on getting the blank ones faceups.
      I also need to stop being lazy and post everything I really don’t need or use for sale. At this point I’m not even trying to get my money back, I need the space back lol
      I also told myself no new dolls but I caved and put a Dream Valley Rin Jellyfish on layaway. I just thought she was so pretty and couldn’t miss out on her. I fraggen love jellyfish and her sculpting I thought was stunning.
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    11. I have two new dolls whom I've just ordered coming (hopefully) around May 2021. I'm so excited for them since I'm finally shelling two characters I've had for almost ten years. In the new year, I'd like to start doing more doll photography again. Through 2020, other things kept me from doing so and I really hope to be able to since I was lucky enough this past year to purchase my grail doll. My friend and I have also been writing stories featuring out dolls, but have been so stressed this year that we haven't done it much. I want to get back into that as well since it was also something that brought us closer together as friends.
    12. Mostly because waiting for my impldoll and dollshe to come.

      I will stay true to my self promise that I won't buy any resin doll till I got this 2.

      2019 is crazy for me, I bought too much that in the end I ended up not liking them much so by waiting to receive them means saving yey
    13. Hopefully, I will receive my Myou Michelle fullset by early 2021. Later in 2021, I want to order either a Myou Ailsa or a Doll Chateau Gail—I can’t decide which one I want more just yet!

      Aside from new dolls, I also want to practice wig and outfit making for my dolls. I also want to practice taking better photos of my dolls.
    14. Goals:
      ✓1. (2020 roll over) finish the t-shirt and wig for spirited away's chihiro and do photoshoot with dragon haku
      2. Faceup for floating head link from botw and find a luts65 body in normal for him.
      3. Practice more faceups
      4. Find nice clothes for the new mermaid to match the old one and maybe dye tail red.
      5. Sell a Luts ssdf body and asdoll white deer/faon
      6. More library 3d printing and doll design once covid passes and the library opens up??
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    15. I am 100% jinxing myself by making this list lol

      1) Organize my doll stuff according to which doll it belongs to.
      2) Sort through my floating heads/spare parts and sell the things I don't have any plans for.
      3) Make a dedicated display area that is safe but easily accessible for me.
      4) Start on that wig emporium I always dreamt of having (or just make wigs for my own dolls so they can have their proper hair colour and style).
      5) Practice face-ups.
      Aaaand that's it. I am being a little cautious with my plans this year, as I tend to overwhelm myself with setting the bar too high and then nothing gets done at all.
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    16. I barely got anything accomplished in 2020, no surprise considering what a hell year it was. So it seems like a lot of 2021 will be catching up on what I intended to do.

      - The only new doll I'm planning to get is Loongsoul Xuandi, who will release at the end of this year so idk if he technically counts, but I'll be paying off most of his layaway in 2021 so sure why not.
      - Otherwise my main focus will be on completing my unfinished dolls. First, I will FINALLY get a body for Elroy (my Argonautica Zet head); poor dude has been waiting for over two years. :( I also need to get a body for Gem, my Dollclans Phython. I know exactly which bodies I want for them so I'm hoping I'll be able to order them early in the year.
      - I'm going to finish Darian, my first girl doll. I don't know if this counts since I've already ordered everything for her, her head and her body, just need to wait for them to come. So there's nothing else I need to do on my end except wait. Her head has already shipped (Magic Time Gold) but I highly doubt I will see it before 2021.
      - Faceups! If I accomplish nothing else, I will get faceups for all my blank heads. That's Gem, Theo (DF-A Karl), and Zenith (Ringdoll Wolf). I haven't decided on artists for all of them yet, though.
      - Organize all my doll stuff in one place. Right now it's all scattered in various boxes around my room and I am getting rather tired of living like this. I ordered a drawer storage organizer with my Christmas money so it should be coming soon. Hopefully it'll be able to fit everything. :sweat
      - Improve my photography. I got Lightroom and have started using it these past two months, and I hope to get even better at it and more familiar with it through the next year. I also got some new photography lights that I'm keen to try out. I feel like my photography skills have sort of stalled lately so I want to try to get them closer to how I want them to be.

      There's some other stuff that would be nice to do, but doesn't necessarily have to happen. All of the above, though, I intend to accomplish for certain. Well, I also said that about my 2020 plans and we all know how that ended up. :roll: Still, there's no way 2021 can be any worse, right?
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    17. Fulfill my long-standing doll dream of owning a full fledged Volks Super Dollfie sculpt.

      They were the company that originally got me into dolls, and yet, I never ended up with a true Volks resin SD all this time later. Currently I'm dreaming for a Cecile, and hope I can find him in 2021!
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    18. 1. Finish my outfit for Resin Rose.
      2. With the post office chaos and limited supply of respiratory protection, I wasn't able to send any dolls out for faceups this year. Hopefully by the end of next year I'll be able to at least start tackling that 2020 goal.
      3. Find my other Magic Mirror doll. In the chaos of grabbing stuff from my apartment to take to parents' house to isolate with them, I somehow ended up with one box containing a Magic Mirror doll, and... an empty Magic Mirror box! Fortunately more frustrating than panic inducing, I know she's in my apartment and I just didn't grab the right box in my rush, but it's quite annoying to not be able to work on the outfit for her I had planned.
      4. Try to find doll furniture to buy
    19. 1. Buy bodies for floating heads
      2. Buy only dolls from my want list
      3. Finish sorting my collection, and make space
      4. Sew some clothes
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