DollFamily -H and -A mini dolls discussion

Dec 18, 2009

    1. [MENTION=68099]Sylph[/MENTION] Thanks, the wig is mohair from Leekeworld (L-058_M). I like your boy, what's being done at the spa?
    2. He's getting a full makeover, so that's restringing, wiring, sueding, faceup, mani-pedi, body blushing, the whole five yards. I managed to get a slot with Buff, and their work is really awesome so I can't wait to see him all done up. Especially his faceup, I never really liked how they did his eyeshadow, and the wig he eventually settled with doesn't match his eyebrows lol.
    3. Oh wow! Sounds like a place I need to send my own body! LOL! Do you have a link to Buff so I can see their work?
    4. I've been searching for the perfect MSD boy and I also really love traditional Asian faces. It's hard to find a truly Asian looking face in doll form. But today I saw DF A 1/4 Xuan Yi. He looks gorgeous in the photos on the web site. But none of the pics show him straight on without the wig, so it is kind of hard to see what he really looks like.

      I would love to see pics of Xuan Li, if anyone has him. Or please tell me you opinion of him. I'd like to get him while the summer event is still going on. It ends August 27th. Thanks for any advice or info.
    5. [​IMG]

      My boy has been home for a while and I realised I never showed his new look off here :p He poses so well now, before he wouldn't have been able to take that pose, let alone stand like that without falling over every two seconds!
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    6. Does anyone have any owner photos of a DF-A August? I'm considering getting an August head for my character, but all I've been able to find are company photos. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
    7. I found my old DFH Zhi Yan head, so I stole Kyte's body so I could see what she looks like all dressed up and with a wig. I'll need to get her a body and do her faceup at some point, and figure out a name. I'm thinking a cutesy dessert themed name so far, but that may change.

    8. looks good
      the skinmatch seems perfect
      she's cute. i think the wig suits her good!
    9. Thank you :3 I actually cheated a little with the skin match though, in that lighting it looks a pretty close match, but it's really closer to this :sweat The wig is a fairyland one I impulse bought last month. I guess I knew it would be perfect for her lol.
    10. Hi all~ I ordered the DF-H Wen Xin last month and was wondering if anyone has photos of this sculpt yet! She seems pretty different from the other DF-H dolls I saw on AC/MoC. :XD:
    11. I am searching the internet as well, for owner pictures of her, applepie. You seem to be the only one right now, who ordered that adorable little girl! I can not wait to see your pictures!:)

      Sorry for the strange format of my text... anyhow the letters are shown so huge at my mobile:sweat
    12. Hope its okay to bump this thread. I did post something similar in newbieland but I think it should be okay to pose these questions to the experts here as well, as most of you are familiar with DF. I also got the DFA practice head - I won it as a newbie starter pack, he came with a wig too.The problem is that since I didnt actually buy it myself I'm not sure what the colour is but I'm at least 90% sure its normal yellow.
      I've been having a hard time figuring out what body to put the head on, though. Since the head is 19cm, which is apparently pretty big for a MSD, it seems like its hard to find a good match size-wise. The best matches in terms of size are:
      -DollFamilyA 45cm - Well obviously, but I'm unsure. The pictures aren't really enough to show what the body is capable of to me, and to be honest I don't like it so much.
      -DollFamilyH 45cm - This one looks better, although I keep wondering if its actually the same body. The photos also arent really showing much about how well it poses.
      -DollZone 45cm - I hear lots of good things about it, and I've seen a pic of this head on that body that looks good. However, the resin matching is giving me a headache. It looks fine with white skin, but my head is (probably) normal yellow, and DZ's yellow looks too dark for me.

      The other bodies I really like, but aren't sure if they'd match properly:
      -Kid Delf: I like the aesthetic, but I worry about it looking too small despite the neck being bigger.
      -LittleMonica: Honestly this one is my favourite but I'm worried its too small due to the height (42-43cm) and the LittleMonica MSD's having smaller heads than 19cm.

      I have some requests for the DollFamily fans in this thread!
      1. Would anyone be willing to show off the range of poseability of the DFA/DFH 45cm body? If someone has already done this let me know!
      2. People who own the Doll Family A Practice head - do any of you own a kid delf or little monica, or another MSD with similar measurements? Would you be able to try the head on those bodies so that I can see?
      3. Can anyone confirm my fears about DollZone yellow? Is it really too dark, or does it just look that way in the photo?

      Sorry for being such a needy newbie. I'm really excited about this DFA head - I see a lot of potential in him - but I'm worried about getting him a body that doesn't fit.
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    13. I can say something to question number 4 as I have lots of dollzone and their resin color is not stable at all
      you can be lucky and get a normal yellow in the skincolor that matches or get one which does not match at all.
      when you have new NY piccs of dollzone and you order you can never be sure the resin is still the same.
      sad but true V_V
    14. I finished a faceup on my DFA practice head, he says his name is Draven and he has been cursed to have a baby face and blonde hair. Even wigs turn blonde, he is very emo and dresses in dark mori. Having blonde hair and a baby face cramps his style, which is probably why he was cursed with it. He must have made someone powerful very mad.
      [​IMG]DSCF4197 by SteamWitch BJDmama, on Flickr
    15. Oh cool - I really like seeing how varied the results are for what people do with the practice head! Can I ask what body you put him on?

      Despite my above post, I think I'm now leaning towards the Doll Legend 45cm as it seems pretty good proportions-wise.
    16. He is on a Dollzone old single jointed body. The AoD body is thinner but has same shoulder width, which is the only other comparison I have.
    17. Thanks for the reply.
      I'm really excited to start on my guy next month and I'll definitely be posting pictures of him along the way.
    18. I look forward to seeing him.