DollFamily -H and -A mini dolls discussion

Dec 18, 2009

    1. I know this maybe the wrong place, but I'm looking for a Doll Family H Zhi Yan MSD head. I know I don't have market access, but, if anyone knows where I can find one and point me in the right way I'd greatly appreciate. I'm also aware she's retired, lol, that why I'm having a hard time finding it.
    2. I know it was asked earlier in the thread but there was no reply - does anyone have owner pictures of Dollfamily H Wen Xin? I can't seem to find any anywhere.
    3. Oh yes, Yue Jian's sculpt is beautiful! I'm pretty much in love at this point, but I'm pretty disappointed that Doll Family still hasn't made it a habit to publish pictures of their blank sculpts. Currently, I'm entertaining the idea of using Yue Jian's head on another body, since it seems like a good shell for one of my characters.
    4. I just ordered Shan Nai! I love the new girl body and the sculpt reminded me of a dreamy version of Volks Lorina...just couldn't resist! I hope I'll like her when she arrives home <3
    5. @uchan good to hear that someone ordered new doll, congrats! Im in love with new sculpts too and hope to see your photos :D
    6. Seconding this opinion! I'm in love with both Yue Jian and Shan Nai but I'll wait for owner pictures. I already have Chiyu and feel like he looks a lot different than the company pictures. To the point of thinking about selling him. :-/

      If anyone is interested I can post pictures of Chiyu both blank and with custom faceup.
    7. Congrats on getting her! She's already on my wishlist. Post pictures when she arrives pretty please. :D
    8. @Sonik @cheeseerror Thank you! I definitely will! I just finished paying her off and she's scheduled to be shipped in January 2018 :)
    9. That's awesome you won't have to wait much longer! :)
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    11. I ended up ordering Wen Xin's fullset despite only finding a couple owner pics (without company faceup) and she arrived today. In case anyone else want to know what her company faceup looks like, here it is!


      Not exactly the same as DFH's photos, but still lovely. She looks so different from their other sculpts.
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    12. She's lovely!! Did you order the new version body?
    13. No, it was released a couple months after my order. I wish it had been available since I would have preferred the new body. I do really like the elbows on the old body compared to my Luts doll, they look so much more natural.

      She did come with loose eyelashes so I'll probably have to glue them back on if they get any looser. Her eyewells are too deep for any of the eyes I had laying around so she has the eyes they sent with her in for now - they were a struggle to put in. Hoping to find some nicer eyes to fit her soon.
    14. I’m considering Chiyu but I’m having a hard time finding owner pics. Would you mind posing your photos? I’d love to see how he looks
    15. I'd love to see Chiyu pics too, @Sonik. Im looking for a little more mature looking mini size male that isn't a slim body. I like the different builds of DFH mini bodies, but wonder if Chiyu is too baby faced.
    16. Hi! How does DF-H resin change with time? How fast does it change color?
      :blushAnd, has, anyone, gotten their Shan Nai yet? I am interested in buying her, but there are no owner pictures of her yet anywhere.
    17. Does anyone have any pictures of the DF-H 46cm Version 3 boy body? I'm wanting it for a hybrid for one of my characters (the head will be a DZ Benjamin) and I can't find ANY info on that body at all, like how it looks in person or how it poses, etc. I like the overall shape of it, but the hands look a little...childish and out of place. How are the 1/4 jointed hands compared to their regular ones? (Also, side note, do they still make the Rain sculpt? He's very cute, but Alice's Collections doesn't list him and the only reason I found out about him is cause a site called has him, is that place legit or even still running? I'm really interested in him)
    18. TY for this. I was considering buying that doll at some point but I really wanted to see other head photos.
    19. @aae3748 @whisperwolf Sorry for the late reply, guys! I was taking a few months break from the hobby. I've actually sold Chiyu already but here are some pics for you. If you want something specific like more photos of the body posing, let me know, I have more. :)

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