DollFamily -H and -A mini dolls discussion

Dec 18, 2009

    1. @Sonik thank you so much for these, that’s exactly what I was looking for! If you don’t mind me asking, what made you want to sell him? I’m just wondering if there were posing issues or something more general like that.
    2. Glad I could help! :whee:
      The body poses really nice actually! I can post some posing pictures if you want. I just like the new muscular body more so I ended up selling him and will get Yue Jian instead. :) Also I felt like he looked a lot different than the company pictures and I couldn't get over it.
    3. Thank you, that's really helpful! The blank face photos were exactly what I was looking for! It's hard to tell what his sculpt really looks like because his faceup is very involved and I couldn't find any blank photos so this is perfect :hug:
    4. Thank you so much @Sonik ! That was exactly what I needed!!
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    5. Moonie (my DF-A Zi You) says happy Pride month to you all! <3 They recently got some awesome rainbow stripe pants, gold lame sneakers, and a new wig, and they're feeling super photogenic. ;)

      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr
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    6. Hello everyone. May I ask if anyone happen to have a review of the 46cm boy body ver.3?

      I've searched a lot but havn't seen any of the review. I am considering getting a boy from DF-H and from the look of the company photos this body is quite perfect for what I have in mind but I'd really love to see costomers pics.

    7. Have you tried browsing Instagram? That's where I have found a few pictures of the DF-H boy's.
    8. Hey, folks! Figured his was the best place to drop in— I’ve seen 14-16mm eyes recommended for most 1/4 DFH heads, and I’ve just changed plans for a couple of future dolls— are the 16mm too big for ShanNai and Chiyu? I changed my plans *right* after I ordered some 16mm eyes! I’ve heard some of their heads have deeper eye wells and I’d hate to get my 16mm eyes just to find out they don’t fit right.
    9. I have a wen xin and her eyewells are very deep. I use 14mm eyes but 16mm would probably fit as well as long as they're high dome eyes. Not sure if the other heads are the same though.
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    10. I did. but still haven't found any picture of a good look at the body. Guess I'll have to see it myself once I saved up enough to get them.
    11. I can let you know when I get my boy in and I can do a body review for him. The only issue is I’m not sure when he should be in. I’m hoping maybe by October??
    12. Thank you! I'd really love to see your review once your boy arrive.
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    13. Does anyone know if they changed the s hook size in the wrist joints on the new body? I ordered new hands for my wen xin I bought early this year on the old body and they came in today - they don't fit at all. The old hands had a loop in the wrist for the s hook to hook into and these new hands just have a channel there that's way too small for my doll's s hook. The color is different too which I'm not super upset about since resin color can change with different batches but now I have spare hands I can't use. Buyer beware for people looking to buy new hands for the ver 1 body I guess?
    14. Hi there, does anyone have a Dollzone head so I may see what it looks like on the Doll Family H type three body. I want to do a hybrid with this combination.
    15. Could anyone tell me the head circumference/height/width of the DFH Yue Jian/Nan Xing sculpt?
    16. I have a Nan Xing head, The head circumference (for wig fitting) is 18cm so will take 7-8" wigs, the head is a little on the small side so you would most likely want to use a silicone wig cap for better fitting. The eye openings are also quite small, you would be looking at 10mm-12mm eyes, anything above 12mm is too big.
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    17. Hi just finding this thread after getting my boy all geared up. His eyes came in this morning. His wig and clothing are done too, so he is complete and ready for his adventure.
      This is Mylas, a NanXing in tan he arrived March 20. He is on the new muscle body. Here is his box opening Mylas is home! Doll Family-H Nan Xing
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    18. Thank you, he is one of my dreams come true as far as shelling a character.
    19. I’ll be taking pictures of my doll family A version 2 girl body that arrived this week and hopefully have them uploaded this weekend. Overall I really like the body.