Dollmore Fashion Doll Discussion

Jul 28, 2015

    1. Well, I fell down the fashion BJD hole, and Dollmore has been a long-standing favorite company of mine. I especially love Jeremy, Essex, and Hayon.

      So glad that there are more fashion BJDs out there to give me even more of a reason to take another look at Dollmore's fashion line XD
    2. @bewaretheshort1, it's been several months since I looked at Dollmore's fashion doll line on their website, and I see they added Hayon since then; thanks for the heads-up, lol!

      I've had my Jeremy and Essex for years; they really need a photoshoot -- soon, soon...

      Meantime, here's a pic of my Eya Highmore, who arrived last summer, to help bump this thread --
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    3. @beamlette - Can you tell me if the boys have double or single jointed knees? And if the hands and feet connect by magnets or not? Is that cut in the upper arm a joint and if so how easily does it swivel?
    4. @xyuemoto, the male dolls' knees are single-jointed, and constructed like a mini version of Dollmore's Model males. The hands and feet are attached with small s-hooks; thankfully Dollmore gave up the magnet hands and feet several years ago. The cut in the upper arm is indeed a joint, and it swivels easily.

      The fashion line is like a mini version of the Model line, but they don't seem to be 3D printed versions like other companies' fashion lines. A little warning, the DM fashion guys have huge feet, and have to wear MSD shoes, and they can be a little difficult to dress. I use some of my Tonner Matt clothes on them, but the DM guys have longer legs, so they're often wearing flood pants :sweat Still, I forgive them, because Jeremy and Essex are so good-looking :lol:
    5. @beamlette - Thanks so much for the info. Do they sit up straight or lean back some? Could you give me your opinion on the pros and cons of the poseability?
    6. If it's anything like the Dollmore dolls I have at home (and they all lack the swivel joint)...

      There are some posing pitfalls I've noticed with the larger Dollmore bodies (Dollmore Adam and Dollmore Model F) is that their thigh and chest joints are a bit slippy. The chest joint tends to go to extremes - all the way forward or all the way backwards - and doesn't like to sit in the middle, upright position very well. They thighs aren't bad while standing or anything like that, but while you're carrying them or moving them, tend to turn in the socket and cause the legs to be backwards. I've had to do hot-glue sueding on them to help stabilize (as well as the shoulders, although that was more in the interest of being thorough than it being necessary). Afterwards, they're very stable.

      The Dollmore bodies have some of the most graceful poses of any doll I've ever owned - from that brief Fairyland body to Iplehouse to Dollshe. On more than one occasion, I've had them literally fall into a natural, sexy pose that required very little altering to make them look great. Their ankles have an good range of movement and they can point their toes. Arms and hands, likewise, have a good range of motion. Even with the knees being single-jointed, I haven't encountered any real issues with them - and I say this as someone who's largely a die-hard fan of double-joints.

      These are the larger bodies, though, so I imagine that the issues I've encountered with poses are somewhat mitigated in the smaller size. My experience with Dollmore engineering has made me confident that their fashion line won't disappoint. I'm very interested to see what the swivel joint brings!

      But I can gush about Dollmore bodies all day. As I said, I've owned a lot of dolls in my time, and Dollmore remains one of my absolute favorites - both in sculpting and in posing.

      I'm so hyped for the Dollmore Fashion dolls. I saw them years ago, before fashion dolls became much of a thing in the hobby, and while I really liked them (and even considered them at the time), it was while I was still struggling with the size of the dolls. I just hadn't been able to bond with MSDs. Apparently, I can if they're fashion dolls XD
    7. I had no idea these dolls were finally on topic, I have had my girl for years, but never posted any pics of her and she has mellowed some in her resin, but I love her just the same. She is a Sara basic with Dollmore faceup. hoping to take picture for this thread soon.
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    8. @xyuemoto, this morning I was having difficulty getting Essex to sit up; he kept falling back. Then again I've never done any glue sueding or silicone joint discs on him; that could help, just as @bewaretheshort1 mentioned with the larger Dollmores. I can get him to stand on his own; those big feet help that, lol! Anymore I don't leave anyone freestanding; I bought basic Kaiser stands for everyone around here. Not the prettiest things, but they're reliable.

      @derilan85, yes, please, take pics of your Sara to post; we need more Dollmore fashion doll love here!
    9. @beamlette - Are they strung with one string head to legs?
    10. @xyuemoto, as far as I can tell, they used two strings, one for each leg, as they do with their larger dolls. Unlike their larger dolls, they put the string knots in the torso! The S-hook in his head is a little big for the head slot; I need to change that, so his head can come off more easily. (Another thing to add to the to-do list, lol!)
    11. @beamlette I've found sueding or the silicone kips really helps with posing issues I have with my Dollmores. It's nice to know they're putting the knots in the torso. I've started stringing my dolls that way, just to get the knots out of the way so I can position the eyes.

      @xyuemoto You're welcome! I can go on and on and on about how much I adore Dollmore XD
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    12. @beamlette I love his little suit! And his watch! I know how tiny these dolls are, so seeing how close to scale the suit, tie, and watch are is just impressive. And those chairs! :love
    13. @bewaretheshort1, thank you! His suit was a Tonner Matt O’Neill, and his watch and glasses were by Minimode. Although I parted with many of my Tonner dolls year ago, I hated to part with the clothes and accessories, as they’re so well-done. The chairs were made by a John Morgan, who for a little while did furniture to order for the 1/4 scale fashion dolls. :)
    14. I was sad to see that Tonner dolls were discontinued... like, a year ago. It'll be harder to get fashions in the scale we're working with now.

      lol Which figures, right? XD
    15. @bewaretheshort1, I was going to suggest Ebay to find Tonner Matt clothes, but a quick search didn’t turn up anything — for now. You might check there periodically; someone may eventually put some up for sale. I wish I knew of other sources to suggest, but ATM I can’t think of any. :sweat
    16. I have been thinking of getting one of these as a companion to my 43cm Granado Napoleon. Do you think they would look good together?
      [​IMG]Kensett by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    17. Good question! The Dollmores have long limbs and smallish heads -- they use size 5, 5.5 wigs. How big are the Granados' heads? I've never seen any of this size range in person, so I have no "feel" for them. Then again, if you aren't super-fussy, they could go together just fine.