Dollmore Fashion Doll Discussion

Jul 28, 2015

    1. My Granado has a small head, wears a 4-5 wig, but I do worry about the short torsos. My big glamor model looks short when sitting with other dolls in the same height range so I was wondering if that is true of the fashion dolls too.
    2. Unfortunately I don't have any other of the more realistic types of MSDs to compare them sitting, but I sat one of my DM guys and measured from seat cushion to top of head, and it was 8 inches/24cm. Hope that helps!
    3. Thank you!!!!! My Granado is 8.8 inches.:thumbup
    4. I finally got around to ordering a strung arm set for my fashion gal. She's really old and had the completely garbage magnet arms and thus I never played with her or photographed her because her hands fell off constantly.

      I'll probably have to purposefully yellow the arms a little to match her but it will be worth it. I really love the 16 inch fashion line!