Dollmore Large Dolls Discussion Thread (all sizes) - Part 2

May 2, 2014

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    1. EDIT : Oops, I think I might have chosen the wrong thread... so sorry ><

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    2. Hi, I'm just curious about something :kitty2 Does Model Doll F heads fit the Eve body? I don't really have any plans, but Mione Wixson look so cool that I keep looking at that sculpt!

      And size-wise, I'm also a little bit curious how well Dollmore Model face sculpts would look next to Iplehouse face sculpts. I'm always concerned when I decide to add a new doll to my BJD family that they might look out of place, not fit in.
    3. Dollmore says the Model heads and Eve bodies aren't really compatible, however I have a Lisa Rubic head on an Eve body and it fits and looks fine. Also the resin match is perfect!
      Dollmore Lisa Rubik (1)
      par Mu Shu, on ipernity

      I don't have any Iplehouse dolls so can't help you there
    4. I have one DM model left and one IH SID Cheri and they're fine together. The Cheri is more realistic and more mature than Ha Yarn Cho but they're pretty compatible and wear the same size wig.
    5. Thanks for the picture. I think she looks very cute on that body :)

      I also asked Dollmore and they said that the head would fit but it would look big on the body. But I see now that DM Model F are just a little bit taller than a nYID girl. So I guess it would be fine to order Mione Wixson on the Model F body. What's most importasnt are that she's not the tallest girl in the current BJD family I'm working on building.

      Currently the family I'm working on only consists of dolls from Iplehouse, but I've been really interested in building a BJD family with many different sculpts from different companies. Mione Wixson got the cutest face so she's very hard to resist :chibi

      That's good to hear :) Dollmore have been one of my favourite companies since very early in the beginning of my BJD hobby. I haven't ordered anything from Dollmore for a long time but I have 5 Dollmore Kids, and did own a half closed eyes Lilis Liv once. I really miss owning an SD sized Dollmore girl so I've started to think about getting one again. I just don't know quite when yet. I have so many BJD plans going on that it's hard to figure out where I should start. But I'd love to get one ordered, most likely Mione Wixson, sometime in the beginning of 2019. She's definitely going on my wish list!
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    6. I hear you...I love Dollmore. My favorite company. I got Ha Yarn Cho back in 2005, and that was all she wrote...i bought a few more but sold them when the Lusions came around...and oh my, did they make me spend money. And then the Trinities..But I have been looking at some of their guys and thinking, hmm, I need one. :lol:
    7. If I wasn't such a Volks fan, I could easily have a houseful of Dollmores, especially the older sculpts. They're more stylized and cartoony than the current taste for realism, but they have a lot of quirky and fun personality, IMO.

      Regarding whether Model female heads look OK on the Eve bodies, I took a few comparison pics of my EID Asa with my Model Bella Auden on the Model body, and my Model Eva Louise head on an Eve body --
      I also took a couple profile view pics --

      I think the more youthful-looking Model heads would look better on the Eve body than the more mature faces; I may be pushing it with Eva Louise, but for me it works, since I didn't want another Model body; I prefer my Bella Auden to be distinctively tall among my dolls. :3nodding:

      Asa wears 7/8 wigs best; Eva Louise and Bella Auden can wear 8/9s.

      Not sure if some people would want to mix Iplehouse and Dollmore aesthetics, but I'm not a huge IH fan. The BF wanted an EID gal, so that's how Asa would up here, lol!
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    8. perfect face and perfect faceup (with only the tiniest bit of help from me) from DM. Hrolf seems to be gazing into the future.


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    9. @petiteballerine, Hrolf is proof of what amazing male sculpts DM can make. :3nodding:

      Here's a little love for the Adam boys; my three (Nick Reilly, Kara Klum, and the discontinued Purum Cho) --
      They're my schoolboy friends, age 14. Nick Reilly and Kara Klum are the younger selves of my DM Huey Lewis and DS Bermann.
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    10. I love my big guy. Dollmore does great tattoos but Nayuta is a great sculpt without the tats.
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    11. Hi to all! Never posted her before - meet Mally^^ I fell in love with freckled release of Keeley, and so happy to have one :)

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    12. She is just beautiful! Congratulations to you!
    13. I saw her on instagram yesterday and almost died, she's so gorgeous!
    14. Azure got a photo outside, looks spring like out there in the ferns.
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    15. Utterly wow!
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    16. Absolutely amazing, I'm just blown away by work that went into him, congrats!
    17. Thanks, I fell in love with the brown tattooed Nayuta but when they came out with this blue one I knew I had to have him. It took a while to save up for him and little did I know I got the 9th of the LE10, which the 10th sold within the week. I almost missed out, so I'm am very grateful to have him.
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    18. Lucky! but more like fate, definitely meant to be. Knowing that makes him even more special
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