Dollmore Large Dolls Discussion Thread (all sizes) - Part 2

May 2, 2014

    1. My friends have the brown (Broken Routine) and the Suntan (Aphasia) so it was fun getting a photo of them together.
      [​IMG]three tattooed boys by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    2. I am in love!
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    3. Hi, does anyone have a Mio head on a different company's male body? I saw the info on Dollmore website that Mio neck's circumference is 7.2cm, but most sd male body's necks are a lot thicker than Dollmore's. So do you know any company that has body with similar measurement?
    4. Thank you! It was a fun doll meet.
    5. Guys help! Does anyone have a Model F that can tell me exactly how tall they are? I would love to know if 66.5 is their real height or if it's like all their other "heights".

      @Copcop Well, in 11 years the only body I've found that can take a Dollmore Adam/Eve head is Doll Chateau. Everything else I've seen has too big a neck and would take some serious modding. I've been looking for a taller body for one of my Kara Klum bodies, but have pretty much given up at this point. He'll just have to be really short next to my 70cm guys.
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    6. I just measured my Model F, and she is just a little under 65 cm, somewhere between 64.5-65 cm.
    7. Thank you @ophelia !! That was so helpful.
    8. woo double-post!
      BUT I got my first Model girl yesterday. Eva Louise. Now I have at least one of all the large bodies (not counting the Trinity and Lusion).
      I was planning to hybrid her to death, but I will keeping her whole...I prefer this body to the Impldoll one I was using. She's got a bit of damage I'm going to repair (hopefully) today, and I am wiping her default right now (I needed a break lol) and someday when we get decent weather I'll make her into Poison Ivy. Which will be my third attempt at BJD Poison Ivy. Sigh. I am not good at her apparently. Fingers crossed!!
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    9. I hope the effort is fruitful @VampireAngel13

      My hybrid Dollmore Glamor Model tattoo guy with Granado V-01 head and Dollshe Arsene hands. He is awesome.
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    10. Thanks, he makes a great drummer for the band. :wiggle
    11. @VampireAngel13 congratulations on your first Model girl! I'm excited to see what you do with her.
      @SteamWitch that is a really interesting hybrid!

      Here is my own model girl Keeley Sum

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    12. I had no idea DollMore were so nice!!!!!
      Dollmore Abby was very nice and friendly, and helped me so much when I placed my order, I am now a new fan of them for life because of how kind, friendly and very nice they were with me, it did not feel like a transaction at all :daisy<3:daisy<3

      I was looking for body hybrids and came across this photo, and it sold me on the model body. I love how tall and lanky she looks, reminds me of the instagram models that photoshop their bodies and faces to be "ideal"

      Dollmore Iplehouse comparison 02

      I placed an order for Model F SEOL-A, shes my favorite of all the models, specially her nose shape, she looks like she could be a very popular social media influencer to me lol. I wonder if her name means something because out of all the Model F's, shes the only name written in full capslock?
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    13. Yea Dollmore has excelent service, I'm a fan too :)
      Nice, Seol-a, I really want to see her, hope you post photos of her when you get her. I already have Ryu Miu, and sleeping Lisa Rubik (love Dollmore sculpts) Seol-a is so tempting :P
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    14. My Keeley Sum has her body back from seamstress, and now she has a gorgeous outfit that fit her character!

      Sorry if it's only a portrait again ^^'

      by Follow-the-Wind, on Flickr
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    15. I couldn't look past Mione either, here's mine. I'd ordered an 8-9 wig as that's what their model was wearing but was told she takes a 7-8 which fits but is on the tight side, it's the same size my Dollmore Kid takes. Model Doll however has a quite an elongated body especially in the calves, it's gorgeous.

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    16. Oh thanks for the picture, she's so pretty :) I'll probably just order her on the Model body when time comes, but when I have no idea. I have so many dolls on my wish list and haven't had the money or chance to order anything for quite a while now.

      I have an IH Rania head that needs an EID female body before the color difference in the resin ends up getting noticeable, so that's first priority. I have my two grail dolls I.O.S Aria and KDF Dreaming Cherry. 2D Doll Tangtang, been wanting an anime styled doll for so many years. And Supia Hamin because of her adorable smile.

      As much as I'd love to order my first Model Doll F she'll have to wait as other dolls have been on my list way longer! But who knows, maybe I'll cave in and order her earlier.
    17. @manabusama You're welcome. I'm not the best at photography but she does look like her stock photos and could pull off a range of different looks in my opinion. If anyone would like to see the body feel free to PM me. I understand not having enough money, or space for that matter :sweat. Those are all nice choices with some unique features so can't blame you for having a hard time choosing who to buy first.
    18. Haha, the bad thing about this hobby is that there'll never be an end to the wish list :sweat But I wouldn't want to trade this hobby for anything!
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    19. I'm thinking of buying a Dollmore saddle stand for 40-60 cm dolls and, even though Dollmore has a photo of a 57cm doll using this stand, the base seems a little narrow to me so I wonder how stable it is. Would you guys recommend this stand for a doll that is slightly under 60cm tall?