Dollmore Large Dolls Discussion Thread (all sizes) - Part 2

May 2, 2014

    1. I'm not sure posting here will do me much good since I don't know how many of you have Model M bodies, but I cannot for the life of me find mine boots. All the boots I've found that are close to what I want, have an inner length of 9.5, which is about the size of his stupid huge foot.

      So has anyone out there bought 9.5 shoes and had them fit?? I don't want to buy them and have them not fit, he's way bigger than my next foot size down, so they'd be ridiculous on anyone else.

      alternately if you know where I can find very large Doc Martin looking boots, please let me know. I've tried ebay, Alice collections, Dollmore and Iplehouse and been thwarted completely.

      Well not totally completely. I found a couple that might work but they're on the pricier side and I was going to paint them, so I didn't want to shell out a fortune (but I might have to at this rate).
    2. @VampireAngel13 I know you have the talent and experience with modding tools so I will suggest this to you

      I am going to suggest buying another pair of model feet, and dremel it shorter so he would fit the boots better instead of buying newer boots only to find it also wont fit. Ive done this to some of my iplehouse girls (made their feet slimmer) to fit into heels, but I also got extra heel feet so if I need to sell them, the resin would be from the same batch.

      Its an option, if no one can come up with helpful suggestions to you
    3. Yeah, @VampireAngel13 my big footed guys (Dollmore Glamor model and Dollshe Arsene feet) wears the Dollmore Glamor Model boots and they fit my 10x4cm big-foot Bishonenhouse boy, but the BH boy came with 'paddle feet' to use smaller shoes on him so @GreenTeaSlug has a good idea.
    4. I....don't think I want to do that tbh. He has other shoes, this would be for just one pair... it makes a pair of boots that much more expensive since I'd have to buy new feet and pay the DM shipping for them.

      Also, from an emotional standpoint, this is literally my favorite doll...I don't think I could look at him and not see the ruined feet (even though it wouldn't be his actual feet). Maybe if it was any other doll I owned it wouldn't be an issue, but not this one.

      John has a pair of Glamor Model shoes, but they don't have any that are close to what I want. Neither does Iplehouse which is my other (very expensive) fall back for him.

      Who knew it would ever be this hard to find boots for a BJD XD
    5. What are you looking for in particular? Beside Doc Martin?
    6. That's it! I was going to paint them (because John) but only if I find some that fit. I mean, in a perfect world, they'd have a black sole. But I can paint that too. I guess I don't really want to spend a lot...but since I've found exactly nothing, that might change.
    7. /delurks
      Have you looked at Leekeworld's shoes? If you check out the individual pages of their newer offerings, they've got a graphic describing the fact that they've changed the sizes to be larger now. Of course most of them are sold out already, but it might be worth keeping an eye on them to see what they release next.
    8. I have not! I totally forgot LW existed. I’ll check them out, thanks!