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Jul 23, 2016

    1. Hello everyone! I have some very exciting news!

      Dollmore has recently released a new line of 48cm dolls called Illua Doll, essentially a miniature version of their popular 80cm Lusion Dolls!

      Illua Dolls
      have the same shaped body as the Lusion, and currently the same head sculpt as the original Lusion, Dahlia, thanks to may customers requesting a smaller size doll in Lusion proportions!​


      Currently there are two Illua Dolls available: Chocolat Noir (LE40) and Chocolate Blanc (LE40), each with a different clothing set and default faceup depending if you prefer darker or lighter colors!
      You can also ask for a different wig or different set of acrylic eyes if you prefer, free of charge.
      If you would like a custom faceup, there is an order option on the page as well :)

      Dollmore has also emailed me with some extra information and plans regarding the new Illua Doll:
      • The current limited Chocolat Noir and Chocolate Blanc are the most economical way to acquire an Illua Doll, as Dollmore is planning to create a more elaborate (and therefore more expensive) Illua Doll in the future as their next Illua release
      • Customers who order an Illua Doll by the end of this month with receive her in approximately 30 days, which is about half the usual waiting time, because Dollmore is prioritizing Illua Doll creation over other dolls for their new release this month

      Chocolat Blanc Dahlia (LE40)
      webpage: :: Everything for Doll & more
      Chocolat Noir Dahlia (LE40) webpage: :: Everything for Doll & more

      * Illua Doll Size

      * Eye size : 16mm (Diameter) (14-16mm eyes recommended)
      * Tall : 48cm
      * Circumference of Head : 21cm (8-9 inch wig recommended)
      * Circumference of neck : 9.7cm
      * Width of shoulders : 8cm
      * Circumference of chest : 20.5cm
      * Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball : 14.5cm
      * Circumference of Wrist : 6.8cm
      * Circumference of waist : 16cm
      * Circumference of hips : 24.2cm
      * Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 24.5cm
      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 10cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 8.5cm (foot width : 3.3cm)
      * Foot size : 7.5cm (She can wear most SD size shoes which are wide)
      * Weight : 1kg
      Illua Dolls can wear some SD clothes, but Dollmore says they are willing to custom tailor clothes to Illua size if you ask on their Q&A board!

      I hope many of you will consider purchasing an Illua Doll so that Dollmore will continue to make more head sculpts in this size! :D

      I've made a new Discussion Thread for Illua Dolls
      HERE: Dollmore - Illua Doll Discussion Thread - Part 1
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