Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. She is beautiful! :D
    2. @QuanaP Wow!! CONGRATS! She is absolutely breathtaking. You must be over the moon! :love I love her outfit. So graceful!
    3. Thank you very much ♡

      Thank you very much. I'm so over the moon for sure ♡♡♡ the ourfit is very well done. The details are really good. ♡
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    4. Lovely! =D

    5. Aww I'm so happy to know that, my dear .
    6. @QuanaP Wow, I agree with everyone else, she is lovely! I am still curious about the large bust as well. Are you able to tell how much larger than the regular one it is? Like, would the clothes for the regular doll fit the large bust still?
    7. I just got the large bust piece for my Elysia today. I will try to measure them tomorrow.
    8. Awesome, thank you!
    9. Here are very beautiful new girls :D

      My Nuada (Sanglant Kate) wants show herselft too ^^

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    10. Have you all seen the beautiful new Trinity girl? It is another beautiful Kate - this time looking like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra style outfit and headdress. :D AMAZING! If only I had more room . . . but I'm still holding out for Rev Klaire, hehe <3
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    11. Oh woooooowww! Wish I’d held out for her instead of my Drop of Dream Elysia I wasn’t able to bond with. If I had this new Kate, I’d totally give her lavader eyes to complete the Elizabeth Taylor effect! :fangirl:
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    12. Hi! =D

      Kate arrived safely and she is so lovely in her burgundy perfume dress set! ^-^

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    13. FANTASTIC dress!!
    14. She looks SO beautiful!!!
    15. Thanks! I do love her dress, it makes for a cute contrast to Klaire's white outfit. =)

      Thanks! Trying out some different hair styles at this moment. She now matches her sister Klaire. =D


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    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca how did the ball joint hand look from far away? Do you think it looks nice on the trinity doll as a whole or does it look mismatched? The close up picture looks really really nice but I wanted to ask you how natural it would look as a whole in your opinion I became tempted when I saw the jointed hands, it is very nice!

      @Angelkat I see you are one of the 3 that got the dress me also but I have no trinity doll yet XD Im waiting for white skin trinity that dollmore said they will think about making
    17. This is not a great picture but it is from the time Jude was using the right ball joint hand. They are a bit smaller than the Trinity hands but I think they still look good.Especially if you use both hands!
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    18. I love that she matched her mismatch hands with mismatched shoes! She is even bigger than I thought!!! :D

      Thank you for the picture, I appreciate :aheartbea:apresent: She has a gentle face
    19. Yes! She was really showing off her size and the shoes in that shot! I really need to try some other wigs on her. I think another style would suit he better. I was also taking pictures of the shoes. They are two different sizes, Unfortunately Lucky Top doesn't make little heels in Toddler size 4 anymore. Probably not appropriate for real children but they were great for the Trinity flat feet. I will try to do a color match later. I just got a new large bust for Elysia and the resin looks darker. .