Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. @GreenTeaSlug, really love the dress set. ^-^
      Also have the articulated Lusion hands on Kate, they look great!
      I am using the black lace gloves to hide joints. =D

    2. @Angelkat Oh I see! I think my favorite part of BJD is the ball joints and how much it makes them look like cyborgs so for me, the more ball joints showing, the better :))

      @nancy_schroeder_ca I really dont like it when companies change resin formula without notifiying at least, or give the option to match the older resin formula, the good thing is that you can blush it to match at least, or mask it with a choker or necklace
      Those are shoes for children? lol.. they do look beautiful and very realistic, better and probably cheaper than the one on dollmore
      Seeing those heels makes me think of toddlers and tiaras that my sisters daughter is obsessed with

      I also think Dollmore must be a fan of Crimson Peak, I see so many of the costumes on the Trinity dolls lol
    3. @nancy_schroeder_ca I’m sorry to hear the resin is darker on the big bust you got. I think Dollmore must have a lot of issues with resin matching. When I talked to them about the Drop of Dream Elysia I got in April, I wasn’t terribly happy with how dramatic her face up turned out to be and contacted them about it. We even discussed me buying a new head at one point and they said that I could but that the resin wouldn’t match. They said that the prototype head for my Elysia already didn’t match new dolls! I was really surprised to hear that. It’s a bummer about my Elysia. She’s pretty but we’re just not bonding.
    4. What did they say about the possibility of fixing her faceup? I thought I was just imagining that your girl had much darker eyeshadow than the stock photos, so it makes sense her faceup was actually noticeably different to you as her owner. I'm so sorry that happened, it's really surprising.
    5. They said I could pay $100 to have her repainted. I wasn’t keen on spending more and didn’t feel like Dollmore was terribly happy to do it so I’m hoping to rehome her instead. It’s such a pity because I was so happy with the Trinity Lumie and two Dahlia’s I bought from them. Alas. Maybe a softer Elysia will be released in the future that I will love!
    6. I too hope they will release an Elysia with softer makeup! I wish Elysia would come in a basic set like they offer with Jude, but when I asked them, they said they’d never do that :|
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    7. New Eugenia! BEAUTIFUL! Of course we love Eugenia's sculpt so much! Her face reminds me of Olivia Hussey in Romeo & Juliet.

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    8. Oh man, I asked the same thing. I just wanted a basic Elysia and they said no. I wonder why. I understand some of the holdup with the orders are the insanely detailed clothes so you’d think they’d be happy to sell more dolls without them.
    9. I was sewed a new dress for Trinity^^

      Here is my doll with my cat ;)

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    10. Hi!

      Ooh, that would be lovely if there was a basic soft Elysia. Too bad it's not happening. =(

      Meanwhile Klaire requested a change of clothes, since she thought Kate got too much attention. XD
      So now it's Burgundy Perfume vs Blue Voler. >.<
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    11. Lovely dress and choker!
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    12. Would any of you be able to tell me how big the box is? I can get Kate if she will fit in a box under my bed, but if the box won't fit, I will not have the room for her.
    13. 11 inches high 12 inches wide and a bit over 47 inches long. There are tall bed frames that give enough height.

      Look for a platform frame. I got one from Amazon. They replace the frame and box spring so the bed is still a normal height. They aren't expensive.
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    14. Mine came only in huge carrier bags, not a doll box. But mine won’t fit under the beds in my house because they’re pretty low. I have a standard twin metal frame and a platform Tempur-Pedic frame.
    15. Yes, both of my Trinty girls came in the carrier. The measurements I gave are of the shipping box The carriers are in the carrier bag section on Dollmore.
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    16. if you want to keep the box just flat fold it down. as for keeping the bag, it's soft and has some 'squish' to it... i use it to keep extra blankets in now lol... pop them out and lay on bed if i needed to take doll out in bag. I would not recommend storing a doll under a bed though...
    17. I don't think the bag would fit under a standard bed anyway, not with a doll in it. Unless you have the bed on raisers or something. You could end up damaging the doll if you tried to stuff her under the bed in the carrier.
    18. Thank you for your help! She will fit in my closet, so I was able to order her!
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    19. That's wonderful! Congratulations!
    20. Then people asking me "why you buy so big doll?". I show them this photo :D and add: Because this big doll is awesome ❤

      My Nuada ia good in sewing too :D


      P.S. in the photo you can see another BJD (not only Trinity), I hope it is nothing wrong, I hope it is not against rules.
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