Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. Great pic, and no, as long as it features a Trinity I'm pretty sure its acceptable for other BJDs to appear.
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    2. I haven't pulled out my klaire at all this year, (because I have a puppy that is consuming all of my time and chews everything) but while I was at the store the other day, they had some clearanced toddler shoes so I bought her two pairs! Lol. I just couldn't help myself. Anyone else find themselves constantly on the lookout?
    3. I went out for a newspaper on Sunday morning and to look at garden stuff and came back with newspaper plus a pair of multi coloured shoes for Klaire (nothing for the garden though).
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    4. :XD: Glad I'm not the only one!
    5. I have sooooo many that i quit looking!
    6. Where do you get more adult styled shoes for your Trinities?
    7. I found some cute brown boots at Target. Also, looking online and just shopping around. I'm usually not even looking and then something will catch my eye.
    8. I brought my Lumie out to the pool this weekend~ I realized how easy it would be to go buy her a swimsuit and just had to ^^ That's definitely a high point for this size. The newest Lumie is so pretty; makes me daydream about having sisters (but I'm really holding out hope that they'll eventually release a boy). All the elegant fullsets Dollmore makes and I always go for pastel child cute ^^;

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    9. You have to look but I've found a few pairs from Zulily that are more on the adultish-side. Kiddie Pageant shoes often have kitten heels and a more slender shape and such. Ebay might sell shoes like them, too.
    10. Kate shipped! So hopefully she will not arrive on the same day as my other really big dolls, which hasn't yet.
    11. Dropping by with a photo I took of Lourie (my persona pathos Lumie) today. I recently rearranged my room and I was finally able to bring her back out after she'd been stuck in her carry bag for over a year :sweat I'm so glad to have her back out on display again :whee:

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    12. New Trinity girl alert! Sculpt is Edna - a face we haven't seen before! [​IMG]
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    13. Trinity dolls are amazing. I love here to see photos with Trinity, I want see more photos made by owners

      Here is my Nuada (Sanglant Kate).


      P.S. outfit is made by me :)
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    14. Lovely girl and outfit! It's great to see pictures! OK, I need to take some new pictures but here is an old one of Elysia with Alexia.
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    15. New Trinity girl - Flower Swing Elysia! She is gorgeous! Reminiscent of Blanc Printemps - both very regal Elysia girls. <3
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    16. That is the kind of outfit I want to make for my Kate, once I can find or engineer a saddle stand that will take her weight.

      Making all the layers will be so fun!
    17. Hello all! I am halfway through my layaway for Soft Light Restful Lumie! :D I've been lurking around for a bit and finally decided to say hello.
      I did see mentioned earlier that it is possible to buy the bust parts separately... and I am wondering if anyone remembers what the cost was?

      Anyways, after some recent developments I may be able to pay her in full earlier (depending on what happens with some pending car repairs)... keep your fingers crossed for me that the car won't need additional work so I can bring Lumie home!
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    18. Welcome, @Studio404 ! :D I was just talking to Nancy, who mentioned that the large bust was $200.

      I'm also a lurker of this group... I think I can officially say that I plan to buy a trinity someday!

      Has everyone seen this WIP posted by one of the Trinty sculptors?
      MYDOLLING ♡ on Instagram: “New doll / Trinitydoll /dollmore Still working on it.. #DOLLMORE #TRINITYDOLL #original doll #clay #ladoll #인형공방 #구체관절인형만들기 #bjd #atelier…”
      I'm really excited to see a new head! Really hoping I'll love her. I'm currently torn between Lumie, Klaire, and Elysia... having a definitive favorite would be awesome!
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    19. Hi @Xila ! Thank you so much for that info. I will most likely eventually get a second trinity and I would like to have both busts for *clothes making* in both sizes ;) so I'm just gathering info for my evil plans :evilplot::lol:

      I did see the head in progress on mydollings page (my girlfriend sent it to me), but I hadn't thought of sharing here, so thank you! She is looking really good, I'm excited to see her finished!

      And I know what you mean about it being hard to choose... it was a tough decision even with a favorite headmold. My deciding factors finally came down to either combo of faceup and price point or faceup and outfit. Anyways, I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and started a layaway. It was much less painful than I imagined :XD: ...that said, to anyone who has been hesitating to purchase a trinity doll, I say go for it!

      Also, @Magical Rin thank you for sharing your persona pathos lumie! She was definitely my first love in trinitydoll world :love yours is beautiful! I remember persona pathos completely sold out before I could work up the courage to calculate if I could afford her, lol!

      Anyways, all that aside... the car is repaired, and my incoming funds are freed up to pay for Lumieeeee :D so in the next few weeks she should be paid in full, and then it's time for the wait!
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    20. @Studio404 I'm always happy to share photos of her! She was the first (and currently only) Trinity that really grabbed me enough to think 'yeah, for her the hefty price tag is worth it' :XD: It took a lot of courage to spend that much in one go so I completely understand your initial hesitation in ordering one of these girls. Lumie is definitely my favourite Trinity sculpt so I can't wait to see photos of your girl once she arrives~! :whee:
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