Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

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    1. @Xila Thank you for sharing!

      Ive been eyeing their Soft Light Restful Klaire and keep hoping for owner pictures, shes so interesting and cool

      Im very excited to see Marienne, she looks amazing and im very curious to see how she looks completed, I think shes going to be my favorite of the Trinity dolls so I wonder how they are going to style her
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    2. Marienne looks very pretty - she may even be my favorite so far - but I wish that Dollmore would cave and just come out with a male Trinity, already. :| I know girls are more popular overall, but I'm all about the big boys...and I would love to have one that stands at 105cm or more. If they ever make one and I like the sculpt, I'd grab him right up.
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    3. Do you take a selfie with your BJD? I try it :)


      Nuada (Dollmore Trinity Sangalnt Kate) :)
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    4. GUYS IM ALMOST CRYING ON THE BUS :...( MARIENNE!!! :: Everything for Doll & more

      Omg... my car boke down last night and had to be towed, so while the timing couldn't be worse, seeing her this morning really made me feel some kind of way. Had to share!
    5. Somehow she looks much younger with a faceup than she did with a blank sculpt!
      I still think I prefer my Kate.
    6. I love the new Eugenia. I think her faceup is so beautiful. I really liked the My Agnes Eugenia, too. But I had already paid for my Klaire when I saw Eugenia. Oh well. I still love my little (big!) Camille.

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    7. :: Everything for Doll & more

      Link to the new eugenia, for posterity ;) I thought i was done for when I saw the thumbnail, but un/fortunately the rest of the outfit isnt to my taste. It's interesting seeing eugenia next to marienne. They look like sisters!

      FYI, I dont know if its come up before, but if you buy a full set trinity, you can buy a blank head of a different trinity girl for $500. I so want another head, but oof, paying as much as a full SD for a blank head.... *_*
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    8. I love the new Eugenia! It would actually work out well for me to buy her because she’s a bit less than the others and I’d make her a full outfit anyways. I’d probably sell her fullset.
    9. I bought her this morning!
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    10. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!

      Speaking of beautiful, the creator of that beautiful Poem of Hydrangea set has an etsy shop now! 3 Trinity outfits here, including a rerun of Poem of Hydrangea, limited to 2... err, well, 1... I may have bought one... :D
      Magnificent costume and eyes for your beautifull doll by EternityLand

      Original set:

      edit feb 17 2020. Currently having issues with this purchase :doh I cant leave this excited comment here in good faith
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    11. Just saw Dress Up Marienne on Dollmore's site! I am loving the make-up on this new girl. She reminds me of Neyla Pekarek from the Lumineers!
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    12. She IS lovely; I especially like the eyebrows. It was also good to see Dollmore using more and better poses in the Dress Up Marienne's photos. I'm very curious about the Trinity posing range since ordering an Edna.

      SORELY tempted to get this girl, too.
    13. Dress up Elysia is up as well! I really like her outfit!
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    14. Yes! Dress Up Elysia is another new addition! :D Dollmore is putting out some lovely dolls - falling more in love with the Trinity line!

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    15. I'm wondering though if Dollmore is every going to go back to releasing small-busted trinity girls. I'm not certain, but I don't think I've seen a single small-bust since the large-bust came out.
      Both Lumie and Marienne are rather young looking and I'd love seeing them on less developed bodies.
    16. I'm really curious to see Edna!! Post lots of pictures once you get her! We haven't seen any more of her since her first release... maybe she'll get a dress-up outfit too. Seems to me that the dress-up sets are Dollmore's way of giving people a "basic" trinity doll (and not an extravagant fullest that costs an extra several hundred dollars or more)

      Also, I too am absolutely curious about the Trinity range of motion. I realize that people buying dolls in this scale aren't exactly after poseability, but I'd love to see something about it. I promise I'll fill that void when I get mine, if it's still needed, but you'll get yours sooner than me i think. I'm still putting together an order :chomp:

      My current dollmore weirdness: I'm trying to put together my order, and said I would like an extra lumie head and the large bust parts...

      They will apparently only sell the large bust parts in White. I guess it has to do with people not getting color-matching bust parts in the past? But those were all new busts added to existing dolls... i dont see why they can't cast matching bust parts while making the full doll anyway.

      And then she offered me the Lumie head in Normal, presumably to match the fullest Elysia I picked (sugar amnesia, normal).

      Questioning Dollmore's choices doesn't seem to get you anywhere, it seems, but I did feel the need to ask... is there no way I can get all the parts in the same skin color?? :? These parts are all for the same doll

      I suspect they wont yield on casting the bust in normal, or the doll in white, so I may just have to pick an Elysia that comes in White so the doll can match the extra bust piece... strange company. I have no complaints about my experience talking with them, though.

      EDIT: I just looked, and there are no white skin Elysias available. I think Jude is the only WS girl you can currently get. So why are they only selling the bust in a skin color (almost) none of the girls currently come in?? Am I missing something here? :?

      EDIT2: oh I actually looked at the link they sent me to buy the big bust, and it clearly says its normal skin, even though right under it in the email she says "We only agree to sell big bust parts to the customer who buy a white trinity doll. :)"

      Well, I'm just going to add it all to the cart and ask for clarification later, I think. The listing clearly says the right thing. Maybe she meant "whole" trinity doll?

      Final update: Yup, I'm gonna go for it and just assume everything is alright LOL. I can't find where in the email I thought they stated that the bust parts were only in white, so maybe I was just too tired while I read it.

      My last decision... seam sanding. For an extra $200, I'm really really curious if it's worth it. Are they bad to begin with? Is the service flawless? I'm gonna snoop around a bit, maybe send some PMs... apologies if you get asked random questions :blush
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    17. Well I'm now in the 2nd month of waiting for her exactly TO THE DAY ! I'm trying to get a space set up where I can take decent pictures of Edna and see just how much I can do with her. At that, I went to Dollmore's Insta pagefrom November 8, 2019 I think, and they had two pics they don't use on their website of Edna. That's when I caved.

      I can see maybe having to do some judicious wiring...sueding rarely works out for me. Another tidbit, I found that the Trinities measurements are nearly the same as a half scale sewing mannequin, so I've been trying some sewing. Fingers crossed!
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    18. Ooooh, did you pay in full? :D dollmore did tell me it takes "about two months or a little longer" to cast a trinity doll, so hopefully you'll be seeing your girl soon!!

      Low-temp hotglue sueding hasn't done anything for me, and I've never tried real suede; I bought some very thin silicon sheets off Amazon, and I think I'm going to try (real) hotglue to put disks or strips or dots into the joints (dollshe has a similar system). I've been meaning to test it on one of my SDs, but I just haven't gotten around to it

      Thank you for that tidbit!! I didnt realize the measurements were so close. I still dont know what I want to do with my girl, but I also want to get some sewing done! I forget who, but someone on this thread commissioned a simple long white dress for their girl to wear for extended periods of time, just to protect them from dust/sun/staining/etc. I think that would be a great (and forgiving) first project for me. I want to sit down and do some clothes designing, but it's been so hot and humid lately... :sweat
    19. Congrats! Also looking at Eugenia and Marienne at this moment. Too many choices in such a short period. >.<

      Just got this tidbit from Dollmore when I was asking some questions regarding Eugenia:
      Dear kat,
      Thank you for your love of our trinity dolls.
      We plan to list a Trinity Doll - Dress Up with Edna head in near future. :)

      Adding picture Kate and Klaire since they want to know too which new sister will arrive =D:

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