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Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

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    1. @Xila Thank you for sharing!

      Ive been eyeing their Soft Light Restful Klaire and keep hoping for owner pictures, shes so interesting and cool

      Im very excited to see Marienne, she looks amazing and im very curious to see how she looks completed, I think shes going to be my favorite of the Trinity dolls so I wonder how they are going to style her
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    2. Marienne looks very pretty - she may even be my favorite so far - but I wish that Dollmore would cave and just come out with a male Trinity, already. :| I know girls are more popular overall, but I'm all about the big boys...and I would love to have one that stands at 105cm or more. If they ever make one and I like the sculpt, I'd grab him right up.
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    3. Do you take a selfie with your BJD? I try it :)


      Nuada (Dollmore Trinity Sangalnt Kate) :)
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      Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more

      Omg... my car boke down last night and had to be towed, so while the timing couldn't be worse, seeing her this morning really made me feel some kind of way. Had to share!
    5. Somehow she looks much younger with a faceup than she did with a blank sculpt!
      I still think I prefer my Kate.
    6. I love the new Eugenia. I think her faceup is so beautiful. I really liked the My Agnes Eugenia, too. But I had already paid for my Klaire when I saw Eugenia. Oh well. I still love my little (big!) Camille.

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    7. Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more

      Link to the new eugenia, for posterity ;) I thought i was done for when I saw the thumbnail, but un/fortunately the rest of the outfit isnt to my taste. It's interesting seeing eugenia next to marienne. They look like sisters!

      FYI, I dont know if its come up before, but if you buy a full set trinity, you can buy a blank head of a different trinity girl for $500. I so want another head, but oof, paying as much as a full SD for a blank head.... *_*
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    8. I love the new Eugenia! It would actually work out well for me to buy her because she’s a bit less than the others and I’d make her a full outfit anyways. I’d probably sell her fullset.
    9. I bought her this morning!
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