Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. I like the idea of a white dress...something washable and maybe regency/empire. As it is, I started working with some wool and the taffeta lining water spots very easily. The only way to get rid of that will be to go to the cleaner's, only imagine the funny looks I'll get! Maybe pass off the coat as a really skinny toddler's?

      Was wondering if there would be more "Edna" editions, it has to cost a lot to produce a new mold even if the bodies are standard.

      @Xila --I did pay in full.
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    2. Congrats! I forget whether I mentioned, but I did make my first payment... I picked Sugar Amnesia Elysia (Looks like I got set #9, there's now only 1 left!) plus an extra Lumie head ($550 for each blank extra head!! Not cheap, but I just love them both...), big bust and high feel feet, plus some extra goodies :chomp: I wish I could swing paying in full, but i also don't anticipate needing the whole 12 month layaway... I'm too excited! Not a cheap gal, that's for sure, but the allure of a 1/2 scale doll is too cool to me. Feels like it'll be ages until I actually see her, though!
    3. Hi!

      So I choose Eugenia! ^-^
      Hopefully I can get a Marienne in the future, but since this was the only Eugenia...
      The choice was hard and still was contemplating it for like a week. XD
      Already missed out on Eugenia Ethereal Beauty with all my contemplating last time. >.<

      Ooh well, let's break the good news to Kate and Klaire. =D
      With a bit of luck she should arrive before my birthday in 4 months. =)

    4. Congrats!

    5. Does Dollmore typically allow purchasing these girls or parts blank? I'd love to get a blank doll I could paint and dress myself.
    6. Dollmore will sell blank heads to someone who owns a Trinity, but they never sell complete blank dolls.
    7. Ah, too bad. I wonder why they won't sell blank girls. But thanks for letting me know :)
    8. your best bet is to buy one and do a split (sell off the outfit) and just request the doll blank. HOWEVER they do not reduce the price any. you pay for a face up if you get it or not... This is a question that has been asked and answered before... by more than one person lol yes including me.
    9. Yesterday my Dollmore Trinity Elysia - La sorcière du sang bleu arrived. She is so awesome in real!! I cannot believe she is not more popular. Actually, when I first saw her promotion pictures I was also a little disappointed, especially her faceup. Usually I like darker/smokey eyes more and I'm not a fan of glitter. But looking at her now, I'm really impressed! The glitter is not too much, it just gives her a hint of magic, which I love. The faceup over all is so beautiful and natural, I'm totally in love with her.
      And her dress... this one is really my taste. So precious and gothic style - just perfect :)

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    10. @Sadomina Congratulations! She is lovely!
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    11. Thank you so much! :D
    12. Congrats! She look much nicer than the Dollmore site pictures. =)

    13. @Sadomina Dollmore do absolutely fantastic face ups on their Trinity girls! I tend to prefer the more smoky eye make up they do as well, but your new girl looks so pretty (love the glitter.) Congrats! :whee:
    14. Wow, she's absolutely gorgeous. :D Are her teeth removable by chance? I had wondered if they were directly part of the sculpt or not.
    15. technically they are removable... I would not recommend it lol. But they are a separate piece that is added. Somewhere I saw early pics of her development showing this.
    16. Back again with a quick happy snap of Lourie (my Lumie). I got into a fight with all of Dollmore's eye putty trying to align her left eye properly but I won in the end (all be it with a few battle scars on my fingers) :sweat She's so pretty though, I could hardly get mad, haha~

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    17. Lovely pic. Pathos Lumie was my first Trinity too! I just adore her faceup.
    18. Thanks! Her face up (and sculpt, for that matter) really struck me as beautiful and she's been the only Trinity to really captivate me to the extent of throwing my money at Dollmore so far :XD: Luckily as I really don't have space for another big girl, lovely as they are.
    19. Can anyone please tell me where on DM's site it tells how many have been sold/are remaining of each doll? I know someone posted the numbers much earlier in the thread, and I'm curious where they found them. I always swore that I would never get one of these girls, but you know...stuff happens. :sweat
    20. The trick is to see how may you can put in your cart.
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