Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. I completely missed that too! I need one!
    2. I also want one! Thank you for posting that!
    3. The saddle stands are apparently on pre order and won’t ship until end of month. That’s definitely not a dealbreaker for me, so I ordered mine already.

      does anyone have the Basic M boots? I love them and ordered them earlier. Just hoping they’re as nice as they look.
    4. I know it's a long shot but does anyone here have a comparison photo of the older Trinity body/chest alongside the newer big bust?

      Edit: Found a picture of the big busted body here at Dollmore and compared it to a photo I took of my old Trinity Jude and that helped me out.

      However, I'd still be interested in a side by side comparison if anyone here knows where there is a photo? Or owns both, and is patient enough to go to the trouble of undressing their doll(s) to take the photo, which I know from experience is no easy task ha-ha!
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    5. Yes! Somebody posted a wonderful comparison of the busts, but I cannot for the life of me find it right now... I know the consensus was that they're fuller and rounder than the original bust, but not necessarily that much larger.

      Maybe try poking around page 16? This was right around when the bust was released... or maybe I saw it in a box opening... it's definitely somewhere! Hopefully someone more savvy than me will remember.

      We're getting closer to my doll shipping... :dance knowing me, she's going to show up while my parents are visiting, and I'll have to embark on the "I see you've bought a 3.5 foot doll" conversation...
    6. I got a shipping notice for my stand! Pity Kate isn't one of the dolls I brought with me to my parents' house, otherwise I'd get her out and take pictures!
    7. I've scanned the entire thread but can't spot anything, maybe the link is dead? Thanks so much for your help anyway. I'll keep looking elsewhere... I haven't tried Flickr or Instagram yet.
    8. I did get the larger bust but I am not sure when I will be able to do a comparison.
    9. No worries, I found this post on Instagram today that shows both busts & it helped me immensely in my decision making.
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    10. I am WAY behind on this thread. Just placed order for my fifth trinity. Dress Up Kate will join 4 others big ladies eventually.
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    11. I'm getting antsy, they quoted me 80 days when I paid off my layaway-- the 80 day mark is on the 17th!! Soon!!!! :love:wantshipping:
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    12. when it comes to doll in a pandemic world... the best thing to do is 'chill'... At the best of time the dates are always approximate and can change for any # of reasons. Also your date is still a week away... message them 'after' the time period... My trinity was given "about 2 months and a bit" So no need to panic yet.
    13. Oh no, I'm not panicking, just excited! :lol: I understand the wait times might be strange, not to mention shipping times. I haven't been so excited about a brand new doll in a long time!
    14. lol my bad then... been putting out 'panic' fires a lot recently... and so many seem to forget that jsut cuz zomething opens does not mean it's back to the usual speed. Not with half the ppl able to be anywhere and twice the clean up time... or more.
    15. Oh the saddle stand is awesome! So glad they finally released one. Now I just have to get another doll so I can get free shipping with it. lol

      I just wish they would have made the saddle white. The black tends to leave marks on the dolls.
    16. get what is called finger cots... esentially a rubber glove but for only one finger... white balloons would work too! ^^ I can't wait till my saddle stand arrives!
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    17. By the way, I didnt see any mention of new fake wedding klaire: :: Everything for Doll & more

      Interesting faceup, very natural and peachy. Love the detailing on the dress, but the overall style isnt for me... I think. I'll wait 2 weeks and probably love it, lol.

      I love the dancing through life dress! I wasn't a fan of the color at first, but its growing on me.
    18. Hi everyone!

      I just got a Trinity Klaire with high heel feet and I was wondering if anyone had any input about shoes to fit her? I have the black Dollmore pair. They also do a cream colour which is sold out - and anyway I’d like her to have some summer style shoes. :)

      I’ve been looking at real kid’s shoes in a size 5 (eu22) and I’m struggling to find heels in such a small size.
      I’ve ended up wondering if I should get a pair of normal feet for her from Dollmore so she can wear flatter shoes but I thought I’d ask here first.
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    19. Heels used to be available in toddler 4 and 5 sizes but people thought they weren't appropriate for children. Most were low heels and fit the flat feet well. I will try to see if any of mine fit the high heel feet.

      You might ask Dollmore if they will be getting more high heeled shoes. I would like some fancy sandals!