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Mar 19, 2020

    1. Oh congratulations! :) I can't wait to see more photos of him!
      I'm still eagerly awaiting my Wrath. I put in an order through Alice's Collections and Leekeworld so that he'll have some clothing when he arrives. I've not been given an official estimate, but I think perhaps late July? I know he was supposed to get back to Dollnoize around June. Maybe I'm just being too optimistic. I might send them a message in a few weeks and ask if there are any updates. Mostly for curiosity's sake.
    2. @Quiet and Insane i have been lowkey stalking the instagram of the casting service dollnoize is using, and earlier this week they posted an update saying that this batch of wraths is finished being cast! i can only assume they are headed to the artist now!

      i still haven’t ordered any clothes for mine, but it’s starting to seem like the time!
    3. Okay! So.

      First and foremost, he is gorgeous and I can't even.

      His eyes are RIDICULOUS. They're 10mm with 3mm irises (whut.) The ones he came with are superb quality and I have absolutely zero intentions of replacing them, so yay, but if you plan to change yours, be prepared to have to do some serious custom shopping. You'll probably have to look at ovals to get the best luck, but you do you. I wouldn't recommend going much larger than maybe a 3.5mm iris, but that's my personal taste.

      He is DEFINITELY a solid 6-6.5 wig. Most standard wigs end up looking too "fluffy" on him, and I ended up narrowing it down to two. I had a poor fitting junk faux-fur wig that I cut into a pseudo-rockabilly style (my trimming skills are limited at best) and a long black alpaca wig that was made for Narae but fits him well enough with a wig cap. If I can figure out how to post the pics I took (I used to use photobucket to post stuff to DoA--don't judge me), I'll share photos.

      His waist is THICC. Like. He's gorgeous, and I adore him, but this may prove problematic when you go clothes shopping. I currently have him in the pants from a fantasy outfit made for FID by Azurielle's Grove. They actually do okay but the vest did not want to close and the sleeves of the shirt covered up too much of his arms for my preference, so...oh, no, such sadness, he's topless. I guess he'll need body blushing and tattoos, oh drat.

      Shoes is where it gets a little funny. His feet are... small. Borderline disproportionate in my opinion, but whatever. FID sized shoes look clownish on him because they're a good centimeter too long. I have him in a pair of MSD-sized boots that I got in a grab bag at some point, and I'm actually very pleased that they fit. Most of my boys are MiniFee and they were way huge on them, so yay I finally found someone they suit.

      SOMETHING TO BE AWARE OF: his S-hook is very thin and isn't actually sitting in a groove to hold it in place. I discovered this quite by accident when a turn of his head (remember that wig I trimmed?) dislodged the S-hook and there was a great deal of cursing and tears when his head popped right off and emergency restringing commenced. During the process, the S-hook again wiggled and popped and did the dreaded neck-gouge, and I am just livid with myself for not realizing it would happen. I have replaced his hook with one that is frankly too large and won't slide through his head at all. This'll lead to interesting times when it is time to blush his gorgeous body, but at least I'll know that going in. Oh, and speaking of restringing, his strings are green. Not neon, more of an outdoorsy green, but it was entertaining to discover. **Disclaimer: I purchased this guy second hand from someone who was lucky enough to grab one of the first production ones; I'm not 100% that they didn't string him with the green string and the thin S-hook**

      All in all, I love him a rather ridiculous amount. His joints are just happiness, his sculpting is drool-worthy, and he has so much personality even blank. My favorite faceup artist is looking forward to playing with him, too!
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    4. I'm jumping on the bandwagon and am stating that I now want a Wrath at some point! :love

      I certainly see potential in him, but I would need to see him without the elf ears, stretchers and fangs for a definitive answer. I also can't wait to see the new dolls that are marked as 'coming soon' on the site [Lust and Pride], as well as Envy. One of them might work better for the character I have in mind. But Wrath looks tough but with a little softness in that mouth shape. Pretty much perfect for the character I'm looking to shell.

      I'm looking forward to seeing more of this artist's work and their dolls in the future, as well hoping I can get one!
    5. @ivorysand when i contacted the artist about seeing their modification work, they were able to send me pictures of wrath with the features you mentioned removed.
    6. @c4tbus Thanks for the hint. I'll contact the artist at some point, then. Just know that you're fuelling the fire, though. :XD:
    7. @ivorysand haha! sorry about that !:abambi: but yeah, the artist is super nice and easy to work with, i’m sure they will help you with any questions you have once you’re ready to contact them.
    8. @c4tbus - Oooh now you're making me want to have a look too. Which casting service do they use?

      @Lyzrd - Hmm. I tend to like making my own eyes, so that's no problem. I've been debating using moonstone beads as his eyes so he can match with his dad (who is at present, a floating head). I've got some 12 mm SI eyes on order as they'll likely arrive well before my next batch of eye-making stuff from Russia. Even if they're a bit big, they're just temporary, and it's always nice to have a spare pair of SI eyes hanging around.
      Also debating which material to use for his wig. It really depends of the style I end up going for, so again, he gets a cheap temporary wig until I can figure out what I want to do with him. Good thing I added a wig cap to my order just in case! (You can upload photos via Flickr b the way, it's super easy. I used to use Photobucket too).
      I was talking with DollNoize and they were saying he fits SD17 pants in the waist, but they need to be taken up in the leg. He can wear SD female clothing for a tighter look, and SD17 male clothing for a more baggy, relaxed look. So that's what I've gone with. From the measurements his feet do seem quite small, so I'm hoping the MSD boots I bought him fit. If not, they'll fit another of my dolls.
      Curious about the s-hook and elastic. I'll be sure to check that first thing just in case. Thank you for all the information!
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    9. @Quiet and Insane the specific post i was referring to is here !!

      i actually really like this insta, he has a few videos of the casting process and it’s super cool!
    10. Ohhh wow @c4tbus! Thank you! I hope my Wrath is in this batch. :D
    11. I know I saw Wrath a little while ago when Dollnoize was showing him off on Facebook, and I'm totally kicking myself for not snapping him up back then ((but maybe that's a good thing, as kinks may be worked out in the interim)). Read that she's going to do one last pre-order for him in autumn/winter this year, and will definitely put my name down regardless of whatever else!! I hope that the pre-order period will be announced in advance, otherwise I'll be on noize's insta like a bloodhound on a fox every single day. :XD:

      I'm also super looking forward to Envy, Lust, and Pride!! Though we've seen Envy's face already, I'm speculating that the other boys' sculpts will come out next year and/or the year after, if noize is going to be pre-occupied with Wrath for a little while longer.
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    12. I'm rather impatiently awaiting my shipping notice for Wrath. I did ask DollNoize for some mods so he'll be a little longer I guess. Ah but still...I just want to see him in person so badly! :D :wantshipping:
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    13. just got a shipping confirmation for wrath! hope everybody else gets theirs soon too !!
    14. Woo! That's exciting!
      I sent DollNoize an email asking if they've sent mine yet. I need to update my address. :shudder
    15. One of my close friends had buyers remorse on her Wrath, and allowed me to do layaway for him! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get him! I just finished paying her for him today, and she messaged the artist the other day for an upated estimated shipping date. He's such a handsome sculpt and will be perfect for my character Michel, I'm thrilled!
    16. Glad to hear people are getting their tracking numbers (he is my first bjd) I've been so anxiously awaiting for any info on him, after her instagram post 3 weeks ago. I messaged the artist but didn't get a reply. I didn't pester either. Lol
    17. I got a reply! They've nearly finished the mods on my guy and will send me some photos before they send him out to me. Ahhhh, how exciting!
    18. @dancingkitsune congrats! what skin tone is he? hope he shows up soon!

      @Meggles i hope you get a reply soon!

      @Quiet and Insane that is really exciting! i hope he ships to you soon!

      also, i have been checking the tracking number i received, and it never updated past 'data entered by sender electronically' then last night disappeared. so, not sure if he has really shipped. guess i will be contacting the artist as well!
    19. The one I'm getting is a tan skin, I'm super excited about it. I think my friend said that she asked for no fangs/no pointed ears, with face up. But I'm not sure.
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