Dollpamm Moe Line

Dec 30, 2018

    1. Are these girls just really not that popular? I'm struggling to find owner pics which is pretty sad. I've been going back and forth on getting an anime style girl for a while now (Dollfie are super cute but I'm worried about worrying over vinyl staining aha) and I think I've finally decided to get a Hina, she's just got the sweetest face. Anyone have any idea when the next preorder might be?
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    2. Last one was around december so I assume it might not be until the middle of summer?
    3. Fair enough, gives me more time to save I guess ^-^
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    4. The last pre-order ended in December. I'm not sure if anyone has gotten their girls yet. Dollpamm usually takes about 4 months to ship out, so in theory some people should have received their dolls by now, but there might have been some delays with everything that's been going on the past few months.
      Last year there was an ordering period from May to June. That may be when Dollpamm opens up pre-orders for the Moe line again. I hope you get Hina! I would really love to see owner pics of her.
    5. Ah, I hadn't considered that. I guess I assumed more people would have theirs from the first preorder.
      Hopefully it'll be at the same time then, if not I'll just have to wait~ And thanks, me too aha, I've found one Rumi and a few Mai (I adore the faceup you gave your Toppi btw, she's too darn cute) but no Hina :\ I really hope Dr.Mes sculpts some extra faceplates for the other girls at some point too
    6. So excited that preorders are opening again~ Now to decide whether to go for cheese or peach skin
    7. I think that I found my favorite artist I absolutely adore all of the sculpts, they are so anime like! Hope to order loli when it will come back, as other ones are pretty big for my space possibilities
    8. Well and as usual I do not have the funds to buy one of these girls during the pre-order... LOL! Maybe someday!!
    9. If anyone wasn't aware, they are on preorder right now!
      I finally got to order my Hina!!! I'm so excited/happy.
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    10. Put in my order~ I got Hina too, and decided on cheese skin. Conversion rate isn't great at the moment so she turned out more expensive than I thought, but I'm so excited for her~
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    11. @keisu and @sugarstitch congrats on ordering your girls! Please share pics when they arrive! :D
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    12. I gotta figure out who I want to do her face up now!!!!
    13. I just ordered a mocha Hina and the open mouth Mai plate last night! I’m doing a layaway though so might not see her until everyone else has theirs...
    14. ordered a cheese skin rumi, i'm super excited for her! :whee:
    15. Anyone got a shipping notification yet?
    16. I just got a shipping notice!! Super excited :D Hopefully everyone else will receive their shipping notices soon as well.
    17. I didnt receive mine yet but dollpamm confirmed my address and told me she was going to be shipped today!

      update: just checked dollpamm, she is in fact on shipping!!!
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    18. Ahhh so excited for you both~! Still nothing on mine, but hopefully soon
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    19. Can't wait to see your girls!
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    20. watching this thread as a big fan of DollPamm!! Can't wait for your pictures :D
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