Dollpamm Moe Line

Dec 30, 2018

    1. My girl came today and she's absolutely everything I wanted and more.
      I love the weight of the resin, the posing, the sculpting... I can't wait to get her painted ASAP.
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    2. Ahh congrats~! Will you be posting pics?

      Still no notification for me, looks like I won't be getting her til next year
    3. My Hina arrived and she is baby~! I'm so smitten with her, she's too cute~ I named her Latte after my fave asmrtist (I got a Rumi faceplate too, they're going to share the body and I'm not sure on a name for her yet) Her eyes haven't arrived yet whoops, but she's already adorable, and I've got a bunch of other wigs bookmarked to buy for her.

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    4. Is your girl particularly kicky? Mine's knees are pretty hard to keep together. Also any idea who you're sending her to for a faceup?
    5. @keisu A little bit, yeah. One knee in particular likes to buckle which is a bit of a pain, but once I've got her standing she's solid. And I'm hoping to attempt it myself~ Barely any of my dolls have faceups (there aren't many artists in Australia, and I'm not really keen on sending them overseas, especially at the moment) but it's a goal for me this year to finally try it
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    6. [​IMG]
      Just wanted to share my Hina all put together!
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    7. Oh my gosh @keisu she's precious~
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