DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. @Collie, I'll have to wait and hope for a re-release on her, but I'll enjoy seeing what everyone else does with her!
    2. I'm loving the Loli v2 body. Does anyone have any comparisons with these girls and the ~40cm Fairyland dolls, like Minifee, Fairyline, and Chicline? Also, does anyone happen to have the Honey resin, or the Pingki resin, and could show comparisons between it and normal skins from other companies? (I'm especially interested in Fairyland NS compared to Honey and Pingki skins!) I'm thinking about hybrid options.
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    3. I'm on mobile right now so I can't get to the photos, but I do have pictures of my v1 loli girl with my MNF A-line boy. I also have my M-line girl and F-line out (though I need to get his legs back on) so I could easily take a photo of all three for you when I get home!
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    4. I have plenty of pics of my Dollpamm and a Minifee girls together. I can upload some.
    5. I'd love to see some pics too, thinking of hybriding my Littlefee :)
    6. @Kiyokatari, if you'll excuse me convening a meeting of the Works In Progress club, here's a comparison shot for you. :) (Done at my workstation because the photo station is taken up by the small portion of my collection I've freed from boxes.)

      [​IMG]Size Comparison by vicemage, on Flickr

      Going left to right, Ed (red coat) is an A-Line MNF boy, Prae (poor bald girl) is an M-Line MNF girl, Dani is my DollPamm (shorty), and Arioch (fright wig) is my F-Line. Dani's pingki resin, and all three FL dolls are NS (Ed is the older, slightly less pink formula). Dani and Prae are both blushed, Ed and Arioch are not, and I can do direct resin comparisons against either of the boys if you'd like.

      Generally, Dani's paired up with Ed, as his "little sister," and I do love her size for that!
    7. I am going to order Cucu as soon as I can figure out whether to get honey color or pingki color, I can't seem to decide. Are the colors dark?
    8. I've been considering hybriding a Littlefee head on a Dollpamm Loli body. It seems like a good pair from the others I've seen that have done the same. I personally prefer the old body, but it looks like you can't buy the body separate anyway? :(
    9. This is so cute where do you find her clothes that fit?
    10. To be honest, @bluestariom, the clothes she's wearing are a legitimate mystery. I think they might be handmade fashion doll sized clothes (ie Barbie); I got them in an in-person trade for a wig, because they fit my bigger girl Razzy. She's wearing something else right now, though, so I tried them on Opiya (Arubi) when she arrived and they were a good fit there, too.

      I think I have some vintage Barbie patterns around here, I might have to do some mockups and see how they work for Opiya...
    11. Guys, I bought a Shota Edd boy.... secondhand on layaway but still... he fits into yosd tops and stretchy Minifee moe bottoms. I will post him with her sister Nazara and her cousin when I get him home.
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    12. Does Dollpamm ever re-release basic versions of the Limited Dolls? I came into the hobby a little too late to snag my grail, and need to figure out how high I am gonna need to offer to attempt to find her on the Secondhand market. That said, I might be able to wait if Dollpamm occasionally re-releases every year or ever. :3c
    13. They haven't done that yet, LilacsDoe, but then they're a fairly new company. It seems like everything they do is new right now.
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    14. Alright, thanks for replying. I think that is why I like them, they do a lot of trendsetting.
    15. Has anyone gotten the new Loli body in new camel yet? I’m interested in seeing pics.
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    16. Has anyone gotten one of the Shota boys? I'm kinda curious how they look with other minis, particularly Minifee.
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    17. Wondering if anyone has a Dollpamm Loli comparison to AtelierMomoni Momonita?
    18. i finally put in an order for a red bebe imp roo! i've wanted her for a long time and i'm surprised she's not sold out yet.... has anyone gotten one yet? if you have how do you like them?

      i'm poking around looking for eyes and a wig for her now, do you think a monster high wig might fit? or would that be just a little bit too big? the bebe head size is listed as around pukipuki size (~10cm), and the wig i'm looking at is is 12cm... i'm so much more used to playing with MSD or larger dolls, i forgot how stressful the tiny ones can be to style lol!
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    19. I have an Edd and Minifee Tika. I can post pics of them later today if you want me to.

      I’m wanting a Tiny Momo for a dedication character. Her concept is a secret for now but the new resin craving are lit over here. Anyone have a Tiny Momo and can spam her for me? I’m planning to start a layaway in her and other two other dolls next month.

      A MH wig could work on the imp actually. MH is around 10cm head circumference I think. I can look into it for you.

      I have the Pinkgi resin for my Dollzone/ Dollpamm hybrid girl (the carrottop) and it’s a perfect match. Fairyland NS will also match Pinkgi if not yellowed. Littlefee/Dollpamm hybrids are popular but the head could look a bit bobbleheaded to some. My Dollzone/Dollpamm hybrid is bobble headed for sure but it’s cute. Honey is more of a lowkey yellow tan and might match yellowed Fairyland NS.
      As for the size comparison, Minifee actually towers over Dollpamm Loli, it's adorable to me. To me, Loli could make great children, younger siblings or seriously short lover to a Minifee. In my storyline, my hybrids are the children of my Minifee couples.
      I posted a pic here:
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    20. i would love to see if you have any comparisons! ^^
      i think monster highs might have a few different head sizes, but im not sure, they're not my area of expertise. owo;