DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. Am I right in saying that the Loli? line is not quite YOSD, but isn't a typical MSD doll? I'm curious seeing the Tori head on a more YOSD body... Something curvy but less mature. Anyone have any ideas or leads?
    2. Correct, the Loli line girls are taller than a typical YoSD, and shorter than a typical mini. Here's a height lineup I did of some of my dolls to show her height; left to right it's an A-Line MNF boy, M-Line MNF girl, DollPamm Loli girl, and F-Line body; FairyLand's minis are shorter than most minis, and Dani's still definitely shorter than even the shortest of them.

      Size Comparison
      by vicemage, on Flickr

      She's basically a "little sister" to the minis in her group, though, so her height is pretty much perfect compared to the rest of them, and I love that I can have a variety of heights in my doll group.
    3. @vicemage

      Yeah, I don't mind that she is a "mini MSD", I just am not super fond of the body for the character direction I have in my head. I'd rather her be truly YOSD to be a similar size to my Littlefee. Or just less mature, maybe. I'm thinking of some sort of goddess that is friends with my LittleFee, but a young one. If that makes sense? Hard to put something so new in my head into words.
    4. I personally don't have any imp. I'm only estimating based on when I got my MH and measured her head. I will look around for some answers though.
    5. oh, i misunderstood then!
      i have a monster high, but i've modded it and it has ears so it makes it difficult to measure accurately.
      if you do find out any information, i'd love to hear it though! ^^
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    6. I just realized that Dollpamm Yuki is discontinued?
      Aww but she is cute! (maybe just not that popular~)
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    7. I have Dollpamm Cucu in the honey color and I want to make her look like the one in the Dollpamm pictures as much as possible especially the face up and wig. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
    8. Crobidoll has a wig in that size thats pretty similar.

      For the faceup, if you send it off to someone else just give them the pictures and tell them to make it look like that. If you do it yourself, have the pictures in front of you for reference. That helps me when I have to redo my freckled boy's face.
    9. I just ordered the limited Bebe Imp BOO and I'm beyond excited.
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    10. Congrats! Welcome to the Dollpamm loving family! What color did you get?

      But she's so cute though!
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    11. Thank you!

      Boo is the blue skinned one, I'm so excited to see her in 50-90 days haha. If I love her like I hope I do, I'm planning on buying another imp in white - to dye purple or black.

      For now though, I've got time to plan a faceup and find an artist!
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    12. Dollpamm is releasing a doll similar to Arubi. Moose Tirka! She's sort of elegant and reminds me of a hermit, like in an RPG. The pictures are in instagram!
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    13. She looks awesome! Thanks for the heads-up on her. :)
    14. She's the sequel to Arubi. Supposed to be her big sister at 32cm I believe. I like her so far but the Arubi body is hard to pose due to her single jointed knees.
    15. I am so tempted to get a Tori and Hamzi head but i should save up :...(

      I love dollpamm faceplate, their expression,

      here's my Dollpamm Mochi

      [​IMG][/url]Loving all my girls~ [/IMG]
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    16. Did you see the post on their instagram?
      Looks like some orders are getting filled soon! I'd attach the photo but school wifi blocks all instagram pages.
    17. Love Dallpamm and cant wait to have one of the bodys for my girl figlet!
    18. Hey everyone! I see that the Shota body (gosh, it makes me uncomfortable to type that -- I wish it was a different name!! :( ) is 33 cm tall without a head -- would that make him too small for most MSD heads? I'd love to make a hybrid with him but I worry he'd end up a little wonky proportion wise.
    19. I don't have tonnes of experience, but a bit of googling has me thinking it might be a little too disproportionate? MSD bodies are typically 40+ cm in height. So the head would be large, but it could be cute (pullip style, but not so dramatic)? I'd head over to the photo reference forum and see if anyone can help you out!

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    20. Thank you, that's a really good suggestion! I'll go see what I can find over there :)