DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. I caved and ordered a second Bebe imp today - a Roo in milky white skin.
      Now I've got two on the way, and I'm beyond excited for them to get here!

      I was thinking of dyeing Roo's skin, to a bright fantasy colour to compliment the event Boo (blue skin). Any suggestions? I thought a bright butter yellow would be pretty unique.
    2. I have way too many dolls interrupting my plans this year! I just heard about the new arubi style release and now im clutching my purse strings with the possibility of having to order her when available.
    3. Is this the tall deer character?
      Dr Pamm posted on Instagram saying she'd be out this month! The body is so unique.
    4. Yes! I think it was named tirka. I missed out on an Arubi so I’m very excited for this girl. She looks amazing!!
    5. Arubi was actually rereleased very recently! I think the site still has fullsets available?
      Still, the new Tirka is pretty amazing.
    6. You're thinking of Little Arubi, who's been released at least a couple of times so far. The original Arubi is the same basic size as Tirka, and was only available once. :)
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    7. You're totally correct
      I haven't seen the regular Arubi until now, so cool.
    8. Little Arubi is super cute, but I do love the regular one, too.

      [​IMG]Arubi 21: meet Opiya by vicemage, on Flickr

      I really hope to get a little Arubi to go with Opiya someday!
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    9. ...OK, I will admit to obsessively stalking Doll Pamm's instagram and website multiple times per day hoping for an Arubi rerelease and stalking the sculpting and progress of the new deer anthro girl, Tirka. The moment she's for sale she's going into my cart and I'm checking out, because I couldn't stand to miss out on her like I did Arubi (to be fair, I missed out on her because I was saving for an exchange trip to Japan, which was amazing, but the regret of not buying Arubi even though I really couldn't have afforded her at the time is SO. STRONG.)
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    10. I am still quite torn but thankfully have a few days to consider. I was so sad I missed the original Arubi but I don’t know yet if this girl is a must have. The lighter limbs v body just don’t call to me as much resin color wise but the taller height does have me intrigued. Doesn’t help I was just recently disappointed with a fantasy-style doll purchase in a resin color I wasn’t sure of so I’m a bit wary. Such hard decisions!!
    11. @Chewiemonster
      I agree, she's definitely not appealing to me as Arubi. I much prefer smiling heads msyelf, and Tirka is definitely... not smiley. Especially compared to Arubi. I actually like Trika best in white, though I'm disappointed she's all white -- I'd have preferred coloured fantasy parts (guess there's always dying/blushing).

      I'm actually a bit concerned about Tirka's taller height since I want her to match up with my other fantasy tinies, including my Enaibi Mouse Briseis. Another DoA user posted her Briseis next to her Arubi and Arubi was already quite a bit taller! I mean, I guess I can justify the height difference a bit between a mouse anthro and a deer anthro because obviously in real life those animals are vastly different in sizes, but still... the height difference makes me a bit nervous.
    12. Oh its quiet in here! Did anyone order during the last release of all the deers?

      I just finally put in for Tiny Momo in peach skin. Shes been on my wishlist for so many still kicking myself for not ordering when the camel skin was available though.
    13. I just ordered a white Tirka @Cydril ! As well as a Bebe Imp Roo. The facial expression is so sweet. I think I'll change Tirka to a different head though. I mainly dived in because the body and antlers are so amazing.
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    14. I was the opposite when Arubi first came out, I only wanted the head but they don't sell them separately. So I did a split with someone I trusted and I got both heads <3
    15. [​IMG]
      Don't post alot but wanna contribute to this thread just a little. Found this super cute outfit in a korean giftshop and really liked how it looks so i wanted to share >~< he is a dollpamm reo btw <3
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    16. He looks awesome! What a cool find :D
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    17. I couldn't find an outfit that really fit my dollpamm, and so i learnt how to sew, and without a sewing machine, I made my Dollpamm Mochi a casual outfit, there is a lot to improve, but i think Mochi is pleased to have an outfit that fits her!

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    18. I think that's absolutely adorable! And the colours are so cute! And hand sewing is a great skill to have anyway!
    19. My first (and so far only) Doll is a DollPamm Chi-Ka ♥
      I never thought I'd fall into the BJD-world like that but I just lost my heart when I saw her and ever since she arrived I wish I wouldn't have to put her out of my hands for even a second... When I'm at work I'm so looking forward to coming back home and seeing her xD

      I love everything about her and so far I think the next doll I'll get will be another from DollPamm... maybe Tirka..?
      And I need to get the Baby Rudolph Parts from DP for her because they're cute >w<
      Not entirely sure when, though, because I have some other things to save up for and the (still rather new doll-hobby) isn't my top priority so far, but... I'll need more, soon xD
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    20. Thankss! =) and I just made another top,
      Dollpamm Mochi loves to model for me, she is just a happy girl~

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