DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. @LemonMeringue , shes adorable! What resin color is she?

      My S-Momo finally arrived after about 4 months. I love her! I hope I can get Uvu at some point as well.
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    2. She's so cute, @Cydril! How does she look next to your other dolls? (No, stop it, me, you don't need another one with no specific plans...)
    3. My mochi is a Camel skin, I got her on 2014, and for 2 years i have been eyeing for tori and hamzzi~
      I love momo! did you make her outfit yourself?
      wow 4 months! you got her directly from dollpamm?
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    4. @vicemage ,Thank you ^^ As far as general proportions go, she is YoSd sized, but she has tiny blythe size feet. However she is waay more stylized than any other yo's I have. I think she looks good with my DollZone Nyu, but she kinda looks like a weirdo next to a more realistic doll lol. I will try to take some more photos soon.

      @LemonMeringue , ahh youre lucky you got camel skin! I wish they would bring it back:pout: I didnt make her outfit, its a blythe dress though. She barely fits in. I got her direct from DollPamm. I think 4 months is normal? When I got Olive it also took 4 months.
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    5. I got a Tirka and a Roo, which arrived the other week in a shade less then 3 months total. I will pictures when I figure out how. Hosting is a pain in the butt.
      I did mistakenly think that Roo would be Pukifee-ish sided though, so I got a bit of a shock at how small she was! I by some chance actually had clothes that small though, so lucky break.
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    6. Oh Roo is a cutie! I cant wait to see photos :D

      I took Momo and Nyu out for a little kimono photoshoot today. Nyu looks like a long suffering babysitter haha
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    7. Oh yeah, i try to make my Dollpamm to wear Blythe outfit but its kinda hard, some just doesnt fit =(
      But yes, I love the camel skin and im sad that there is no longer camel skin =(
      I think when i got my dollpamm on 2014, it took Dr Mess to ship in 2 months!

      They are sooo cute together!!! Which company is Nyuu? and what is Momo's skin color here?
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    8. Nyuu is from Dollzone, and Momo is the peach skin ^^
    9. I ordered a Seravie unicorn version, I've been out of the hobby for a little bit but DollPamm makes some wonderful sculpts and I wanted to see more owner photos! :D anyone have any to share?
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    10. I've just discovered this company, and I love the unicorn heads of Seravie and Icarus soooo much!! But they are limited and I don't really have BJD money right now :...(
      @P-Aei Please share some pictures of your Seravie as soon as you can :D

    11. Of course! I will! :D I got mine in mint! Though Normal skin is so so sooo tempting.
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    12. Thanks!!! Yeah, I would have gone with mint too, since it's a special color not proposed on human Icarus and Seravie! It's a shame there's no dark tan thought, I would have loved to see one of them in a kind of chocolate skin :love
      Maybe I could afford just one head... if it's not already out of stock!! (it's not indicated as such on the website, but it's not always up to date...)
    13. I hope there's one in stock for you! Which head sculpt do you like the most? I really like the face up of Icarus, but I love the like teeth on Seravie!
    14. Merry Christmas from Momo!
      I am looking forward to seeing the unicorn boy spam @P-Aei :D

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    15. Aww, what a cutie! @Cydril How is posability for Momo? :D
    16. I'm weak... I've ordered an Icarus head in mint skin and a Seravie one in white (probably going to mod his nose). I was half counting on the fact that the site would not be up to date and that at least one of the head would be out of stock, but nope, it's been a few days and my payment has gone through and still no mail to tell me it was in fact out of stock :o:sweat Well, I'm really REALLY happy but my bank account, less so...:...( I will have to try and sell some of my unused BJD stuff.
      I couldn't chose between the two head. Seravie is freakin cute with his little tooth and his drooping ears, but Icarus will perfectly shell one of my character!!
    17. @P-Aei , thanks! Her poseability is...decent. I had heard truly horrible things about the tiny body, that it wouldn't stand etc. So my expectations were low. But I haven't had many problems with her. She has those hidden peanut joints that remind me of older dollstown bodies. She can sit and stand, and kneel with no issues. She might be able to do one foot posing if she had some sturdy shoes on, since her feet are so dang tiny. The arm range is meh, but not terrible. Good enough for her to reach above her head and hold stuff :lol: I dont think she could touch her face though.
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    18. I really want to order Seravie unicorn version. Considering the ordering period started in November, and there are only 100 pieces, do you all reckon he will sell out soon? I just can't justify it so soon after the holidays :pout:
    19. I thought they would be already out of stock by now but I've only recently discovered this sculptor/company so I can't speak from experience. Maybe if you ask nicely Dr Mes would tell you how many dolls remain?
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    20. That's a great idea! I need to reach out anyways because I found a bug on their site.
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