DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. He's 38cm tall but super skinny. He fits in YOSD clothing! So he's small but also not lol.
    2. @honeysheep Your boy is so pretty! I can't wait for mine to arrive too!! can I ask where you got that lovely feather wig? I need one for sure!
    3. Thank you! I'm excited to start seeing more of these boys around!!

      The feather wig was a comission from Instagram user @/inhaletheresin :) They open up slots occasionally!

      Baby is back from his face up!! I almost can’t look at him, it’s a heart attack of cute :blush:love This is my first non-SD and I’m so excited at the thought of being able to easily take him around for pics once things get better.
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    4. I'm working on blushing my Arubi at long last and I'm being all kinds of indecisive on her! I know I want her to have nail polish, but I'm trying to decide on "hoof polish" and whether I want to add something fancier to her antlers. Can I see some custom-blushed Arubis and Tirkas, especially ones with "hoof polish" and fancy antlers, to help me make up my mind?
    5. He's gorgeous! Can't wait for those pictures once you're able to take him out!
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    6. @honeysheep your boy is absolutely darling! I love the faceup and outfit choice so much!

      I'm getting anxious to get mine. Hopefully only one more month of waiting!
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    7. Doll Pamm has some super adorable tinies! I’m super stoked because I want to order one of these little beans! :DAll of your dolls are so cute! Oh my god!
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    8. My Seravie has shipped! I'm so excited! Really regretting not ordering the outfit for him now haha. Going to have to sew him something once he arrives!
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    9. Finally got enough materials/experience to venture into giving Frei a face up. Now I just need to get him a body. Has anyone tried hybriding an Icarus or Seravie head yet? I'm hoping to put him on a Resinsoul YoSD centaur body, but I'm not sure if it'll work yet.
    10. What's his head size? The ResinSoul Yos are waaaay smaller than normal ones, but if his head's sufficiently small it still might work.
    11. @vicemage Both Icarus and the Resinsoul centaur I'm planning to hybrid on have a head size of 15cm. So hypothetically it might work. Otherwise, I end up with a cute extra centaur and look for another body for Frei (am also considering one of the Dream Valley 32 cm boy bodies as another option). I just kinda wanted to base mine on a Galarian ponyta (hence the purple eyeshadow), so was itching for a centaur.
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    12. Oh so cute
      I'm hoping to grab one of the loli bodies when they will be available. (if?)
    13. Hello everyone - I have just recently discovered Tori and the version 1 Loli body. Can anyone tell me about poseability? Is Dollpamm a good company to deal with - are they prompt - answer questions?
      TY <3
    14. I personally find them a lot of fun to handle and pose; I'm not the greatest or most adventurous, but here's my girl's album showing some of her posing: Razzy Elric (Dani Phantom)

      It's been a while since I've done a direct order, but I found the customer service terrific then! So far I only have two DollPamm dolls, but I'd definitely like to add a couple more :)
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    15. Hey all! I'm looking to order a Dollpamm Seravie soon, but I was just wondering if any of you know what size clothes fit the skinny body okay? I noticed that he is... well very skinny, but his shoulders are still quite wide, so what do you guys do for tops? Pants? I'll be getting the human version, so the giant wings interfering with the clothing is not something I need to worry about. Thanks! :)
    16. I have one and it looks like yosd clothes would fit him. Maybe slim msd for tops, but for bottoms they are too big.
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    17. Awesome, thank you!
    18. Hey everyone - just wondering if anyone with an Arubi/Tirka could let me know what their poseability is like? I’ve admired Arubi for a while but doubt I’ll be able to find her unless there’s a rerelease. Tempted to get myself a Tirka instead (kind of amazed they haven’t sold out!).

      @honeysheep - your boy is amazing, congrats. I really love that sculpt .
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    19. I am having a hard time finding a wig for my Seravie. The YoSD wigs are too big so I bought a couple 5in wigs and they are too small!!
    20. Oh no, I just bought a 6-7 inch wig for my incoming Seravie yesterday! I bought a silicon wig cap too so I'm really hoping that might make it work, but if not I guess I'll need to look into getting a custom wig. That really sucks though :sigh

      Also, on the Seravie page it said the production time is 4 months, can anyone confirm if that is realistically correct as of the past few months with their orders? I've had a couple of companies say 3 months production time, only for it to in reality end up closer to 6 months, so I'm just wondering what to expect. Thanks! :XD: