DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. I was curious if anyone was going to as well. I've never order from this company before, but saw the little fox and fell in love. What size clothes would typically fit this little one? Is anyone planning on ordering him? He is so precious.
    2. It sounds like you're going to the Korean website. Try the English one instead. ;)
    3. @vicemage, that's an awesome idea! I would love to see your future fox fairy in his/her fairy house. :kitty2

      @orphansparrow, DollPamm has an English site. Try clicking the "English" option at the side of the home screen. It will take you to their .net site (their .com site is in Korean).

      @Meggethann, I've never ordered from them either. I just can't resist that little bunny, though. :whee: I'm thinking Realfee clothing will fit, but I honestly don't know. My smallest dolls are Yo-SD sized. :sorry
    4. Ohhh. Awesome. I looked and somehow didn't find one. Thank you!

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    5. I ordered violet Cucu coming and am so excited! I got the blue-grey kitty coming ... Everything blank. I love those boots but I wish the purple dress was pretty like the basic set's dress.
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    6. My girl arrived today, I will take some pictures later. 22mm fits perfectly as well so I can go nuts and buy the eyes I had my eye on. ;)

      Please excuse the mess was folding clothes while watching tv while also playing with this new girly... Anyone else a multi tasker here? XD
      But yes here is my white skinned girl in the flesh! I had bought her a Narsha dress from dollmore that was nowhere near fitting! So I can say that they are even smaller up top then the Chibi unoa girls! In the end she is wearing a home knitted shirt (that I did make for the chibi unoa) and a pair of shorts from pupapa. I also tried a pair of leggings from dollmore and they fit around her thighs tightly but are quite a bit too long. She defo needs bigger MSD bottoms (all my stuff is slim msd) so I think it will be a doll clothing shopping spree incoming. I have the 22 mm in her noggin and I think they suit her better then the 24mm ones. Although that might just be because I like this colour better to be honest. ;)
      The body is just gorgeous and so detailed! I am in love! Now just to get some clothes for her! I am seriously wondering if she might fit even barbie tops as her top bit is so slender even YoSD stuff is kinda big!

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    7. Ok time for a little update for the Bobble dollpamm girls!!!

      I bought some normal MSD pants, and those are WAY to big.
      After playing about with all my clothes again I believe that Dollmore "slim msd" sized clothing should fit on their bottom (although a little long). She actually fits into a couple of pants I have for Unoa's but not all, only the stretchy ones. Her thighs are just that bit thicker and won't allow for the pants to go around her thighs. I have a multitude of brennil pants both in Unoa and MNF size and neither really fit, although the Unoa size at least will go up if its a stretchy fabric, she cant sit in them at all, the MNF size is just super NOPE. Her leg length is definitely on par with the Chibi unoa. My girl is now wearing a pair of super stretchy jeans I made for my chibi and they just about fit perfectly length wise.

      Top is definitely a YoSD size or smaller. I purchased a YoSD tank top that works but is still a tad big. I actually found 2 barbie shirts that I tried and they both actually worked and looked decent. So I am going to have a rummage through some of the barbie stores to see if I can find more that fits. However of course almost all of them require you to remove her head.

      Shoes are going to be a bigger issue than I had hoped. YoSD is actually a tad big as most shoes are over 45mm-50mm in foot size. She definitely has a foot closer to the Bambicrony Ciao bella size. So for this I would recommend either only buy when you can try on. Or if you happen to have multiple dolls that can wear it if it looks too big on the dollpamm girl. Luckily I have 2 bambicronies and a chibi unoa that also share a similar size so if its to big or to small for one, it will always fit the other. :)

      Eyes, now before I painted her I actually preferred the 22mm eyes.
      However I have to admit that after painting her I liked the aesthetic of the 24mm much better. 22mm will definitely work. But personally I am going to try and find some more 24mm eyes.

      It took me under a week to check out her back and add a notch there. The only two positions that the back can do is super arched or super slouchy. So I have added one notch (which was a simple matter of some carving and sanding as there was a big piece I could work with) that allows for a more "straight" backed look. The mod isn't perfect but it definitely holds for a while. I might add some epoxy to give it a sharper hold. Link to the image below

      Wigs, ohhh my gosh! What a trouble she is!!! Because her head is so round the 9-10" wigs I have I didn't think fit her. However after I bought the correct wig and I was careful to get the right size I realized the issue was with how round her head is. The wig would NOT stay on. So you will definitely need to get some velcro. Luckily I had some of that AMAZING stuff they include with Unoas so now the wig stays like a champ!

      Alrighty enough of a HUGE report here ^_^' tldr she requires some careful shopping for clothes
      Here is my completed girly!!!! Photo taken late at night sorry about the bad lighting and messy desk.
      [​IMG]Dollpamm girly finished by Frida Gudmundsdottir, on Flickr
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    8. She is adorable! Thank you for sharing dressing tips. I am gonna be on the look out for cute Barbie tops. What I really need for my girl is a black dress with high slits. At this rate, I am pretty sure I will have to make it myself.
    9. I envy you and your girl looks amazing!! My girl is still stuck at the post office.. here I am waiting for an update :pout:
      By the way.. may I know where to get the 24mm eyeballs? I've tried to search and find most of the shop offers maksimum size at 22mm :doh
    10. I got mine of Ebay . com to be honest.
      However I have seen that pupapa sometimes has some german glass eyes (expensive but good quality, I have 2 sets in 12mm that are gorgeous) in 24mm. They are currently out of stock but hopefully they will restock soon.
      On Etsy I have also seen a couple of nice ones float by, but can't seem to find the seller anymore.
      It seems reborns use the same size so there are a lot of reborn doll eyes out there that might be worth considering.
      DollK seems to also have a large collection.
    11. Thank you for sharing this :whee:
    12. No worries I know how difficult it can be. I figure we gotta stick together and give each other tips etc as these bobble darlings are so uniquely shaped (which is why I love her), that they will be a bit of work to cloth and get together.
      I have more then once had bonding issues with a doll simply because I can't dress them the way I would like and I just don't have the skills to sew it. Which is why I am going all out posting these crazy reports almost. I don't want that to happen to me or anyone else as these girls are so beautiful and unique. I am so excited to see what everyone is going to do with their girls! Looking forward to see the purple and green girls as well.
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    13. has larger sizes too. If you're into fantasy eyes, you could also check out taxidermy places; 22-24mm is big enough they would carry them with animal pupils.
    14. Lady White Raven, i wanted to say congratulations with new girly! Shes sooo cute in real life pictures :) very happy for you. And a bit sad i decided to skip ordering her. It was a bit too pricy for me that time. But maybe one day who knows :) thank u for sharing your girly with us its really pleasant to follow her changes ^^
    15. Does anyone know if the Dollpamm heads are still available? I can't load the website.
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    16. Thank you Enifer I really appreciate it. I do hope they re-release these girls as they are just gorgeous! The coloured versions are still available, I must say the purple girls are super tempting to me. I love purple and they just look so cute!

      Gothic - Do you mean the seperate heads? Yes from what I see they are still available

      I brought my girl to ThinkPink here in The Netherlands and had a good rummage through their shoes and got quite a couple of fantastic looking shoes. I also got a Tangkou doll tank top, never heard of them before but the top looks smashing! Wish I could get her some different coloured clothes, but for now I am happy with this.
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    17. May I ask what the waiting time is recently for the orders from DollPamm for you guys? I've got an order in progress currently, and I'm not sure how longer I can wait )) Any info to would be appreciated!
    18. Hello! Dollpamm Cucu is here :dance
      after a long delay at postal service... :doh

      Ok.. so apparently searching for 24mm eyeballs is a CHALLENGE!! I doubt that I can finish her in short time.. tempted to make my own eyeballs since it's sooo hard to find one which suit the character that I want for her.. hasn't named her yet since no eyeballs.. no wigs..
      So for now she's still Cucu :cool:
      and mine is in pingki skin

      ps: my waiting time from Dollpamm is less than 3 months.. arround 2 months, a bit surprised since much earlier than what they'd promised :3nodding:

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    19. I eventually want to get a co-mo :o
    20. Kewee gratz with a dolly!!! :D curious what a look u have in mind for her :))
      Ive seen so many eye making tutorials for now that actually i tend to think that its almost the best to make own eyes ) especially when they are that big )

      Im thinking i might join other preodrer or look for girly in the market. I like violet one tho im more for tanned or natural skin )) tho latelly im very doubting my being in bjds.. I like to play with dolls but seeing doll greening/yellowing is too hard for me =___= i was holding all my dolls in boxes just to keep them in shape.. But but but.. I would like to enjoy them sitting around me next to pc.. Just a moment of thoughts.. nvm me guys )))