DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. Enifer.. I do start to think to make one :XD: I've found good eye making tutorial, so I can customize the color and style too... the variation of colors and styles from current onlineshops are very limited for 24mm eyeballs.
      By the way... I believe so far the special skin colors are only offered as full set.
    2. Im not sure but it might be so yup.

      Will be nice to see your experiments with eyes ;)

      I really like these ladies.. it was long time i was so excited seeing other bjds )))

      Lady White Raven - your girly is suche cute thing in this top, wig abd overall :) this doll is indeed something very interesting :D
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    3. Keewee congratulations on your dolly!!! Yep 24mm is a big old pain in the resin >_<

      enifer I gotta admit I had the same issue until I got my first White skinned MNF doll. In actual fact fresh out of the box I love normal skin, but as soon as they started yellowing I started not liking the doll as much. However with White skin the opposite is true for me as well. I am a bit "mehhh" about their skin tone out of the box but with age they tend to go this lovely ivory beige colour that just looks so gorgeous in my opinion. Less paper white and more of a mellow bone white. So the way I deal is get dolls in white skin or get a doll that I love so much that aging doesn't matter and only adds to the value.
      I actually have 2 of the bambicrony original coloured elves, one in pink and one in purple. I bought them both second hand after their issues with dis-colouring were known. For both of them I knew what I was getting into and what would happen. Now my pink girl has a lovely peachy tone and purple (who was always more gray to be honest) is now a light gray. I wouldn't want my Peaches and Pebbles any other way :) But definitely it helps to research that company's resin and finding out how fast it yellows and what the yellowed resin looks like. See if it bothers you and if it does you know not to get that colour.
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    5. Lady White Raven, well lets see how Cucu girls will change with time and what will be feedback from the owners ) im really really really looking into this girl. Though i sold almost all of my bjds due to that possible yellowing greening thing x....x i just couldnt see that uh.
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    7. Dreadfulme, Awww! gratz!! will be interesting what face up you will chose for her! gratz!!!:D
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    8. [​IMG] Is it possible to order the new body on one of the older heads? I ask because I have 2 maybe 3 to get in 2017. Also, I finished my girl, meet Nazara. Name inspiration from Mass Effect.
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    9. She's adorable! That outfit really suits her. :)
    10. I'm going to make a separate post, but wanted to try here first... Has anyone tried restringing any of the dollpamm BeBe line dolls? I have a PoYo who is super kicky and I was hoping over time she would loosen up a bit but she's still as tight and kicky as ever. She's so tiny and I'm super nervous! Her arms are fine, it's just her legs that need redone, but I'm worried about getting her back together again. Any reassurance is welcome!!
    11. Hello DollPamm owners, I have a question. I'm thinking of getting a DollPamm doll body to hybrid a Littlefee Head, but I'm confused as there is a Tiny body now. I noticed that the DollPamm heads seem to have the same measurements on both the Loli and the Tiny body. All of the hybrids of this kind that have seen have been on the Loli body, I could tell by the joint spacing. The Tiny body the joint starts right under the breasts, but the Loli body has some space under breasts before the joint. But everything else is different, the neck,shoulders and other measurements are all different between the two. Does anyone have a DollPamm Tiny body that they can show with a Littlefee head? Cost wise the tiny body would be cheaper, but I would like to get the one that looks the best to hybrid my girl. I would really appreciate the help.
    12. Did you guys see the new Little Arubi yet? She's so cute! I'm hoping "not limited" really does mean she'll be added as a basic sculpt, I think she'd be fun to pick up eventually, after I've finally gotten some of the sculpts who are actually on my existing wishlist.
    13. @vicemage I've seen the new Little Arubi! Little Arubi is super cute and I'm debating on if I should get her... or one of the other dolls from the Zoo line? They're all very cute...and super tempting to get... they just keep releasing at bad times for me. :sweat I wonder if they'll ever just sell the body, because I'd love to hybrid one of my fairyland heads on the little Arubi body! :aheartbea
    14. You might be able to split one, I could see the little Arubi head being cute in a hybrid with something else. I honestly want all the zoo line, but sadly the bunny and fox keep being limited. (I'm really hoping little Arubi isn't, though!)
    15. I've head my eyes on Little Arubi for a while, she (or rather, he) will definitely move in with me once the pre-order starts! :D

      Sadly "not limited" means she will be released as a fullset (15 pieces each for Ice and Pure) and will get a basic time-limited release from the 5th of April to the 5th of May. But I hope that's enough time for you to get her, @vicemage!
    16. I'm thinking about getting the ice deer from dollpamm, I've looked the tiny (co-mo specially) ones before but that deer just stole my heart. Too bad I'm on a layaway with another doll so I have to wait a little bit..