Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. This is a very interesting topic, one I have certainly never thought of before.

      I will start by saying I am a straight girl, and all of my dolls thus far I would consider "straight" as well. That is not to say I am against homosexuality or bisexuality (whether in regards to dollies or to their owners), just that I see my dolls as being more similar to myself, as opposed to more different from myself. Of course, my dolls are also not very Androgynous--you could not take Misty's head, stick it on a boy's body, and call it a boy... It just wouldn't work. xD So, I'm sure that plays into it as well.

      So, perhaps there is a link between a doll's sexuality and an owner's sexuality.
    2. I don't think there is a tie between ones sexuality and the hobby. In Toronto at meets we have all types, no real predominance between hetrosexual or homosexual or asexual. The only thing I can see is it is more of the artsy type who likes the dolls and is in the hobby. Its more of a reflection of ones art.
    3. For me personally I'm not entirely sure whether they reflect my sexuality or not. I am married but I am bisexual. Only one of my dolls is bisexual and has a female partner and children with her and originally she was going to be completely straight and she did originally have a male partner (before he died). Although in some ways my dolls do seem to be aspects of myself or how I sometimes wish I was and generally in my artwork and my dolls to I always prefer females, so I suppose that could be linked to my sexuality in some way.

      I have come around to asking some owners who have boy couples why they decided to make it like that (I say to myself I couldn't do that because I'd get jealous XD) and the response they've given me is 'I don't plan it, it just happens'. I guess that may depend how much you base your dolls on yourself I suppose or just how open you leave the characteristics of the doll to be and develop over time.
    4. I thought mine would be. I'm bisexual myself, and I was fine with thinking my doll was straight, because that's the way I lean most to. However.. my first boy has decided he is bisexual too, though he seems to lean towards guys, not girls.

      I suppose this means he does reflect my sexuality, if more opposite than similar, but not consciously at all. And I'm gonna give the same response braceyfaceanimegurl quoted; I didn't plan it, it just happens. :P
    5. I personally have never really noticed a correlation between my sexuality and what I do with my dolls. I prefer male dolls simply because I don't like...women. I can't get attached or care about the doll if it's a woman- outside of my MH dolls, that is. That's not to say I don't enjoy dressing my boys up as girls. D: I love cross-dressing and would still find them appealing in female clothing. I don't think it has anything to do with my sexuality, though. I don't assign sexualities with my dolls. They just are what they are. And me, myself, I love men. : 3 I'm 100% straight. But I love the idea of drag and cross-dressing, indeed effeminate men are my most favourite kinds, so that's how I dress up my dolls, too.
    6. Im straight but im also a transvestit, I dont feel comfort in women clothes I have never been, mother told me when I was little I hated dresses and skirts.
      my boys use much unisex clothing and now when you mention it I like when they are androgyn.
    7. I really don't get the correlation... it is interesting and I can admit I am in that percentage...something to look into?
    8. In all honesty, I think it depends more on the individual. Yes, all the dolls on my wishlist so far are girls, and yes, three out of four of them are straight. I am also straight. The fourth one is a lesbian. I'm not even sure how she ended up being a lesbian, it just ... happened(My dolls tend to take on a personality all their own and tend to ignore the personalities/looks/sexualities I thought they would have). :sweat

      I may or may not get crap for this, but I'll say it anyways. Most of my characters/dolls usually end up being straight because that's the kind of relationships I(a straight person) relate too. I have never had an attraction to the same sex and have no idea what it's like being in a homosexual or bisexual relationship. I always kind of assumed that it's no different than being straight(except for the attraction to the same gender), but I am not gay, nor do I personally know someone who is gay in person, so I can't say I'm an expert on the subject.:sweat

      But from my views and what I've seen from other owners, a doll mom/dads sexuality doesn't always play a big role in the gender/sexuality of their dolls at all.
    9. I think non-traditional sexual orientation in dolls - it's just a figment of the imagination by their respective owners.
      Many owners create a custom pair of dolls for the love of anime, and only a few of his own sexual orientation. However, in my opinion, these aspects are interrelated yet)
    10. I am asexual, and as is one of my dolls. The only sexuality that I don't have (that I've heard of) is pansexual, and that's because I don't have enough dolls without characters!

      I think that they could be linked... But also could not.
    11. I believe it is linked. I grew up playing with dolls and they are strongly associated with the world of fantasy to me. I never fantasized about homo- or bi-sexuality. So to me, the amount of sexuality seen in dolls is kind of overwhelming (for me).
      I'm inhibited. So are my dolls. So, I believe there is a link. I don't believe that sexual preference has rights or wrongs. I've had gay friends and family, but still, it's not something I fantasize about with my dolls. I have many doll acquaintances who are very sexual and so are their dolls. So, I believe there is a link.
    12. That is a very interesting thought...I don't quite know if I'm bi or not. More bi-curious than actually bi. But, I do have a girl doll who was originally straight and is now engaged to my friend's female doll....I don't really know if that happened because of my orientation or not. I think in a way the dolls could be an outlet for someone's sexuality, but they might not even realize it.
    13. Well, till now I´m straight. Once they are my archetipes, and each one of them is a face or a dream of mine, so I believe all is linked.

      Bastet, Keanu, Banthii n´Jeremias are straight.
      Cíaran is bissexual, but rather date women.
      Sekhmeth n´Riki are assumed bissexual.
      Iason is assumed gay.
      Rael/Moir n´Misael/Celoir are hermaphrodites, from another planet, so they don´t care about this. When it´s time to procriation, they simply do it.
    14. its a good question to ask. everybody got there only opinion to it. as for me. ive find myself linking to of my BJD to ther fact they background stoires make them half- Brother & Sister. and no im not dating my own brother. (My bf no way close to having the same blood as me) its the path i feel that my BJD took and follow.

      Its like i header one of my fave author said. the characters take on a life of they own and she maybe want write the story one way the character wouldnt do that. so she writes something eles.
    15. I myself is a straight guy, and I never had a question in mind about my real sexuality for I am confident that I'm straight, and I find BJD quite interesting rather than action figures, I just don't get it why boys playing with doll is already classified as gay. Everyone has own their own interest in life so what the heck is the problem if a guy plays with doll?
    16. Well, I'll drop my two cents about this topic.
      I think my sexuality somehow affect my characters. Most of the don't care if they're dating a men or a woman, what they have (or don't) between the leg doesn't matter a bit. The person must be interesting enough so the gender won't affect a thing.
      I'm like this, I've been in relationships with both genders.I can proudly say that I regret nothing, and in my doll's crew most of them are like this. They don't care about being labeled as homo, hetero or bisexual. As I said it's just a label :)
      And about myself, I've been dating my girlfriend for almost 4 years now.
    17. When I was undecided on my sexuality as a younger teenager I was also undecided as to what kind of partner to get Cesavier, my only doll. Now that I've explored it a bit more and know that I'm heterosexual I've ordered him a female partner; so I think that my dolls do tend to reflect myself. :) (I like them to have bits of me in them in other ways too, like Ces has the same colour eyes as me, Seraphine will have the same colour hair etc). They're like little resin explorations of myself. :)
    18. I dont really feel like a person's sexual preference is portrayed commonly on one of or many of their dolls.
      There's always going to be the exception to the rule, but I don't think that it's commonly a factor. I'm a straight woman (will be married this August/September), I own three dolls of my own, two of which are male. My oldest doll (Elgin) (I've had him since I was 17, and I'm now 21), has no gender preference. I have not found a male, nor female doll that goes with him. My Minifee (Judas) was based on a gay character, but I don't believe that he is such as a doll. He poses well with female dolls (better than with male ones), so I'm assuming that he's straight even though the character he was based off of was not.
      My soon to be husband has a female doll too, she's one of the Dollzone dragons. She has no preference either aside from her male twin (who he's saving up for). My sexuality doesn't affect my doll's sexuality. I'm straight, my fiance is straight. and our dolls either have no preference or it hasn't been determined yet. We are neither for, nor against having straight, bisexual, gay, or lesbian dolls.
    19. Mine and my dolls' is. Deena is "ABC" - asexual, bisexual and cissexual, just like me. Johnny's bisexual but I haven't heard of any girl crushes, he hasn't had any relationships and he only likes an older guy right now.

      It seems to me the most doll owners are something else than very strictly heteronormative heterosexuals, and even if the owner is hetero, at least one of the dolls usually is something else. How many % of all the dolls might be homo- or bisexual?

      My Johnny is a DoD Camine, and yesterday I noticed the most Camines here are homosexual or bisexual. Maybe it's the feminine looks? Or the manga influence? But what makes the girls homosexual? I'll ask Deena when she arrives (ready for shipping!!)
    20. I recently came out of the closet.
      And now I see this thread.
      My mind is blown.

      My doll is in no wise used for that sort of an outlet it it though. Though she does help me get more in touch with my girly side. P:
      Soraya is a very prim and proper girly girl. I love looking at all the beautiful dresses when I shop for her.