Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. I'm straight and I guess I'm rather open-minded when it comes to sexuality. My dolls are a mixture of bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual and asexual. However, this seems to apply mostly to my boys who tend to be rather androgynous. My girls are all heterosexual and tend to be rather feminine or sensual.
    2. Hi @Hadley & @namika, are you both straight guys like me? Well if you are, I may not be really alone after all! :D
    3. Hello everyone,

      My dolls are mostly straight :)
      But i have one lesbian couple
      But i do not think that has anything to do with me beiing straight
      But i never thought of it this way :D
      So good thinking :)
    4. Girl not guy~ XP
    5. I'm a straight female but I love girly looking boy dolls and everyone says that my boy is gay so I just kinda stuck with it. I also have a fascination with cross dressing him or dressing him girly with long wigs.
    6. Personally, I am straight but not narrow. So I wouldn't mind having two dolls that were male and gay, simply because I'm a huge fan of love in all forms. My doll's sexuality wouldn't necessary reflect on my own though, just their own character.
    7. I'm a pansexual, engaged transman. :v So my dollies and characters have a wiiiide variety of backgrounds, simply because I try not to limit them in any way.
    8. "Personally, I'm straight, I've just been playing with dolls my entire life (I was just one of those late bloomers that played with dolls until I was 14, then found BJDs at 18 and never looked back XD)." -- Teruchan

      Another one like me! I was playing with dolls until around 14 then discovered MA Cissy in college and BJDs right before I got engaged (my bjd was at the wedding and wearing the same dress as me).

      I never really thought about whom other doll owners found attractive. I just like being around other doll people. It's all about the dolls, the clothes, and just fun for me. Basically, if you like dolls, you're fine by me.

    9. I am a straight owner and honestly believe for some its an outlet to realize there sexuality. Key word is SOME people. As for myself I don't feel anything towards other men nor ever will. I don't believe my dolls even reflect off me. Since I do not find the dolls sexually appealing.
    10. I have actually though about this before xD

      I definitely see my dolls as an outlet. I'm bi, but I'm not really out, and don't plan to be unless I end up with dating a girl. Having dolls with varying sexualities lets me explore something I don't feel comfortable expressing out loud. Does that make any sense? hahaha

      That being said, I do have a preference for boys. Always have. I prefer drawing them, and they don't annoy me nearly as much as most girls do xDD;; So I have a lot of boy characters, and a lot of m/m couples.
    11. Well, since my dolls are based off of OCs of mine, they are all heterosexual, like myself. :) So I believe they can be reflections of yourself in a way, not just in sexuality of course.

      As for my characters alone, they are certainly reflections of myself simply because they are a part of me. I created them long before I knew about bjds. ;)
    12. Interesting subject. I have several female BJDs. It seems like most of the people here all have specific characters and stories surrounding their dolls. I don't. I remember the first time I saw a BJD and was completely struck by the beauty of them, but it was only the female dolls (although, I will admit, I could not tell the difference between the male and female dolls for quite a while).

      I just find them to be extremely beautiful dolls. I am more attracted to the female body (I am a straight female) and I find feminine clothing a lot more fun to play with and sew. The sexual orientation of the doll does not in any way play a part in how I see my dolls. I think, to me, my dolls represent who I always wished I was.
    13. Well, I'm straight and about a third of my dolls aren't...
    14. Some people do what they know. Some may have homosexual dolls and be homosexual or bisexual. Others may be homosexual and have straight dolls. Straight owners my have straight, gay, or bi dolls. I think it may come from a desire to explore another... 'side' to relationships.

      I personally am asexual. But I find sexuality fascinating biologically and psychologically. So I have characters all across the spectrum. The same will go for my dolls.

      People will do what they do. Maybe to expose themselves to something new, to live out who they are inside, to do something familiar, or because they find something fascinating.
    15. Exploring sexualities is definitely happening in this hobby, but I don't think everyone do it (for the same reasons).
      I'm a amateur writer, and my characters are all over the spectrum. I try to reach realism by including all kinds of orientations and genders in my stories, and I also have an interest in gender and sexuality. So it comes natural to me to make up characters that's both gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual and so on.

      Oh, forgot to mention, I'm a bisexual genderqueer person. So I might be a more likely candidate to have an interest in gender and sexuality. :)
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    16. I think the reason why a person would collect dolls is varied so the sexual orientation of the doll owners would vary because of the variety and therefore the orientation of dolls would also. I do not think it is necessarily a direct link between owner sexuality and doll sexuality.
    17. I don't see many asexual dolls around the place. Plenty of bi dolls certainly, and just as many gay (male) dolls. Where are all the asexual dolls? Apparently 1% of the population is asexual, so I think 1% of the dolly population should be asexual too. Stop with all the procreation, people! :lol:

      Just kidding. Several of my dolls are asexual not because I am, but because their characters are. It's just the way they've worked out: they're pretty strange characters anyway and some of them are a bit too... er... unhealthy for something as normal and healthy as sexuality.
    18. My dolls would most likely be asexual. Since I was for awhile til I found the love of my life and it wasn't myself.
    19. They're all hanging out over at my place? XD

      The vast majority of my dolls are either specifically asexual or else they're essentially treated as such. Unless it's a big part of their character, I don't specify sexuality for many of my dolls. Even for the characters who do have a sexuality, there are no romantic/sexual relationships among my dolls.

      I temporarily worried that it would feel unrealistic to avoid such things, but then I realized that: a) my collection is full of ghosts, talking cats, and dryads, so there's no big reason to worry about realism, and b) it's my collection, so heck with it, I'll do what I want. XD

      This would be one of those cases where owner sexuality influences the dolls, though, as I'm asexual myself.
    20. I wouldn't consider it linked at all, nor an outlet by any means. I had a preference for homosexuality in my art, writing, characters, et cetera long before I realized that I was homosexual. I think it's just a matter of the owner's preference. It's not uncommon to see gay, straight, bi, whatever dolls all mixed in together in a person's collection, whether the owner is any of the above.

      Good question though, I had to think on it for a little bit!