Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. Being a gay male, dolls don't represent me in my sexuality. My dolls are more mini mannequins to me. My boys are all going to have a storyline that revolves around fashion in some way or another.
      (But I will confess all my boys are gay... so I can pair them up with one another so they aren't alone lol just like their owner.)

      1. I like to design menswear, when I feel that creative urge so I use male dolls, which I usually only collect for inspiration.

      2. I do visual display/merchandising so again they are mini mannequins.
    2. I've noticed that doll collecting seems to attract people who perhaps... deviate a little from the norm? the LGBTA+ community, non gender conforming people, alternative lifestyle folk, neuro atypical people, the nerds and geeks, those generally considered "outsiders" amongst the "normal" people and i'm not sure why. Is it perhaps the same reason why roleplay attracts similar people? Escapism and creativity? Not sure. But I have noticed that while doll collecting in general seems to attract a lot of people who deviate from "the norm" socially, it also seems to depend on WHAT dolls.
      For instance, Sindy collectors seem to be predominantly older women who have retired and are almost reliving their childhood with a much loved memory of their youth. Meanwhile, Barbie has a huge gay male following. Monster High attracts a lot of geeks and social outcasts, no doubt because of the "be yourself" message of the franchise as well as being a bit macabre.
      It goes on and on.

      I think you could write a whole thesus on why and how, and probably still not come to any solid conclusions.

      I'm a bi doll collector as well lol. Married to a bi guy as well. Quite funny. But for me my dolls, like my rp characters have never been supposed to be "me" as I really don't much like ME. They're not even idealised me, theyre someone totally else with their own flaws and problems. They're not so much alter egos, as characters who wander into my head and sit around telling me stuff and not shutting up till I share it (they're jerks.) and apparently this isn't uncommon for creative people. Maybe it's a form of madness, I dunno, but it means that for me, my dolls will seldom if ever have anything in common with me, and that includes my sexuality. It's escapism, but not escape into a perfect world, just into a different one. My dolls are just 3d avatars of characters, yet I don't rp my doll characters and I don't doll shell my rp characters. I would if I could, but I just can't find sculpts that are right for most of them heh. So I keep the two separate for my own sanity.