Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. I think the doll can be any sexuality prefered by the doll owner. It does not necessary that if you are a boy and you have to dress your doll like a boy. even in the real world, there is no rules that guys cannot wear girl stuff or girl cannot wear boy's stuff. People make the boundry and not the cloth itself. It is totally free that you can dress whatever you like I think. :) I do not mind.
    2. It is really difficult to describe my place on the gender/sexuality spectrum. It's easiest to say 'heterosexual female', it's just... not very comprehensive.

      Also, I wasn't much of a 'doll girl'... I had a younger sister who was, and older female relatives who collected dolls and thought they were a good gift for any young girl, so of course I owned/played with dolls at times, but yeah, wasn't much of a doll person until I got into this hobby. (Crazy about miniature things, tiny clothes, making/finding itty bitty whatever, just not the dolls themselves)

      I'm also not a very girly-girl on a day-to-day basis. Essentially, I'm a drag queen who happened to have been born female-- I hang out in lounge pants and boxy awful men's tee shirts around the house, I don't wear makeup unless I'm going to be on stage, at which point I get made up as whatever, and it's fun and I love it, but I don't love putting in the time and effort to be 'pretty' every day. (And I HATE neutral makeup. Either I wear no makeup, or I look like a geisha/zombie/bearded Elizabethan lord, but I don't wear makeup to look like I'm not wearing makeup). With my resin boys, I can play around with fantastic looks-- fantasy face-ups, full on David Bowie glam, goth... All the gorgeous out-there stuff I don't dress out in every day.

      So I guess it is a great form of self-expression, when I'm too lazy or don't feel like standing out, of my femininity, or my androgyny, or my masculinity (not to mention any subcultures I have an affinity for and don't dress out for). I can only physically be a certain size and shape, I can only physically have a certain set of genes. My dolls can be anything I feel like and technically am not.

    3. Well, I am married and straight and 90-95% of my dolls are female, simply because I find them prettier and identify with them more...I suppose. But my husband also collects and ALL of his dolls are female (and good sisters together).

      I don't see any dolls as having a sexuality as such because they are inanimate, but if mine did...they would be 'straight'. Not that it matters, they are all innocents anyway. LOL...

      I love anime as well, but don't get the whole yuri thing. But to each his/her own. :) Just give me happy nekomimis bouncing around and a geeky confused boy and I am cool.
    4. A very interesting question!
      While my characters have personalities and backstories, and my dolls are physical incarnations of my characters (or they are supposed to be, still working on that). Despite this though (and the fact that one is supposed to have a boyfriend someday) I haven't really thought much on their sexualities and such.

      Though really, the mature ones would probably be bi or pan like me, and that's mostly since I can't really imagine NOT being attracted to someone attractive. So in that way my dolls will probably reflect me in that way, simply since I don't know what it's like to be any other way, heh. (And having high standards yet no preferences is fun for me, lol!)
    5. I am a heterosexual female but sort of flexibly so. I wondered for quite awhile if I was Bi but finally decided that I am just not interested in women that way and its just that I am open minded :) However, I only have female dolls (two and they are a couple) right now and most of the dolls I am attracted to are female. I think its because most of the time I find female doll's bodies more aesthetically pleasing and more beautiful. I think perhaps I can also sort of identify with them more?

      My incoming doll is a character that I have been working on for quite a while and she is surrounded by men so as I start to get dolls for those characters I will finally have some boys which will be fun :)
    6. There are people who are straight, bisexual, and homosexual who own dolls, they all own dolls their sexuality has nothing to do with it they all just happen to like bjd dolls.

      Some people only own female ones, other only male and then theres some people with both or even genderless ones i think that has more to do with the ideal characters we want to create not our sexuality either.

      That being said there are dolls that have been labeled by their owner as straight, bisexual or homosexual and
      I dont think they have anything to do with our sexuality either because a straight person can have a homosexual pair of male bjds and that in no way makes them homosexual.

      This is just what i think though :)
    7. I dont think my sexuality has anything to do with Yun ._. I mean, yeah, Im straight, but Yun isn't. Well I kinda willed it that way, but he has that kind of face to me. (No offence) I mean, I am in full support of homosexuals, I dont feel there's anything wrong with it. So...Well I think doesn't really apply.
    8. I think sexuality is so complex it's hard to even put into words. I for one am gay (female, who doesn't like the term lesbian) and it does influence my characters to a certain degree as I have gay females, but then I have gay males and some bi characters. No straight.

      What I find odd though is people saying their dolls are gay/straight/bi/whatever and not their characters. I kinda chuckled to myself at the thought of gay dolls XD I think it's preferences and likes, not sexuality that are inspiring peoples choices.

      I'm not offended by it like other people but I do find it irrelevent in the sense that it's so complex that there is no right or wrong and I honestly don't think there would ever be a satisfying answer to everyone.
    9. My doll is bisexual, but he leans more towards homosexual. And I think it does relate to the owners sexuality. I'm straight (but have experimented ^^), and I know that if I was a boy, I would be gay. Eunhwa is kinda how I would be if I were a boy. Also, he reflects how I would feel about my future kids. I want to be open to anything, so why not have a gay doll? I'm not saying he's gay for the hell of it. It's how his personality is. He just prefers guys to girls most of the time, unless the girls are androgynous. But, to be honest, I don't really think of Eunhwa being "gay". He just likes boys. That's it. I have no need to give him a label.
    10. As far as I'm concerned, my dolls like guys because I like guys. :) And they are guys themselves because I like guys. Such lovely, lovely bodies they have. So they end up happily gay while I am not. :)
    11. I'm going to make it short: NOT related ^^

      The imagination and the creativity are sexuality free ^^

      It's just my opinion ^^
    12. To some extent, I could see that there could be a quality of "write what you know," in which case people can be inclined to create characters who share their own traits, so as to better identify with the character. In that case, orientation could be one of those traits.

      On the other hand, I can only imagine what strange, boring imaginary worlds we'd have if all the characters in a person's universe were the same orientation as the writer. Fortunately, most people are not necessarily chained to that, meaning they might make characters that share their orientation, or they might not. Even if there is some connection, it would not be a consistent or reliable one.
    13. It's a yes and no for me. My first girl, my smallest girl, likes guys. I don't want to think of it as she likes guys because I do, but that's just how her character is. My second girl is bisexual though, and while I am bisexual I don't think that's why I made her that way. It just fit better with her character, I couldn't see her being straight or full on lesbian, just didn't sit right.
    14. I'm male, straight and collect female dolls. There are many reasons why I got into this hobby. I'm also an artist and I really enjoy creating characters and stories. So for me it more of a creative thing I suppose. I wouldn't say I see them as little people. I guess I'm not as emotionally attatched to my dolls as others are. At the same time I show them respect like I would a real girl (ie like not showing her off naked in public) and I tend to smile when I look at them. So I can't really explain that.

      As for character sexuality, I'd say one is straight (likes boys) and the next one I'm getting may be bi.

      I've always been a little different than most guys. I don't play/watch sports, fix cars, drink or most other male stereotypes. I've always liked to draw and create. I'm much more excepting of my emotions etc. Heck, I prefer cats to dogs. I've always been pretty open-minded, but I'm very much straight. No question. So I certainly don't fit the mold. And I like that.

      I really appreciate how varied and generally accepting this community is. In the gaming community, for example, you don't see this sort of accepting nature that we have here.
    15. Mine are really unrelated. Im a (if pushed for a label) bisexual male with straight dolls and a lesbian doll! Thats if I was to define their sexuality, as I just think of them as dolls and not really characters.
      In that way I undefine my dolls and myself ;)
    16. A bit off topic maybe, cats rule :) but yay for strait men that like the dolls too! my boyfriend is very much straight and collects dolls. i get a little bummed when people assumed just because a guy likes art and dolls he can't be straight as that IS my type and very much the man I am with!
    17. hmmm.

      male dolls: 8
      female dolls: 5
      total dolls: 13

      gay dolls: 0
      bi dolls: 1
      straight dolls: 12
      instance of straightness is equal to or lesser than my own.

      I'm pansexual. so I like everybody :D
      none of my dolls are pansexual, though.
    18. I am pansexual as well!!
      but one of my boys that will arrive soon once my layaway is finished will be pansexual as well.
    19. I can see how they are connected and how they aren't at the same time..
      I'm a lesbian and all of my dolls (except my twins) are gay but this is because I'm a major yaoi fan.. my MSD girl is going to get herself a female doll lover but that just suited her personality. then again I couldn't see my dolls being straight though it's not something I wouldn't mind. Guess if I'm gay my dolls are haha. I know it's a different perspective for everyone!
    20. Personally, my dolls reflect my personality traits so their sexualities cover the whole spectrum, although not purposefully. I suppose it really depends on the impression I get from each individual doll.