Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. I've never caught my dolls having sex, so I have no idea what their sexual orientation is. ;)

      Seriously, though, while my imagination and creativity does not extend so far as to create characters for my dolls, I admire those whose does. I also applaud the acceptance of this community for all, bi, lesbian, gay, straight, questioning. The lack of prejudgement and stereotyping is refreshing. No one should have to live a lie. And no one's doll should have to live a lie either.

      I am a fifty year old, straight female, who is madly in love with her husband of 27 years. I blame our children for siphoning off my imagination, as well as energy--they are very creative, active souls. (Disclaimer: I love them to bits and don't regret one bit of energy or creativity spent on them!) :)
    2. I'm a lesbian, but really haven't thought much about the "sexuality" of my resin crew. I'm not a fan of anime or any of the stuff related to that, and I don't give my doll characters much of a backstory -- just something simple, like 'she's an elf living in the forest beyond my house' or 'this one's an Italian country girl, living in the hills above Florence and helping her family on the farm, dreaming of a modeling career'... That's about as far as it goes; sexuality doesn't usually enter into it. Although I've been thinking lately that I should have at least one lesbian couple. I don't have any hetero couples, but that's probably because my one boy is so focused on becoming a seafaring/steampunk/explorer that I'm not sure he even knows there are girls...
    3. Fascinating!
    4. Overall, I think that BJDs are a universe unto themselves and with that comes the myriad of complexities that are found in a universe. They are a reflection of our world in all of its beauty and complexity. Albeit they at least don't reflect the ugliness that exists in our world (at least I haven't found any of it). Thus saying, I think some dolls do have a certain sexuality all on their own, connected to their owners, and some that have none whatsoever. I'm straight, married, and luv androgony. So much so that my wife asked me to grow some facial hair so that we would be mistaken for "ladies" less often. (I'm quite used to going to a restaurant and having our server ask, "How are you ladies doing tonight". The BJDs that make me drool are usually boy dolls in the jrock vein. At least for me, I think that I'm looking for a more idealized version of myself. I think it's more complicated then that, but I'm keeping it simple. My sexuality has always been a point of interest for certain people, but I don't think that my doll will have those issues beyond just being gorgeous.
    5. interesting topic :l
    6. Best answer ever.

    7. I just simply don't give them sexuality. For my tiny ones, they are basically asexual. Not because I want them to be, but, rather, they LOOK like it. I have a dear boy YoSD but he always wears dress or cute outfit because how his faceup came out to be. I did not intend him to be girly, but he doesn't look good with jeans and shirt. So I go for dress. Aka, no link!
    8. Ditto that! LOL
    9. Very simple answer.

    10. LOL! I never thought of this! I think that they could be related, but I definitely think that they don't necessarily need to be related, depending on the owner.

      I'm very, very inexperienced (due to my age), but, from what I know, I'd say I'm bi. I can find both kinds special and attractive, however I personally have never done anything (let alone had a crush), so I can't say it with confidence.

      All of my dolls are girl dolls (I've got 40 total - 25 of which are BJDs), minus a tiny pukifee Gentle Rabbit, so I'd say there is a lot of estrogen going around. For some reason, their sexualities seem pretty ambiguous, except for my Saiph....she definitely seems to have taken a liking to my Feeple Rona. XD Figuring out their "sexuality" isn't super important to me, though, just the same as it is with myself. I just find them pretty, admire the creativity of other collectors, and make sure to take care of them and spend time with them. My other friend who collects dolls is asexual, so go figure.

      I'd say collecting BJDs is more about a love of beauty and a love of art to me than it is an outlet of sexuality.
    11. Bi here...I don't have dolls yet so I can't question their preference. However, I get the sense the characters they will portray have never felt a soft touch of -either- the world may never know.
    12. I find this as well most of my friends who are doll owners are either Bisexual or Gay.
      I, myself am a Pansexual (For those who don't know this means I have no real sexual preference :P
      I will be attracted to anyone may they be boys, girls, drag queens, trannys, traps, crossdressers) However
      my dolls I don't really relate them with myself my girl doll is straight and my boy is a bi :P

      The reason this is though mostly cause their sexualities suit their personalities my girl is very girlie and sweet
      so she is simply straight and my boy is just a rapid party animal who doesn't really care much :P haha so i tend to
      base my dolls sexuality on their personalities but that is just me! Haha but i do agree with this post in saying that most
      owners dolls sexuality are the same as there own.
    13. I like to have some variety so my dolls include some too young to care, lebian girls, gay boys, straight couples, and i even tossed in plans for a hermaphrodite... sooo I guess my own prefrence could be in there somewhere, but so are most other preferences. I think having the dolls sexuality present helps with defining the character and figuring out how they would act around each other character/story wise but I wouldnt say that my dolls are straight because I am straight or anything like that.
    14. I'm not sure if anyone's said this, and it might not be the right topic, but a trend in humans is that they prefer dolls that are the opposite of their sexual orientation. Many girls loving male dolls if they're heterosexual, and heterosexual guys liking female dolls. It's not solid, of course-- no man nor woman will love a male doll if it's badly designed/ugly-- but it IS human instinct, if you splurge-buy. It's like how when you were little, if you were a girl, being friends with a guy was weird-- it SHOULDN'T be, but human nature says so. As you get older, you learn being friends with BOTH genders is fine, but as a child, you lean twords your own. ^ ^
    15. I believe doll sexuality isn't based on your own, but on your fantasies. When it comes to sexuality, it becomes: if you like guys, then your dolls will like guys. If you like girls, then your dolls will also like girls. Factoring in doll back-stories and whatnot, and I think that's what makes doll sexuality.

      With fantasies, it becomes: What do you want to be? and What do you want to see?

      Do you want to be attractive to men? Do you want to see men get it on with other men? Then you have gay dolls.
      Do you want to be attractive to men? Do you want to see girls and guys together? Then you have straight dolls.

      and so on and so forth...
    16. I think there's no connection unless the doll owner -wants- there to be a connection.
    17. For me, my dolls are related to my sexuality and I use them as an outlet, but in more of a romantic sense then in an actual 'sexual' one.

      My love is currently long distance and so I use my dolls to romantically act out the things I feel I am missing because he is so far away.

      I feel a little silly saying that, but that is the way it is. I don't act out anything sexual with them, but for example, I took a photo of my doll cuddling up to a stuffed bear that he sent me (because I lack a second doll at this moment). To me, looking at the photo makes me smile and think of cuddling him.

      Kind of off topic I guess, and I apologize for that.
    18. Yes, owners assign dolls to represent certain characters, and these characters could possibly have an orientation, but let's not forget the small cluster of us owners that don't have specific characters assigned to our dolls. I consider my doll to be a chameleon of sorts, its personality interpreted differently by whoever is viewing the picture the doll is captured in. Is there anyone that actually believes their doll has an inherent sexuality?
    19. I dunno... I'm straight, have a boyfriend of a year whom I love very much and like dolls. But, with that being said, I've also drunkenly made out with my best friend (who is also a girl) and been sexually interested in a very select few girls.. I mean, I think a lot of females have experienced this, so not sure I would say bisexual. I mean, I'm extremely boy-crazy too so... "Open minded" I guess. Anyways. Not sure this has anything to do with being into the hobby or not. I think it does have a lot to do with being 'abnormal' by being seriously attracted to the same gender and 'abnormal' by collecting and playing with dolls for those who are homosexual or bisexual more than the actually being gay. If that makes any sense at all.

      So I'm straight, and will probably have mostly straight characters. ♥ Love love to all my homosexual/bi doll lovers out there!
    20. no
      Patrick and Sarah are a couple because...well they're humans...and the same size and I felt looked nice together
      I tend not to write much romance stuff in the doll stories as its very boring