Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. i'm a yaoi fan! (not yuri) so i like the idea of homosexual couples in dolls, girlxgirl couples dont bother me but i love boyxboy couples. I'm straight by the way :) though it does seem like there are quite a few bi and gay people in the doll community but personally i dont think the dolls are an outlet for sexuality i think it just depends on what people like and support
    2. Straight male doll owner here. I have one girl who is for all purposes straight. That dose not mean I am not for owning male dolls (I have just not found any I like) nor am I anti-homosexual. It is all just a matter of the character I am making.
    3. Considering that I don't know what my sexuality is (I may be asexual - but I also thing asexuality is a myth? How does that work?) I'm going to come out and be honest that I think a lot of my future doll's sexuality (and any characters I make) are probably going to be gay (male, specifically) and it probably is from being a yaoi fangirl in my younger day, but since I've grown up, but I think I still have more an idea of what a perfect male/male relationship is than a male/female. I'm even more inclined towards female/female because I feel like women would understand and be able to work a relationship out much better than males and females together.

      Though lately I've been slowly realizing that its not necessarily gender that makes a relationship, but how that relationship is portrayed. As long as its a healthy one, where people are able to work out their issues together. I don't really care. Its just that portraying a male/male or female/female relationship through dolls would be ten times easier for me then trying to figure out a straight couple working together and getting along.
    4. No, I don't think it's related, IMHO. : )
      It's depend on how you create their character. XD
      You can be a heterosexual owner with homosexual dolls, and vice versa.
    5. It depends on the owner and his/her personality, some owner's may be related with their dolls on sexuality while others may not.
    6. Don't take offense, but do you feel that you know how a male/male relationship would work because of reading yaoi?
    7. No, I should have been more clear. After getting over my yaoi phase and starting to looking at human relationships realistically, male/male relationships AND female/female relationships make more sense to me than a male/female one.
    8. Okay, thank you for clarifying. I would be terribly disheartened if I discovered anyone here that thinks they have any understanding of same-sex relationships from reading yaoi.
    9. No no no no no no, dear gawd no! Almost all yaoi plots are completely unrealistic and bs, with little do with romance or a healthy relationship. It would be comical if there weren't so many young girls out their who thought that these things were "true love". Especially when a lot of them can be classified as borderline or complete abuse :/

      *edit for language!
    10. Well, I'm straight and all my dolls are straight... Lets just say I'm very old school in my beliefs.
    11. @Giddychilde Yes thank you for clarifying. I was wondering about that myself before Firu-kun asked.
    12. Definitely going to have to work on my wording. Next time someone might not give me the chance to explain myself XD
    13. I think that they are not related, but again it depends of each person.
      Personally, I believe that the BJD are expressions of art, and as same as writing, photography you can explore a lot of topics and indentities with your dolls, is something that is based in freedom so people can do what they like and enjoy.

      (I hope I did myself clear, English is very difficult)
    14. I my opinion, it's not related. Like in everything there are coincidences and exeptions. I, for instance, only have male BJDs and they are homosexuals, not just because I want them to but also because it fits with the personality I gave them. The next one I'm getting is heterosexual because it fits him. Maybe it's because I'm a heterosexual girl that I keep making my boys homosexual, because I can only see myself with a man so I do the same thing with my BJDs... But like I said there is exeptions in everything, like for my next doll. I still don't think that the hobby related.
    15. I don't know if a person's sexuality and their dolls' sexuality are directly correlated (Though I doubt it), but I do think that someone who is more open to different expressions of sexuality in humans is more likely to have their dolls portray LGBQAP (T has less to do with this, so I've missed it out of the acronym) characters, in non-traditional relationships, than someone who is less open to different types of human sexuality.

      For the record (If anyone's playing with statistics) I'm bisexual, and my dolls are; 1 asexual male, 1 lesbian, 2 straight females, 1 straight male, and two children too young to have thought about it much yet.

      Edit - Oh, Giddychilde - Don't worry, asexuality isn't a myth. I've got plenty of asexual friends, most of whom took a while to come to terms with not "being invited to the lustparty" (as one put it), but there's a lot of decent support networks out there. Try AVEN, if you want somewhere to start with. [/end offtopic ramble]
    16. Well, I'm a girl in a relationship with a guy who is more asexual than anything else. My dolls don't really have sexuality either; though I do plan for a few to have some romantic/sensual moments between some of them but none of them have a defined sexuality; I suppose if I really had to I'd say mostly bi characters.

      I agree with someone's point earlier; BJDs are in a universe all of their own. The definition of sexuality isn't an issue for them and it needn't even exist if you so choose. Putting labels on people is a horrible symptom of our society anyway.

      So, er, maybe they're connected to my asexuality in that I have little interest in asigning them a sexuality or putting them in sexual situations?
    17. I'm a bi girl and my dolls seem to be divided equally 1 bi 1 straight, 1 lesbian (well she's bi too but as she's paired with a girl I think I say she is lesbian). All my dolls are girls but thats not really to do with my sexuality. I do prefer drawing women and like the female form but I think its more to do with the fact that I personally am a woman and I have more experience at being one than anything else :P I do have male characters planned but I seem to struggle with male personalities, again due to the fact I am a woman I admire girls who can pull off male doll personalities well I'm kinda jealous.

      I don't think dolls have any thing to do with sexuality at all they're just whatever you make them. I know a guy who is straight and collects dolls and has all sorts of pairings. I don't think this makes him any less manly or that he could be repressing his sexuality I just think we've gotten used to the stereotype of girls playing with dolls in some cases. To be honest I peronally think it's more manly for a guy to be able to break a stereotype like that especially if they aren't homosexual. I did assume he was a girl at first though, but that was more to do with the fact he rped a female so well I was pretty convinced and of course not being skilled at rping the opposite sex myself I was impressed.
    18. For me at least, there is definitely a connection.Dolls are dolls and I dont think of them as having a sexuality of their own, but my opinions definitely influence their style. I am what you would call pansexual. I tend to prefer androgynous physical characteristics and I often dress my girls as boys because I think that makes them look beautiful. Of course dresses are fine too sometimes. Im sure if I had a boy doll he would wear dresses sometimes as well :P
    19. Well, I think that my dolls sexuality probably does have something to do with my own. I'm a Bisexual Female (though I might be pansexual, I'm not entirely sure yet.) My first doll is male, and he is strictly homosexual. He has absolutely no interest in the female gender in that way. my second doll (who is not here yet.) is also male, though the character is somewhat androgynous. And he shall be Pansexual. Most of my male characters are not Heterosexual, and I don't usually write about girls (Insecurity thing that would make the whole post OT if I tried to explain.) But I do think that it is because I am not strait that my two dolls are also not Heterosexual. This is not saying that I hold anything against Heterosexuals. My best friend is Heterosexual. and I am sure that some of the dolls I plan on getting will be paired in Male/Female relationships, I just tend to do same sex couples when it comes to my characters.

      I have noticed that only one of the very few people I know who are interested in BJDs is actively strait. I'm Bi(and still questioning), I know another Bisexual girl, and Asexual girl, a questioning possibly Pansexual girl, and a strait girl. However, I do not think that their Sexuality is what drew them to be interested in BJDs. Nor do I think that their Sexuality will be what makes them decide what their dolls sexuality is. if anything, I think that for some of them, it will simply be because they are Fujoshi and enjoy the idea of Yaoi. one of them has a boy who is completely strait and will be getting his girlfriend in the fall.

      Sorry for the long post, if you disagree with anything I have said or if you have any comments, please feel free to PM me. ^-^
    20. I'm not put off by this discussion at all - I think it's pretty interesting that it was brought up. I am a straight female and I don't own any abjds dolls yet but I am drawn to the girls/female dolls because they are so beautiful and the boys are quite...I don't know how to describe it - most of the time, I mistake the male dolls for girls as they are so pretty/beautiful. I don't think that my interest in this hobby is a reflection of my sexuality but I do appreciate beauty and a good majority of these dolls are beautiful. I don't know where I fit into this hobby but I'm intrigued by it and curious, so here I am.