Dolls' Sexuality and Owner's Sexuality: Are they related?

Feb 22, 2011

    1. Interesting discussion. I'm heteroflexible and poly, but so far, all of my dolls* are straight, but one of the men has an all-female harem, but the other boys and the girls aren't poly so far.

      I haven't seen it discussed in this thread, but I have seen a few photosets of triads, which probably follows along the same pattern as has been discussed in the thread so far: little correlation between owner and doll sexuality.

      *well, their characters are in my head - we'll see when they get here and they have opinions about it. I don't think the one with a harem is gonna complain too much!
    2. ... or if you get your understanding of heterosexual relationships from watching straight porn / reading romance-novels. :lol: Fantasy: it's just not real!
    3. I am not inferring anything by it, but I have met a very large amount of heterosexual (or sometimes otherwise) female doll owners who have a very large amount of homosexual male dolls in their collections.

      I am a gay male. But, my dolls are reflections of my characters, who have a variety of sexualities, including asexual and pansexual. I do tend to gravitate towards male dolls. The doll I own right now (Lux) has no specific sexuality and remains undefined, though his character has a developing romance with a male homicide detective (a character that my partner made; the attraction, however, is more towards how much of a good person the cop is rather than the fact he is male) that could tentatively go in any direction from here. Boys (and men) that I plan to shell in the future are pre-dominantly homosexual, or asexual. I haven't given much consideration to my female dolls, since I don't really plan on having any.
    4. While its possible these two factors can be related, I don't necessarily think that's the case a majority of the time. Of my own current dolls, 4 are homosexual, one is bisexual, two I have yet to really pinpoint as 99% of the time they present themselves as asexual yet give way to tendencies that are difficult to decipher between homosexual advances or platonic relationships, two are too young to fully understand their own sexualities and one of which has gender identity issues which need be addressed first.

      And within the few dolls I have planned for the future, three are heterosexual, one is bisexual and one while partaking only in heterosexual relationships waffles between romantic and platonic feelings for another male that are also difficult for me to fully dissect or place a label on.

      My own sexuality is my own business but I feel, given the range of my current and future dolls' sexuality (never mind the many characters within their story world that I won't be shelling in resin) none of them really lend themselves to specifically relating back to myself. I appreciate diversity.
    5. Hmm, well, from my own personal preference, I am a lesbian myself. However, my dolls do range in sexuality. My first doll ever turned out to be straight. This is mainly because I wanted to hold onto the small little bit of me that envies relationships between guys and girls. They can reproduce, and they have a different relationship than other people. My twins are bisexual, mainly because they're young children, children don't understand the difference. The part of our lives when no one was set as to who they could not love. One of my boys is gay, another part of me wishing I was a male instead of a female.

      Then my recent female is, of course, lesbian. Representing who I actually am as a person.
    6. I don't think my doll will have a special sexuality :XD: or he may turn out asexual, mostly cause i'm afraid people on meet ups will ask if my doll and her/his doll can be togheter :XD: and I don't want that.
      I don't think I actually will see my doll as a person, but since many do, It's easier to blame on asexuality then deal with nag that my doll is a doll and not a child of mine :sweat:
    7. I think that a doll can be any sexuality without having to be the same as their owners. I love boy & boy doll couples and girl & girl doll couples, I do think girls are beautiful, maybe I am bi, I may choose one of my dolls eventually a same sex partner, I find all love both attractive and beautiful.
    8. You could also just explain that you, as an owner, are not interested in that type of roleplaying. I did when someone asked me if her doll could be buddy-buddy with mine. Just thought it was too much of a hassle and so I explained and she understood.
    9. My dolls are way too “young” to have lovers so I never really thought about this for myself. Plus they don’t have very developed characters. :sweat: These are just my thoughts from the “outside” (As in, I cannot directly relate to it but this is how I see it) looking in:

      I can totally see somebody wanting a doll similar to them and one whom they can relate to. On the other hand, I can see sexuality differences because that’s just what the character is. I myself have had several roleplay characters with their sexuality different from my own. It just fits and that’s what they are.

      Thinking back, I have not noticed any trends like that at doll meets. Partly I think because I am totally oblivious to other people’s sexuality unless bluntly stated, and also because it’s not my business. When I see a doll couple, to me, that's just between the dolls. It’s impossible to make any sound assumptions and relations to the owners sexuality (and rude, lol) based on what their dolls are. There is just such a diversity! And it's pretty cool. :)
    10. I wouldn't say my dolls sexuality reflect my own. In fact it doesn't at all. Most of the dolls i own currently are guys. I have three boys and one on the way (lol) and a girl, the girl is a cyborg and has no emotional programing so... Nonsexual? One boy is gay, another boy is straight and the other one is confused. He doesn't quite know what to think about sexuality and doesn't pay much mind to such things. He find them unimportant. I don't think it reflects me because I am asexual. But, I do use my dolls for stories because in the real world, it takes all kinds to make the world; and there for in my story, i need all kinds of people with different personalities, sexual preferences, occupations and genders. I am pretty open minded towards people, in ways that i don't care what you're doing as long as your not harming people and are being safe. That is not targeted at anyone, I think everyone should be safe if your gonna do whatever you do. Even if that means bungee jumping off of a bridge, you should still be safe! I don't care if it feels cooler, YOU NEED TO HAVE SAFETY GEAR! Put on your damn helmet! xP

      I am currently working on getting another straight boy, a transsexual and gender confused girl and guy. I like to play them out and see what they would all do in one room if they were put together. Unfortunately, i don't have all the dolls i want just yet, but soon... the conference of sexual prejudiced, non-prejudice and the people who simply don't care either way will come underway and we'll see what happens in the end xP

      Anyhow, there is my two cents.
    11. Well, perhaps you actually meet more bisexual people simply because you're bisexual? I think an open mind opinion to sexuality generally is what pushes people to artsier ends of hobbies.Yet, in all truth, 97% of the doll owners I know are straight chicks.
    12. I'm a proud bisexual lady but have straight/asexual dolls so far (my lady is on her own right now soon so maybe soon she might have a girlfriend!)
    13. This is my take on it pretty much. I only have a few that could be interested in a love; one of them isn't developed much beyond basics, the other is very focused on her goal, and the other two are straight. Tinne got a name and a vague character, but I haven't thought of any love interests yet. She's pretty busy being a guardian so the only people I imagine she'd meet would be travelers. Marche has a bit of a crush on Josslyn, Adia will probably get a boyfriend down the line sometime, and Josslyn's so intent on finding her brother that she's oblivious to Marche's interest.
    14. Eh, not really. I just sorta let Sabine's personality do what it likes in regards to most things. If she likes a girl, she likes a girl. No difference from any other possible combination of partner identity.
    15. dolls are dolls so they don't have a sexuality. I guess if I was into the whole character thing then my dolls would be gay like me. But in no way did my homosexuality lead me to dolls; art did.
    16. Most of my dolls are male and interested in men. I'm a female and I date men so I guess there isn't much in common there. I do have a few straight males though.. Sabriel, Stellan, Blaire and Rocket. Soren,Creed, Lauren, Rye, Carli, Kallen, and Cameron all are males who like men. Valley is a female child and isn't interested in love yet. Then my newest character is a male and he isn't highly sexual.
    17. I <3 this thread very much.

      Since many of you wrote comments that precisely pointed out facts about BJD+sexuality, I'll try to make it brief-
      I'm a bisexual guy who had many ups and downs about accepting his identity, who BJD came into his life at the exact breaking point of age sixteen... My first BJD was a DoC Yen, androgynous and baby-faced. These dolls, no matter how hard their manufacturers try will always be slightly more (to exclusively on) the feminine side.

      BJD is too much of a feminine hobby, even for girls.
      It has to do with sewing, painting, taking gentle care, designing and most importantly- playing with dolls.

      But unlike a body language or the clothes one wears, it's one of the uniquest hobbies I was ever exposed to.
      Thus, instead of plainly being marked as "gay", it attracts gay individuals.

      ...was that my brief version? wow o_o
    18. I'm a hetero female, but I love diversity amongst my dolls. Most are "straight", with a few non-discriminates and one M+F+F threesome simply because I only had the three of them at the time. Other than their assigned relationships, being either sexual or familial, they don't have developed personalities or stories.
    19. Exactly what I would have said :D
    20. i'm very attracted to female dolls and only after so long that i am finally getting a boy doll. i'ld be very picky with male dolls like, they cannot be too muscular and they must have the "come hither" eyes. but for girl dolls, just as long they look gorgeous, (like iplehouse girls HUBBA HUBBA) i'm smitten for them.

      i'm currently straight but i used to be bi. so i dont know whether my attraction towards female dolls is because of my bi past. haha but my dolls are straight.