Dolls you want.... that don't exist!

Jul 25, 2018

    1. I actually would love a beautiful bat inspired msd lady. I know there are already some bat dolls but they are pretty cartoony or the full animal while I would be searching for a but more of a morph between human and bat.
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    2. Agreed. I’d also like some bodies that have higher body fat. Not chubby, but athletic, where not every muscle is defined so clearly.

      Like others, I’m considering sculpting my own.
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    3. Foveo's Nina in 1/3 size, I would snatch her up in a second!
    4. A Dollmore Trinity man and Trinity vampire (male or/and female)
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    5. I'd personally like to see more boys in the 50cm range - I know there are some out there and I think they would be a great way to fill the gap between MSD and SD, because for me (and I'm sure there are others) SD looks really big and MSD looks really small.
      Also, maybe just some slimmer guys in general - loads of SD boys are just CRAZY MUSCULAR.
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    6. I know I'm repeating myself, over multiple threads, but - a Minbari. More precisely, a Minbari warrior. Boy, would that be great ... *sigh* Bonus points if he resembles Neroon. Double the bonus points if he comes with a working Minbari fighting pike.
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    7. White skin fanged (preferably with an open mouth) Dollmore Kara Klum. YEARS I've been saying that and I will keep saying it. Dollmore has made sculpts they've already got into vampires before, but I don't think this will ever happen.
      I am going to mod one of mine, but a NS one because the WS are too limited and I don't want to ruin least, not until I practice first.
    8. A doll with translucent skin or body parts. I think it might exists, but I've never seen one that was what I wanted. I'm also looking for a female doll with a "smirk", but most female bjds have delicate smiles with delicate facial features, so I'll have to see when one comes around. Oh, and more MSD sized male dolls, all of the male sculpts I like are huge :sigh
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    9. A sphinx... A female centaur with a lion body instead of horse.

      And plus size sds male and female both
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    10. A F60 male Shiwoo. FairyLand never re-released the Shiwoo head sculpt when they had the F60 boys, and now that they've stopped selling them for some reason it seems even less likely I'll get him (or the El I also want, who yes could potentially be found secondhand, but I only want them as a set).

      And a RealFee kitty boy with sufficient face sculpt attitude to style as a memorial to my cat who passed away a couple of years ago.
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    11. He's lovely, but not quite what I mean, and also he doesn't have pitch black skin. ^^ But yeah, looking him over, he's pretty close to what I was thinking of, just some minor differences, ha.
    12. @Khell I had to google Minbari, that head thing would actually work really well as a mod, especially on a doll with a faceplate!

      My dream is a body. I want a short SD, like 53 to 56cm, with small, like A cup small, bust, that looks good both nude and in bodices. I want her to have a slim waist, some hip/butt and beautiful shapely legs. I want her to be all around a slender, but still a woman not a child. With elegant hands and in pure white. I would absolutely take active line, cutie bust minifee with cutie legs in feeple60 moe size for this dream but since Fairyland doesn't seem to want to go there, I'm also thinking about trying my own hand.
      Also, if you shrank Dollstown 17 to Elf size and gave her Elf boobs I'd jump on that just as fast.

      Other things I'd like to see: More mature ladies. More mature male heads for minis. Or at least more options that don't look like babies and would go well with Unoa. To see Iplehouse make male mini heads that match their bodies instead of baby heads on beef men. More companies that offer straight white resin to make matching white across companies easier. More dark skinned dolls.
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    13. 1/4 naga with a fully posable wrapping around tail. You know, a tail that could actually coil nicely? that'd be cool.

      1/4 anthros beyond just Pipos. I'd love more options, especially with animal hands and feet rather than just a cartoonish animal head on a regular body.

      Jointed LONG tails for any doll (like a cat tail but longer than the limited pipos one, you know, like as long as the doll's leg rather than short and stumpy)

      More fantasy feet for 1/4, especially big ol monster claws and massive paws and stuff. Only ones out there are all LE and massively expensive, makes me sad.

      Scaled down SDs. A bit like what Granado has done with their crowdfunding but for LOTS of dolls. I'd love to see more 50cmish dolls with the same angular mature faces and bodies of sd. SD is just TOO BIG for me, I don't have the space at all. So i'd like to see more dolls with the same aesthetic as sd dolls, but on a slightly smaller scale.
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    14. That's what I dread, having to sculpt one myself. I feel that I have enough knowledge of human anatomy from my traditional artist background and years as a freelance anatomical illustrator, but I am a procrastinator! I would have better luck winning the lottery than actually completing a whole 70cm doll in my lifetime. ^ ^;; If you ever complete yours, let me know! I am always interested in seeing new options for male doll bodies.

      If I wasn't the laziest procrastinator alive, I would also consider sculpting my own. I know I would just waste money on sculpting materials, and not get anything done; I have a pile of projects stocking up for years now, and it just seems to keep growing. DX
    15. I want a bjd preferably MSD sized with the top half human and the bottom an octopus...
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    16. An Octotaur BJD would be so awesome! :D
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    17. Oh man that’s super cool! I feel like I have a lot more to learn in terms of anatomy and musculature but it’s been a really good exercise in learning all the boney landmarks and muscle attachments/insertions.
      Mostly I just wanted a sculpt that followed realism more closely than what’s on the market.

      Ngl though I’d love to have some input from an anatomy instructor >.>;; still working on it but a lot of the base sculpting is there
      WIP log
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    18. There are some really gorgeous 1/3 dolls that I would love to have in 1/4 scale! Off the top of my head is Feeple60 Cygne. <3 There are some slight differences in proportion of the facial features even with the close sizes, and 1/3 often looks more mature and refined which I adore, but I don't have anything bigger than 45cm.

      I also REALLY WANT a super buff 1/4 girl! I recently grabbed a wrestler fashion doll on clearance and I love how muscular she is.
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    19. A white or tan skin Super Dollfie Cute girl :aangel:
    20. Ooooh, an octo-BJD would be SUPER freakin cool! I'd be all over that. D8