Dolls you want.... that don't exist!

Jul 25, 2018

    1. If you haven't checked out Soom yet, they'd be right up your alley! Soom pretty much pioneered and specializes in human/animal hybrid dolls.

      Depending on what level of anthro/hybrid you're looking for, too, there's also FairyLand (FairyLine and RealFee, as well as "Pukisha" cat faces for LittleFee and PukiPuki), Luts (Zuzu lines), DearMine (almost exclusively cat anthros, with other animals in their smaller lines), AileenDoll (limiteds), DollPamm (limiteds), Doll Chateau (limiteds), and Pipos.

      Cat anthros tend to be the most common, and Soom has done wolves in the past. DollPamm just released another limited deer (I have their first one). I have a bunny girl from Aileen Doll, a faun on layaway from FairyLand, and from Soom I have a faun (goat), bird, dragon, and axolotl, which are just a tiny portion of the animal hybrids they've done. :)
    2. I'd really like a Menagerie/Marmite Sue boy with the same build as the girls. Her male doll is beautiful but I personally love the litheness of the girls.

      Also, @nomanono, seconding translucent dolls which could be threaded with fibre optic cables. Someone in one of my classes casts translucent resin which they're working on illuminating. It looks spectral.
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    3. Things like all those crazy fun event dolls (especially the animal ones) from DC/DZ/etc bigger then 1/6 scale. 1/4 scale would be great, but 1/3 and up? I would be in heaven. My preference skews towards bigger dolls in general but everything I like aesthetically ends up being really small.
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    4. I briefly owned a Dollmore Trinity Elysia. I still think she's the most beautiful sculpt around, but at a few feet tall and almost 20 pounds, she was just too much for me. I really wish they would make her as a roughly 60 inch, typical scale SD.
    5. A head modeled off of BTS' Min Yoongi (my icon). He's so handsome, it'd probably end me.
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    6. A YOSD or even a small MSD ASIAN faced boy!!
    7. A tanned Feeple 60 Woosoo (the original one released at Luts) on a moe style boy body.
    8. A bit chubbier dolls, female and male. Doesn't have to be plus size, just enough resin fat around belly, thights, arms... Sadly, I can't even find a male that would not be so muscular that his abs look they are going to fall of and live a life on their own, or on the verge of perishing from starvation (faces too.)

      And another, completely flat chested females. Not even the blobs they dare to call "small." Just nipples. Or nothing at all, I can draw them on anyway :D
    9. The perfect sculpts to match my characters.... I’ve found some that are close, but they’re not exact. Also, more African/ethnic sculpts! I usually just see Caucasian looking sculpts in dark skin :P
    10. Soom idealians offered with smaller bodies like supergem. I want their headsculpts, but the idealian bodies are much too big and bulky. And expensive.
    11. I know some exist, but I think a wider range of male dolls with mature/masculine sculpts would be nice. The ones that do exist are great, but having more options that I do with female dolls would be a game changer. I also think this would also resolve the body to face issues I have where I like the body but not the face, or the face but not the body - and instead of having to do a hybrid just being able to buy a doll for who they are and loving him.

      And just as an add on, having male dolls in the style of say Popovy Sisters or Bidoll's that are so fluid and almost surreal, would be really cool to work with.
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    12. well he exsists but i dont ever see him going on the second hand market nor will i ever see him on sale again because he was an event doll and there arnt that many of him the sugerble genie his face is just perfect and his elf ears are just so damn adorable <3
    13. 100% agree on more ethnic sculpts. There are a handful sculpts that are racially ambiguous, but not nearly enough.
    14. I want really stylized and exaggerated dolls. For example, dolls with long pointy noses and droopy eyes. There are a lot of cute dolls with button noses (who I love!!) but I want more gloomy and cartoony looking dolls.
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    15. If I could make my dream doll it would probably be a masculine looking SD but with a really lanky and skinny body that was really naturally slouched, and the arms kinda hang forward. I feel like there would be so much character potential
    16. I definitely have a couple of dolls I wished exist!

      I would really love a subtle Mad Hatter-esque 1/4 sized doll. The ones I have seen look too childish or too odd looking. I guess a doll that kinda looks like Blood Dupre from Alice in the Country of hearts?

      Also, I would love a more mature looking 1/4 sculpt with cat ears, like the Soom Cheshire Cat. He looks too young for what I have in mind, but a face up might fix it...
    17. I would love to have a 1/3 scale deer be it stag or doe.
      Or a cute ball python bjd.
      Really a decent snake would be awesome. I have seen a couple but they were spikey.
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    18. I honestly really love sculpts with visible teeth and I would love to see a doll with a full set of pointed teeth or stylized teeth that are more exciting than "smirking vampire" which seems to be a majority of the sculpts.

      Also more head sculpts with ugly or nonstandard expressions
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    19. I’d love any of these things in SD size:

      -chubby guy. I don’t mean like childish or ‘soft’ like Volks, but actual nature plus size guy. I’ve actually stopped writing fat guy characters into my RP because I’m tired of falling in love with them and never being able to shell them. :(

      -skinny mature girls with small bust and realistic proportions. I don’t want hips four times wider than her shoulders.

      -52-55cm boys who are in 1/3 scale and just short not children. Souldoll Vito, Soom Idealian 51 and other guys are mature enough but are tall MSD, not short SD. Volks SD10 looks childish. Give me short SD men!
    20. i would like for volks to make the vampire knight characters as dollfie they would look so cute ❤️