Dolls you want.... that don't exist!

Jul 25, 2018

    1. I would love a Merry Doll Round Zuri in MSD size. My grail doll :drool
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    2. Would love to own a doll inspired by THIS ARTWORK or other artworks from this instagram. i think they´d perfectly translate to creepy-cute dolls.
    3. I would like to see sculpts similar to Final Fantasy characters. :blush I'd buy them all! :lol:
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    4. I have yet to find a double jointed woman who looks more kick-ass than sweet - and is a mature tiny.
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    5. I would love an Egyptian princess doll, but I haven't found her yet.
    6. I really want to see more 50cm mature males with mature faces (not baby bobble heads). Heck, basically, I want Ringdoll's Grown and Teenager sculpts shrunk down to 50cm (Esp Merlin and White Rabbit B - or even their head sculpts shrunk down and then the DF-H 46cm Boy Body Ver.3 sized up...) They fit my aesthetic really well, especially for my one male character who goes with my Narae.

      Also, I want to see a similar size big beefy male - The Hulk body type - very muscular, no taller than 62cm. I know there are some larger ones out there, but they are too out of proportion for my plans (everything revolves around my 43cm tall Narae from Bimong).
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    7. A chubby adult/teen male. I want the opposite of how so many dollmakers just hhhaaaavvvvve to throw six pack abs at everything that is not prepubescent.
    8. Illuminating a translucent doll?? I have a translucent girl, and it's never occurred to me to try to put lights in her -- what a great idea!

      As far as Dolls I Want That Don't Exist: I'd really love to have a YoSD or MSD in an ordinary, human-style sculpt, but in glow-in-the-dark resin. I'm a sucker for things that glow, and all of the BJD I've found that do are also too tiny for me.

      And yeah, even though I have one translucent, I'd love to see more.

      Oh, and I've always wanted to be able to locate mature male sculpts. And by 'mature', I mean a potential grandpa, not he-might-look-30-with-the-right-faceup.

      And count me in with the crowd that wants to see more plus-size sculpts, male and female.
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    9. It's a minor complaint (and easily remedied), but I wish the Moe Line for MiniFee came with the smaller bust sizes like the A-Line body.

      I would also really love a MSD or similarly sized sphinx. A proper, oldschool sphinx with the woman's head on the cat's body, instead of a feline centaur (which is still cool, but not quite what I want; if such a thing exists, please someone tell me).
    10. I want a more realistic muscular female doll so bad. I know theres a few muscular dolls, but none of them really do it for me since the only muscle they really have is a little bit of abs. One thats MSD size would be great too!
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    11. Just more tiny eyed, unique 1/4 head sculpts! I'd love that!
    12. a head sculpt with intentional cracks....
    13. Have you seen those heads with the crackle texture, I forget the company? They were limited, but you might be able to find them.
    14. I’d really enjoy some cute sphinx dolls. Personally I prefer them to not have breasts but depending on how it was handled it could be cute either way!
    15. More Orcs, lizard people and unusual fantasy characters: I'm tired of all the elves. :sweat
    16. A SDGrB Beauty White Elf Isao. XD
    17. Words can't explain how much I would give for a male human/rabbit hybrid doll. :blush
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    18. Argonautica Prias in dark green in 1/4 size. They've just released some of their other 1/3 sculpts in 1/4 size, so it's not totally impossible!
    19. a chubby (or, gasp, fat) male doll! theres some cute fatter sculpts out there but afaik they're all female, which is fine but i would like a boy ^^' making them all rail-thin and/or ripped is .... not really my bag lol.

      that, and more mature msds, please.
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    20. They're not MSD, but Soom did have these two tinies a while back.