Dolls you want.... that don't exist!

Jul 25, 2018

    1. I've seen these two and they're adorable! I'd like something more like the sphinx that riddled with Oedipus, as depicted in a lot of Greek art and later neoclassical pieces, though. No human arms. :)

      (Wings and human breasts optional)
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    2. Female 60cm cat girl, but more of a were-tiger. Pronounced muzzle, digitigrade legs, and LARGE clawed hands/feet. I need a catgirl that looks like she could rip your throat out! All the cat girls I have seen are way too delicate and cute for the character I have in mind.
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    3. I really want to have Johan that comes from Illusion Garden. If someone is selling him, please let me know...T.T
    4. I'd love to see more realistic older male faces. And more diferent noses - wider, longer, hooked, crooked... And strong jaws - more angular, not just round and pointy.
      And some more male bodies - skinny, but not like teenager, but an older body of a person who lives a harsh life, ribs showing, scrawny muscle on arms, stiff posture - tension in neck and shoulders. And another one - bulky, but not like a bodybuilder - more like a Viking - big, broad shoulders and chest, strong arms and legs, but no extremly defined muscle as they are hidden under some fat, I wouldn't really be opposed to some "softness in stomach area" (no "drawn-on" six pack). And more variety of heights - to have a muscular guy who would be shorter than his scrawny beanpole of a boyfriend.
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    5. I read somewhere in that in marketplace someone does custom orders so you could see if someone would make Suga. I want J-Hope!!!!!!!! XD
    6. I need a body like that for one of my characters too. I’ve been saying for ages that some body fat would be good on a sculpt, rather than perfectly defined muscles.
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    7. I really want a mature tiny from Fairyland! I want to make a fairy character to go with my Minifees but there isn’t really a sculpt that looks similar to them :(
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    8. I would love to see more mature male anime-like sculpts. I like looking at male anime sculpts occasionally, but they all look so young and cute. I would also love to see more wild, rough, and playful male sculpts, regardless if they were mature or not. Like, a face that would make the whole room become instantly loud and outrageous the moment you place them in. It's hard to explain, but maybe someday, I'll find a bjd like that. I would also like to see more officially licensed bjds from popular shows, animes, etc.
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    9. I'd LOVE more anthros with digitigrade legs! More pronounced muzzles and animalistic proportions.. Some of the little ones are cute and all but I want more... DreamValley made a really cute little fox a while back, I wanna see more like him, but 50+ cm. I also would love to see more dolls with weird limbs or wings and things, I love things that deviate from the norm.
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    10. I have a passion for monsters and there are so few around in this hobby. It would be great to see some work heavily inspired by the artist Peter Mohrbacher.
    11. I asked this question on tumblr a while ago, as I love sculpting and my first doll is nearly done. There are some really interesting ideas here!! I love brainstorming dolls :D

      For me, I really want a giraffe centaur!!! I am in the process of sculpting her, but that takes time :]
    12. A realistic Deer/Reindeer BJD!! Dogs, dragons, wolves, cats and even praying mantises have been made into realistic BJDs but I have yet to see a real nice realistic deer or reindeer! I’ve seen a few very nice deer-taurs though!
    13. Honestly? Older-looking dolls. Like middle-aged or senior citizens! I know certainly some tinies exist, but I want some full 60cm+ dolls that could be in their 50's and up.
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    14. I would love to see a orochimaru from naruto doll. Prefer Ringdoll to do it. That is my dream doll. So I was thinking of some how creating him myself. Getting a body from Ringdoll and ring dolls moyu looks similar to orochimaru sort of...but I don’t think I’d be able to make the clothing. Yeah I don’t think anyone would ever make a orochimaru doll but he’s my favorite anime character. But more anime character dolls in general I would love to see.
    15. I second this. I am in love with Menagerie dolls and long wished for a male body. Eli sculpted one as of recently, and its breathtakingly beautiful. Its just not really the slim aesthetic I want for my dancer character. I too prefer the lithe build of her girls. I am seriously thinking about getting one of her girls and modify the chest piece. On the other hand, it would feel like painting over Da Vinci. I am too afraid to modify her detailed sculpting...
    16. I wish there was an anthro bird doll. I love my Dearmine cats, but.... I want a bird, with a similar style to the Rito in Legend of Zelda.
      I’ve never sculpted anything with clay, but maybe I’ll have to make one :whee:
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    17. an MSD-sized VOLKS Megu!
      They finally released a SDMidi Kira, Una and even SwD Nana but no Megu!
      I realized that I could just get a Kira and find her a black wig and brown eyes but it's just not the same

      Also a YoSD SwD Megu and YoSD/MSD F-05.
      Also a DearSD with a solid torso like the origin body.
    18. There are so many androgynous male dolls (in fact, male dolls seem to always either be androgynous, or else hypermasculine in the extreme)...and, yet, there isn't a single androgynous female doll that I can think of.
    19. Normal tall and slim male body in 72cm... with smooth ab. No sixpack... and with fine details...
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    20. I second this! No more over pronounced rib muscles, just fit and smoothed bodies.

      I'd also like EID heads made in a size that would work for their smaller large male bodies.

      I also would like to see boys with high heeled feet, and more nose options for men and women. Long noses, wide noses, flat noses, high ones. The anime check mark style is everywhere, but it doesn't serve much in bringing most of my characters to life.
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