Dolls you'll never have....

Feb 1, 2019

    1. I love Fairyland's Liria, but she's rare and so expensive second hand. Even if I were to find her for sale, I just don't think I could afford her.
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    2. I really want a Dollzone event Wendy. I’m not that big into tinies but she is just so cute and I’ve wanted her ever since I got into the hobby. Unfortunately no one has her for sale :(
      Oh also a Minifee Elf Sircca or Siean in white skin. Once again they’re event products and the sad part is not many people get the event heads in BW skin

      Sameeeee. I remember wanting a Liria and thinking that she was just like any other head. Nope. The other day I saw her head going for $800
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    3. I say don’t give up! I had some grails on my wishlist that have been discounted for 5 years! I thought I’d never find them. But I remained very persistent and found them! Never give up, if you really want something, you WILL find it. :dance
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    4. I would love a Mecha Angel - especially Sabik with elf ears. But I just don't have the money even though they do show up on the MP from time to time.
      It's not just the doll, but shipping such a massive weight is going to cost an arm and a leg, too. And customs charge their percentage over 'stated value plus shipping'. So even at a bargain I'd end up spending and additional few hundred dollars in shipping and customs fees.

      On the opposite end of the spectrum: Dreamhigh Studio Kinoko - with the mushroom head. There were only a limited number made, and I don't think anyone would want to sell theirs if they have one...
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    5. *L* I know it makes me sad! Though given that discussions & polls here have shown that most people prefer to buy full dolls so they don't have to worry about resin matching etc then I guess that some doll companies don't want to fiddle about with small orders if there isn't a lot of demand for it.
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    6. I think I'm one of those people that tries to settle for companies I can easily access and find their work whether directly ordering or second hand. There are a lot of artists dolls I'd *prefer* to have over a common company (DragonShell Dolls...anything from DSDoll. Summerbird Viola!) but I've trained my eye to look for dupes of sculpts, bodies and faces with the same desirable qualities. It's only dolls that I know are out there (DC Elizabeth :/, Miracle doll Snake demon) that by the time I save for them they'll be gone, then I feel sad. That snake demon gives me so many ideas, but I don't have the room in my life to work on such a big mod project.
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    7. Well, I wanted one of those DS doll Pitbull heads and emailed to see when the preorder would be... and my laptop died.

      So because of my degree, I paid £550 for a laptop instead. And the preorder came out today. And I am very put out.:pout: With upcoming expenses (car & home) I don’t think I’ll be buying any dolls for a long while, and my money just went on the laptop. :eek:
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    8. Dolls I missed and will never get the chance to own are Dollshe Salubia and Notdoll Just Venus (aka The Bomb - she's OT due to the lack of ankle joints and missing arms).
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    9. Luts Delf Art Smoky Quartz Siwoo (Shiwoo). Only 5 in the world. I was on the site the night he released, but I was in high school and did not have the money to even try for one of them. I've only seen one go up for sale on the DoA MP, but that was years ago. I doubt I'll ever find one, and the 5 owners seemed to have dropped out of DoA/the BJD community, so it's not like you can even find pics any more.:(
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    10. Exclusives like that always break my heart, some people have all the luck!
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    11. @Mittzle It really is a game of luck in this hobby, sometimes.:sweat Like, right place right time sort of luck. I'll keep looking for one just cause it's a bit fun to have a grail doll. Doubt I'll find him, but you really never know. There are certain things I never thought I'd own that I had WTBs for and people came out of the blue and offered to sell them to me. So you can't lose all hope hahaa. XD
      Also I love the cat in your avatar! So cute!
    12. Ahhhh Salubia is on my "never in a million years but would be flipping amazing" wishlist too!

      For my "will never have" I'm going to go with...Supia 60. She was Supia's first doll and was really unlike anything I'd ever seen in terms of mature-looking dolls at her time of release (2006, I believe). She was limited to only 20 dolls and I was really upset that I missed out on purchasing her.

      However, the only time I saw her come up for sale secondhand, I had to admit to myself that I wasn't willing to sell any of my current dolls to fund her. In that very bittersweet moment, I realized I'd never own her. For years, she'd been the one that got away...but once I was faced with choosing between her (my supposed grail) and the dolls I already had and loved, I had to let her go.

      Now I'm not sad about it and have zero regrets; she's lovely but Supia has since come out with even more amazing dolls! Also, I don't think I'd forgive myself if I'd sold one of my very earliest dolls for her. The experience overall made me appreciate what I already had and was a good lesson for me. I still do wonder what happened to those 20 dolls though as I never see them anymore!
    13. Leekeworld Ent King. i can't remember his exact sculpt name anymore because leeke's redone their site like a half-dozen times or more since his limited release and they finally erased any evidence he existed at all.


      i've also never been able to find owner pics of him either. which seems absurd because i remember his fullset sold out before his order deadline was up, so where'd all these potato boys go?

      i've had a lot of "grails" come and go but this guy's always been on my mind of how unobtainable he is solely because of his obscurity :'(
    14. @Zest His sculpt name is Croom :)


    15. @Arekushia
      Wow! Thank you for sharing!!! :chibi She is so superbly bizarre :love
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    16. Notdoll Lucy. She was the first BJD I ever saw. I was just a freshman, happy in my world of American Girl-knockoffs and Barbie, when I saw a picture of her on the internet and that was it- BJD obsession. Sadly, by the time I got to college and could save up any money for my own interests, Notdoll was closed. I still think she's one of the cutest dolls in existence.
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    17. @Arekushia omg, thank you! :) and an owner pic! it's been so long the only thing my brain chose to remember instead of his sculpt name were the DOA comments about how he looked like a baked potato. (but i love him for that LOL)
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    18. Hahahaha, oh that's gotta be Soom Beryl for me--especially the fullset version. Sigh. I still dream about her.
    19. One-offs and full sets aside, I don't feel any doll is particularly out of reach with enough patience. Save up some money and post a WTB thread over in the marketplace; you might just be surprised. I know I have in the past.

      Me with my desire for multiple Iplehouse Stella heads so I can swap looks with ease on the same body. :sigh
    20. I recently realized I was never gonna get that iplehouse HID lahela in brown skin, because she costs over $800 and that’s a solid No for me for a blank, nude doll without extra resin parts.
      I only realized recently because up to that point I’d never bothered making her in the doll choice section xP