Dolls you'll never have....

Feb 1, 2019

    1. Yeah, I am slowly coming to terms with never owning a Dollzone Anson, and I have long since accepted that I will never own a Volks William.
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    2. It gets easier once we accept our fate XD

      That way if it ever changes it's a wonderful suprise!
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    3. I'm sad that Doll Chateau is discontinuing so many sculpts, but I'm glad they haven't decided to axe Hyman. Yet.

      Soom Euclase and Chalco. They came in 2008-2009, when I didn't even know BJD's existed. I can only look at them on their soom pages now. ;m;
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    4. When I saw the titled to this thread, I just compulsively whispered "Wally...."

      If I find that boy...... I will buy that boy. He's my ult sculpt. But finding someone willing to part with him? Lol.....
    5. Oh, I have a couple. In some cases, it could be related to them being limited or discontinued, but the main reason really has more to do with not fitting any of my OCs than anything else.

      First off...Ringdoll's The Judge of Hell, elf eared head. I absolutely adore this boy's face. But...he's sold out, and I couldn't justify getting the fullset just for one head. Also, as much as I love him, I don't have any OCs I could set him up with:(. Also, it's a similar situation for Souldoll Federer (elf version). He's now discontinued (I actually debated getting him during that sale, but chose not to), and he's another case of lovely sculpt, but no character to match him up with. Which...really is a shame, because he was quite handsome. Ah, well.

      I also just crossed paths with a Soom Sabik on the MP, and was really drawn to him. He was pretty up there in contention for a possible reshell for one of my boys...until I realized he's 75-80cm with a 23cm circumference head. That's...not going to work out as planned. The boy would end up severely bobble-headed, and I wouldn't swap out his current shell's body. I can still admire him from afar though....
    6. I also want a Kinoko! That lil mushroom head boy stole my heart.... a few years too late :'(
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    7. For a broke guy, i've got pretty expensive taste lmao
      Ada Dan Harlan- I love his amazing, creepy face! Those teeth!! I almost never see owner pics though ;-;
      SpiritDoll Vine- I love that big boy!!! I'm just not sure I could ever justify both the size and the price tag, sighhh
      Dollzone Carter in Sd- This doll doesn't even exist, and i'm not sure it ever will! I have the yosd and am saving up for the msd, if I could complete the set I'd die!
      Dollzone The Lovers- This one is much more recent, but the lack of legs seems more like a statue than a doll, I'm not sure I could live with that :(
      Doll Chateau A body 01- Discontinued since 2015, hella expensive, the ULTIMATE grail!!
      Angelphilia Shizuku- my inner weeb cries when I see that squishy body and those cuteee tongues, but I don't think my roomates would approve lmao
      Dust of Dolls Coti- A pear shaped beauty who kills my heart and would empty my wallet

      That's about it, thank you for letting me vent out my suffering
    8. I never say never. Things change.
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    9. What? I have no clue that Momo is hard to find? Do you mean the fullset with all that bunny extras, or just the doll? I own a tan Momo and now I felt that he just became a little more special in my heart. XD
    10. I feel the same way about Kinoko. There are a number of others I’d love to have, but trying to get my SO to understand why I want to spend so much money for them and a lack of space for the bigger ones are problems... Sigh. I really, really want a Dollzone Trieda too, but I just don’t see it happening unless I find a really cheap, second hand one that needs work.
    11. I mean full set Momo + ears. I wouldn't need the bunny legs or tail, which I've actually seen a few times for sale funny enough xD
    12. Granado V-07 head... because he is super rare and I have never seen one for sale :atremblin
      Or Granado Mads head...
      I can only hope for one of them to ever get re-released in the future... but I have a bad feeling that this will never happen... My search will go on...
    13. I just saw one on sale but it was in Taobao secondhand market which youd probably need an agent for.
    14. Omg! Unfortunately I have no clue how to use Taobao... T_T
    15. I'd say dolls I'll probably never have, but I will not stop looking ^^
      Dollmore Haneol WS and Souldoll Lee Jun Ki. Both very rare. Haneol in WS was limited and unpopular. Lee Jun Ki was released only as a limited edition. Owned them previously, but was forced to sell. Just want them back :aninja:
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    16. I.o.s grell, ughh! I nearly managed to snag one once, but was beaten to it! *Shakes fist* one day! If I manage to have the funds again, I'll definitely buy it :)
    17. The doll I want most in life is an Angel Battle skeleton BJD. They don't make dolls anymore, sadly, and it's nearly impossible to find this doll D:
      That and Pukifee Nanuri. It's so hard to find that cute litte faceplate that I want so badly.
    18. I will never have an Amadiz doll. I like to have one, but with all the option parts+ shipping is 1100$ and the costums (It's a bit more then 300$) makes it totally impossible.:pout: And they stopped making pre-order dolls ...
    19. Fifth Motif Venitu. He was, admittedly, my second choice for Ethan [avatar doll], and a bit of a grail doll for a while. I say "for a while" because I've signed myself to the fate of never likely having one unless I strike it rich somehow and find a decent one on the secondhand market.
    20. Akhmel Xiro is a doll I'm pretty sure I'll never get... :(